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Walter Plucinski from USA This didj is absolutely beautiful, and plays wonderfully. There's such a big difference between a real didj and a mechanically hollowed out artefact!! Shipping was fast and the packaging was impressive, a bomb couldn't have scratched my didj:D Workmanship You guys just seem so authentic and dedicated to the cause. You could easily try to make a buck off the easier to sell fake didjes, but you stand by tradition. There is no comparison, there are real didjes, and that's it!
Anonymously Good descriptions bad payment processor Difficult to pay from Europe Reliable Trustworthy Business Good choice  
Daniel Flamand from Belgium I like it's special shape. The sound is very impressive, I was only used to pvc, teak and bamboo didjes. It is very easy to be played, every subtle change of the mouth is heard rather clearly. My Father bought me this didje for christmas, it was a special gift. He told me that the service was very good, very helpfull and understanding people. I don't have much to say about the workmanship. It is right as it should be! Sound Quality If I had know up front, that part of the payed price goes to the planting of trees, than this would be a grade 5 reason for me! To support aboriginal culture! It was more expencive then my other ones. I played on pvc and mostly teak. Much clearer sound then the teak didje. Much rounder and more vibrant sound than the pvc ones. Vocals come out very nice. Quality is much, much better then the rest I've played on. It's worth the price.
Anonymously I love the double branch. Very smooth. No cracks. Great quality. Delivery was very prompt. It came without any damage. Reliably graded Photos and sound samples and the australian dollar to us dollar conversion It's my best didj.
Anonymously Its a very good didj, pretty much how I wanted Very good I couldnt find a good didj in my place and your shop looks the best place in internet to buy one Is definitely better quality
Andreas from Germany Very good sound and beautiful design Good website and quick delivery Sound Quality Didge was nice to see and hear It is the best one
Anonymous from France I LOvE it! good sound... a really good vibe Quick, good communication Sound Quality No!!! Plastic front of authentic wood one?!!!!!
Anonymous from France The workmanship is superb The sound is great!! The workmanship is outstanding. The service is very good. Didj was received very quickly, and very well wrapped. Can hear the didj before I buy Very large choice of didjs, good explanation, very good web site Much much better. I played other didjes a few years ago and this one really sounds better and the workmanship is so so beautiful!! Thank you very much!!
Angie from USA It is so frickin easy to play, no worries about my breathing at all. the higher tone of the F is easier to hear at drummings over the drums. You guys rock. I always have my questions answered and when I ordered this didge, I received it in the States within a week. Reliably graded I've bought from you before and am aware that what I get is a phenomenal didge. Ash Dargan was at my house a little over a year ago and he played my C from you guys and was thoroughly amazed at the sound. I have one that he used to play cause he loved the sound and he said my C was better Not quite as good as my C from, but definitely one of my top three
Angie from USA It plays great and is not so heavy Very helpful Sound Quality You sounded like a very ethical company. Also you had some of te aboriginal myths on the site, very helpful to understand some of the artwork Best one I have
Jacqueline Phillips from USA Love it! Outstanding service! I would not have made the purchase without the ongoing help from you! The emails with suggestions for me really made the sale! Low Price Mostly the email responses I received that answered all my questions and picked out a specific didg for me to purchase. I guess pretty well since I bought it.
Andrew Johnston from Australia I like everything about my didj, especially the magnificent artwork Very satisfied. Reliably graded Support of aboriginal culture and people  
Anonymous from USA I love the sound quality as well as the hand painting details. I was worried about how long it would take for delivery, but I received it in a timely manner (less than 1 week) and the packaging kept it very well protected. The dij is in great shape, even the mouthpiece, and there are no scratches in the paint which I really love. Sound Quality Compared with other sites and preferred this one for quality and reliability This seemed to be the one for me by comparing what was available on this site and others I found on line.
Paul Murray from United Kingdom I love the exquisit manitulation of the timber into a story, the vibrant, loud sound of the heavy timber vibrates with every breath that is pushed through it A service that provides an excellent delivery, packaged,so that no part is open to any damage and the cover supplied is also of top class quality Sound Quality Only site to have genuine aboriginal concerns as a big part of its exsistence Have to say of the four playable didjes that I own it is the loudest in terms of volume,but pleasantly easy to blow
Paul Murray from Ireland Love the ease with which it sounds. art work is breath taking as it has been done by Brad Gosam Absolutely first class, both in delivery and final presentation Aboriginal Made   As brad gosam didj commands higher price worth every penny
From USA Above all else, I love the sound of this beautiful instrument, it's the story of the earth. and of course, it's a stunner as well. Your service was exceptional, and I couldn't be happier with the workmanship of my didj. Workmanship No, they're all listed above. At least as well, and usually better
Ludovic from France Like the drowings and the shape Good service. Can hear the didj before I buy Friendly website Better!
Anonymous from USA I like everything about this didj, the tone, the art work and the weight. It is perfect for healinf and meditation work. The first didj I bought was much heavier then I expected and I returned it with no problems. The service was good on all three transactions and the shipment was very prompt. Sound Quality   Very favorably
Matt Peterson from USA I love this didj period. Great deep sound, nice overtones, and it looks really cool. I'm a very average player and this didj has really challenged my circular breathing and concentration. Very positve. 10 out of ten. When I purchased the didj its cost was higher than my visa's daily limit so I made 2 payments and your service was very accommadting. As for the workmanship, its outstanding. What more can I say. Workmanship   It's my best didj by far. My other 2 consist of a homade pvc pipe and the other a very playable but poor sounding under $50 didj.
Anonymous from USA Sounds great You did a great job. Workmanship Liked the website  
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