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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Edward from USA It's lightweight, has beautiful artwork and the sound quality is great. Ideal for a travel and healing didge. I have bought several didges from your shop and they are all great (much better than what I see in local stores). The shipment is extremely fast:) Workmanship I'm a return customer. I'm very happy with my previous purchases. Each didge has its own "personality" and complements the others in one way or another. This one I bought especially because it's lightweight and because of the art work; the symbolism of the snake; and the beautiful craftsman ship by Brad Gosam. His didges are in reallity far superior from what they look like on the pictures.
Larry from Australia I really love this didj.. This is my first bell and I like the increased volumne. The sound is incredible with a "transparency, depth and etheric quality" I don't hear on my other didj's, even though they our also concert class. Very pleased with service and workmanship. Workmanship I have a good history with you. I had to push myself to spend this much on a didj, but now it is will be hard to settle for less.
Donald Cassel from USA Very stoked on my didges - I highly recommend this source for finding a great didge! Great service and workmanship! Workmanship Like talking w/ Svargo and the great customer service. Execellent, way above average
M Rick from USA Beautiful artwork with layered dots. Excellent back pressure I was amazed at speed of delivery and pleasantly surprised with my new didj - but I should not have been - it was exactly what I ordered! Reliably graded Very professional and organized Better
Angel Cabrera Rodriguez from Spain Very beautiful sound. It will be great to play it. I dislike nothing in particular. It is good enough. I find you ethics policy very satisfactory. Your didjs are very nice. Anyway, as you may know now, my previous didj developed two cracks in a short time, so I advise you to be even more careful in this aspect of your workmanship (didjeridus are expensive!) Anyway I still plan to be a customer of didjshop. Reliably graded Simply I like your webpage and didjs Similar in quality sound and value
Stephanie from USA We love everyting about both of our didj's purchased from you! Excelent service prompt delivery. Beautiful instruments Workmanship   Sound and quality are great. This didj is a little harder for me to play than my other didj
Hugo from France What I like: - beautiful; - well balanced in terms of quality, sound and price; - the sound; - the shape. What I dislike: - a little bit too heavy for healing; - the paintings aren't always well done. Workmanship: - the paintings aren't always well done. Service: You are both very kind. The didge I wanted was ordered by someone else when I was going to order it for Christmas. And you found me an equivalent cheaper from your offline stock! Sound Quality Ethics and quality. Prices too;) Workmanship better. Sound better, but difficult to hear when not a professional.
Anonymous from France Like: good price Dislike: poor quality of workmanship Poor looking of the varnish on the wood:( This part was not well done with care. Low Price Satisfied of a previous didge from didjshop. Worse than others in terms of finishing. Good sound.
Jesus from USA Beautiful piece of wood. Delivery was a bit sluggish at first due to the change in couriers, but the ups didjeridoo express box was a kick. Sound Quality Every didj is worth the price.Great instuments. Equally
Greg from France Very good resonance, very clear sound, even with weak breath. Didj rather heavy but balanced very well. Very good service, very followed sending, packed very well. Perfect workmanship. Aboriginal Made Large choice and kind of didjs More expensive than others, but the best I have, perfect didj for me.
Maria Rowena from USA We like the authenticity of the artwork, feel of the wood, the sound (although my husband is still trying to learn how to play). We like the fact that it is genuinely made by the Aborigine and helping them. We also like your green energy usage rather than electricity. There is nothing we don't like about this didgeridoo! Your shop is the best! The selection, the invaluable information, your stance on the environment and the indigenous people. Your customer service was great. I was worried the didgeridoo wouldn't get here in time for my husband's birthday but it arrived in plenty of time. You responded to my queries without leaving me hanging. I'm sure to shop here again soon! P.S. Our condolences to your native son Steve Irwin. Sincerely, Maria Rowena Krauskopf Business Ethics GOOD VIBRATIONS I don't have anythisng to compare it to
Garry from Australia Nice sound, length, weight, painting, Excellent Reliably graded Termite hollowed The ah250 is by far very superior
Gerard School from Netherlands I like the very good sound, the good backpressure and it's long shape;-) I bought it since I'm a beginner but after just one day I played the base sound and very nice effects. Service is excellent, since I was updated continuesly about the shipment. The instrument is perfectly treated and it looks to me that I can use it for many yeurs without problem. Low Price Availability of good extra information  
Anonymous from New Zealand I like the pattern with the flowers and the platypus on my new didj. Prompt delivery, I thought it would take longer. Very good service, especially the emails to keep me up to date were appreciated. Workmanship is very good too, nice loooking didj. Reliable Trustworthy Business Your shop seemed more reliable and trustworthy than others I had looked into. Have only got this one didj.
Amanda from Australia Like the superb art work and the sound quality Liked the didj so much that we ended up buying another one from you Workmanship You had terrific testimonials from other buyers  
Mike Clayton from United Kingdom Beautiful wood and feel, tone is good and back pressure too. Service was excellent, it was necessary for me to phone due to closeness of Christmas. Very quick response to my order. Business Ethics From looking at the website I could see how genuine and passionate the company is about aboriginal issues. Far better, superb quality and feel.
Drew from USA Didj sound is excellent, good quality on finish. I am very pleased Really like shopping with you. great follow up and good products. I would buy again Sound Quality Previous good experience Good sound and quality for price - I would say it is priced a little high.
Clemens Van Brunschot from Netherlands Like: natural, termite-eaten. Dislike: too mide at mouth I solved it by a mouthpiece extension of beeswax + paraffin The mouthpiece was extremely wide Workmanship Nope The best, with the changed mouthpiece
Steve Pulido Co/ from USA Love the color and sound. Compared the my other didj this one looks and sounds much better. Excellent work, I will buy my next didj from you. Business Ethics Nope  
David Snyder from USA Likes: Beautiful piece of wood, nice coloring (all natural), easy to play, am getting more sounds out of it than expected from MP3 sample, well-finished. Dislikes: vocals are limited. Your service, from website to the sale to delivery, was superb! Cathy Harvey and Svargo Freitag were prompt on answering e-mails. Reliably graded Your website exudes trustworthiness, experience and professionalism. It spoke to me the best, so it became my first choice!
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