Didj Shop - Table of Shipping Costs

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Shipping costs depend on the type of product(s) that you want to order and the method of shipping.

It is easy to calculate the shipping costs within The Didjshop's shopping cart.

First decide which products you want to buy and add them to your shopping cart.

Then go to the Check-out, then select the shipping destination and click the Calculate Shipping button. This will display the shipping costs for your order and for some orders it also displays alternative shipping methods.

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All rates quoted are in Australian dollars

Please e-mail us if the total weight of
your order exceeds 20 kg (20,000 g).
We can offer reduced rates for such large orders.

Handling Fees

Each item in your order incurs a per-item fee for packaging material and handling.

This fee is $4 for each didgeridoo, $1 for any other item plus $2 for each order.

Example: an order for two didgeridoos, a set of clap sticks and a video would incur a handling fee of twelve Australian dollars ($4 + $4 + $1 + $1 + $2 = $12).

Remember - it's easy to use our shopping cart, which calculates order totals and fees automatically.

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