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Virgin Islands (British)


Road Town


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Name and Country: David from Virgin Islands (British)

Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj
its cool

"ae956" was rated by us as "Medium Concert". How would you rate the sound quality of your didj?
Better than expected

How would you rate the workmanship of your didj?

How would you rate the looks of your didj?

How would you rate our service?

Please comment on our service and workmanship:
from Australa to a small Island in the carribean in under 72 hours, thats good

Overall, how satisfied are you with your didj?
The didj was better than expected

What were your main reasons to buy from us?
Can hear the didj before I buy

Any other reasons why you bought from us?
liked web page

How does "ae956" compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value?
much much better