Didj Shop Affiliates' Scheme -
Frequently Asked Questions

A painless way to earn a little cash!

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What is a didjshop.com affiliate?

Didjshop.com affiliates have special links to The Didjshop web site on their web page/s.

These links are a short line of code designed so we can tell whether customers who order goods in The Didjshop came to us after visiting an affiliate's site.

We agree to pay affiliates 10% of the sales value of goods purchased via their links. - depending on the affiliate's overall level of referred sales. Higher sales brings you higher commission. Credits accumulated by affiliates can be redeemed in cash or used to purchase goods from The Didjshop.

Does it cost anything to become an affiliate?

No. Absolutely nothing! Zero. ($0.00)

Can anyone become an affiliate?

Anyone with a web site who can put in place a suitable link to The Didjshop is welcome to apply to become a didjshop.com affiliate.

We anticipate accepting most new applications - and intend to retain affiliates once established - because we're keen for the scheme to grow.

Didjshop.com agrees to notify applicants to the Affiliates Scheme who complete the online application form whether or not their application is successful.

So, if you have a web site, why not apply to become an affiliate?

You have nothing to lose but a few electrons!

Who might not qualify to become an affiliate?

The Didjshop reserves the right to decline new applications for join the Affiliate Scheme - and to cancel an affiliate's status at any time (after paying any commission due, of course).

We may not wish to give reasons for refusal to avoid giving offense, but rest assured in general we are inclined to welcome new applicants.

We will refuse applications - or terminate existing affiliate relationships - if we feel web sites are very unprofessional, culturally insensitive or offensive, breach the Affiliate Scheme Terms and Conditions - or in some other way may bring The Didjshop into disrepute by association.

This doesn't mean we only want owners of commercial web sites to apply. Personal web sites are welcome!

Can I say anything I like in my link to The Didjshop?

You have a lot of freedom - but there are some constraints.

We trust you won't say negative things about The Didjshop - that wouldn't exactly help boost your commission earnings as an affiliate! But it's also important you never misrepresent The Didjshop or our services or make false claims on our behalf.

For example - by all means go ahead and say "The Didjshop is the best shop on the web to buy didgeridoos". (In fact, we say it ourselves :-) )

But DON'T say "The Didjshop has over 1,000 concert class didjs for under $25 each!"

Get the distinction? :-) If in doubt, email us beforehand to check your text.

Can I use a banner ad to link to The Didjshop?

You sure can!

Here are a few you may use for starters:

check out The Didjshop - the world's largest online didgeridoo store with MP3
200 x 69 pixels

check out The Didjshop - the world's largest online didgeridoo store with MP3
234 x 60 pixels

check out The Didjshop - the world's largest online didgeridoo store with MP3
90 x 82 pixels

Check out The Didjshop - the world's largest online didgeridoo store with MP3
204 x 54 pixels

Check out Didjshop.com - the world's largest online didgeridoo store with MP3!
250 x 60 pixels

468 x 60 pixels

468 x 60 pixels

468 x 60 pixels

468 x 60 pixels

check out The Didjshop - the world's largest online didgeridoo store with MP3
468 x 60 pixels

check out The Didjshop - the world's largest online didgeridoo store with MP3
400 x 40 pixels

We'll create more of these banner ads over time - and you're also welcome to create your own banner graphics (but if you do, you agree to email us first for our approval).

Incidentally, the unique code you'll use to link to didjshop.com is identical, whether an affiliate's link is in the form of text or a banner ad.

What rate of commission will I earn?

We'll pay 10% on all sales!

Commission is payable on the actual amount of the goods - not on shipping, handling and insurance fees levied! For example, if someone buys a didjeridoo for $500, and pays and additional $65 extra for shipping etc, your commission would be $50.

How do I get paid?

You can apply for payments every six months - or when your commission reaches $100 - whichever happens sooner . The minimum pay-out is $40 Australian; when that sum isn't reached, your commission continues to accumulate.

You may use accrued commissions as credits to offset purchases you (or your friends) make in The Didjshop at any time - however small the amount. (Once approved as an affiliate, we'll give you instructions on how to do this).

However, we will not forward commission payments if they total less than $40 Australian. If, come October 1st or March 1st, an affiliate's accrued commission is an amount below $40, we'll allow the amount to continue growing until the $40 threshold is reached at a subsequent six-monthly interval.

Any commission becomes available only three month after the referred sale to minimize the possibility of charge-back, so in October you can get paid for all sales up to 30th June and in March you can request payment for all sales up to 31st December.

The Didjshop agrees to pay commissions due to all approved affiliates within 14 days of receiving a valid payment request.

Payment is by International Money Order, denominated in Australian dollars, to the name and address you specify when you apply to become a didjshop.com affiliate.

You may use available commissions (its available for you to use three month after the order has been processed) as credits to offset purchases you (or your friends) make in The Didjshop at any time - however small the amount. (Once approved as an affiliate, we'll give you instructions on how to do this).

In cases of charge-back (where credit card payments are reversed by the credit card company) no commissions will be payable to you - and if commission has already been paid to you on those sales you agree to refund it within 14 days of receiving notice from us.

Is it easy to set up a specially-coded link to The Didjshop?

It's very easy!

Anyone who has ever used a text editor to tweak one word of code in a web page can do it! You need to do is use a linking code like this:


That's not much harder than the regular way to link to The Didjshop:


However, you do need to get it exactly correct. The best way to avoid errors is to copy and paste directly form the email we send to approved affiliates.

Will I receive full instructions on how to insert the links correctly?

Yes, you will receive full instructions after joining. We will also assist you by email (to a reasonable extend) with setting up your link(s).

Can I use my link to order from The Didjshop - and effectively buy for a discount?

Yes. You are welcome to do this, as long as you maintain at least one active, correctly-coded link to The Didjshop on your web site.

Can I have more than one link to The Didjshop?

One is the minimum no of links for an affiliate. There is no maximum. Go for it!

You can link to us from more than one location within your site - and If you have more than one web site you can link to us from any of those sites.

We will count your sales total as a whole when calculating your commission rate.

This may make it a lot easier for you to achieve our higher commission rates - because two links to The Didjshop might double your chance of referring sales to us - each link earning you commission and helping you reach higher commission levels sooner. Three or more links might make it even easier for you to earn commission and achieve sales targets fast...

Once you are on a higher commission rate, it applies to orders obtained through any and all of your links.

A final point. When you become an affiliate, we provide you with a range of valid unique codes - not just one. If you wish, you can assign a different code to each of your links, so you'll know which links lead to each of your sales.

What happens if someone steals my special code?

Relax! Your special link code is one of the few things in life you might want people to steal.

Because as long as we receive a coded order bearing your code, we'll pay you commission - wherever that link is located.

What's the catch?

Well, actually, there isn't one.

We've worked hard to create The Didjshop and we feel we've built a fine web site - we like to think it's the best didjeridu shop on the web.

But we also know most didgeridoo fans have yet to discover the site.

If you can help our future customers find us, it's well worth our while paying you commission. We're glad to pay it! The more you earn, the better it is for us!

How do I know if I have earned any commission?

You can now track all sales we received through your link to us in real time in your Log-in area. Every affiliate will receive a link to the log-in area and their access details. Please see our Affiliates Log-in Overview for more information.

Will I be sure to receive all commission due to me?

Yes. As this page constitutes the terms and conditions of the agreement, we are bound by what we say here just as you will be by applying to join this scheme.

Please note: We can only track - and pay commission on - directly referred sales.

An affiliate earns commission on sales occurring when a visitor to his/her web site goes to The Didjshop via a special link - then, while visiting The Didjshop, makes a purchase.

If someone visits an affiliate's site, then enters The Didjshop, then surfs off to another site and comes back later to The Didjshop to purchase, the sale won't count for that affiliate.

To repeat: we pay commission on directly referred sales.

TIP: Encourage people who use your links to The Didjshop to bookmark our web site during their first visit.

If they do, the bookmark they create will contain your unique code. Every time they use the bookmark, they'll be reusing your code. - so if they make a purchase on a future visit to The Didjshop, we'll be able to credit it to you.

For example, you might choose a text link as follows:
" Visit The Didjshop - the world's first virtual didgeridoo store with MP3 - and don't forget to bookmark this amazing site!"

Is there another way of earning commission apart from via my links?

Yes - we do provide another way for affiliate to earn a commission.

The unique part of your special affiliate's link code - something like F7777us42 - is your ticket to earning commission on any sale which comes through you.

If any of your friends or contacts - or you yourself - quote this number or your full name and your city on our order form while making a purchase in The Didjshop, we'll credit the sale to you. (Incidentally, in this case, the quoted code number would override any link-based code number - we can't pay commission twice on one sale!).

However, to qualify as an affiliate (and to qualify to remain an affiliate), you must maintain at least one active, correctly-coded link to The Didjshop on the world wide web.

What's the difference between The Didjshop and didjshop.com?

There isn't any difference!

The terms are interchangeable - use either or both when referring to us on your web site.

What's the URL of the didjshop.com homepage?

https://www.didjshop.com or https://www.didjshop.com

Of course, as an affiliate, your unique specially coded link to didjshop com will be a little longer

Here are links you may find useful:

How do I apply to become a didjshop.com affiliate?

Click here.