The Didjshop Affiliate Scheme

Earn some Cash - Join our Affiliates Scheme!

Do you think visitors to YOUR web site might like to buy didgeridoos - or other Aboriginal artefacts - from The Didjshop?

If so, apply to become a affiliate - and earn 10% commission on sales from visitors you refer to our site.

How does it work? affiliates link to The Didjshop web site from their own web page/s - using a short sequence of code, unique to each affiliate.

These special links enable us to tell whether customers who order goods in The Didjshop arrived via an affiliate's site.

We pay affiliates 10% of the value of all goods sold via their link.

Credits accumulated by affiliates can be redeemed in cash or used to purchase goods from The Didjshop.

Online Affiliates Administration Area! have introduced an online Affiliates Administration area which enables you to login and view all of the information pertaining to your referred sales and personal details. It allows you to see in real-time the sales that have been referred through your web site and gives an overview of general information regarding your commission. For a general overview of the Affiliates Admin area, please click here.

I'm interested... what next?

Read through our Affiliates' Scheme Frequently Asked Questions.

Once you feel you understand the scheme, apply here to become an affiliate.