Next Worldwide Didj Meditation

The next Worldwide Didgeridoo meditation will be on 21 June.

Four times a year, on the solstices and equinoxes, hundreds of people all around the world participate in this synchronised didgeridoo meditation.
The structure of the meditation is very simple: 45 minutes of meditative didgeridoo music followed by 15 minutes of silence.
Everyone starts playing didgeridoo at their local sunset time so together we will create a wave of didgeridoo sound followed by silence circling the world.

Participants can either play the didj or other meditative instruments or simply listen to didgeridoo music.
For more information on the meditation and its intent, please click here.

Below is a map showing the participants who have already registered for the next Worldwide Didgeridoo Meditation on 21 June, followed by a list of those supporters. You can click on an area of the map to zoom in. Hovering your mouse over a coloured dot will reveal the name and location of that participant. Clicking on that name will open an email form so you can contact that particular participant if you like to join him/her for the meditation.

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