Worldwide Didgeridoo Meditation
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Dates for 2022: 21 March / 21 June / 23 September / 22 December

What is it and When is it Happening?

Four times a year people all over the world take part in this didgeridoo sound healing meditation wherever they are. The didgeridoo meditation happens on the equinoxes and solstices at local sunset times. It is like a wave of healing sound following the sunset around the globe four times a year.

So the meditation starts in New Zealand (since they are the first large land after the date line); soon after participants in Australia, Taiwan, Japan and other Asian countries join in; the wave will then be carried on by participants in Arab countries, Israel, Africa and Europe with Americans, Canadians, Middle and South Americans complete the world wide circle.

We will do this didgeridoo meditation at every solstice and equinox, so we will join our global energy playing didgeridoo four times a year. Join our growing worldwide didgeridoo circle in this regular meditation, the next one will be on 21 March 2022. Wherever you are on this beautiful planet on 21 March 2022, please allow for one hour starting at your local sunset time. If you cannot set that hour apart, be with us in spirit as much as you can during that hour.

Let's Surround the Earth in a Didgeridoo Sound Blanket!!!

The Structure of the Didgeridoo Meditation

The structure of the one hour meditation is very simple:
45 minutes of meditative didgeridoo music followed by 15 minutes of silence.
The 45 minutes of didgeridoo music may also contain shorter periods of silence i.e. between different musical keys.
The 15 minutes of silence please allow being totally silent.
And this is only a suggestion: you may want to do a totally energetic didgeridoo dance instead of meditative music or play didgeridoo for two hours without a break...

All I am asking for is that you make or listen to some music and then allow some silence afterwards.

Who can Participate?

Everyone is invited to participate. You do not need to be able to play a didgeridoo at all.

You can just drum or play flute or guitar or any other musical instrument.
Or you can sing or chant or hum.
Or you can simply listen to didgeridoo or other music.
Or you can do any combination of these.

You can do the meditation by yourself or with friends or you can organise public events/gatherings. There are quite a few equinox and solstice events happening anyway and you might be able to get the meditation happening at one of those events.

What matters is the intent. If you agree that humanity needs to become more aware of our environment and needs to become less money oriented, please participate in sending this energy wave around the globe with your music and/or your thoughts.

How to Participate?

The meditation happens four times a year on the solstices and equinoxes. The next meditation will be on 21 March 2022. The meditation starts at your local sunset time and lasts for one hour.

It would be best if you can do this meditation somewhere in a beautiful spot in nature with friends. But anywhere is fine, you can even do this meditation alone in the car or the bus listening to your Walkman and then just sitting in silence.

What really matters is the intent to make peace with yourself and everyone else on this beautiful planet as well as sending a wave of awareness for our environment around the globe.

During the first part of the didgeridoo meditation feel the earthy relaxing energy of the didj. Think about the way Aborigines have cared for their world for thousands of years. Acknowledge the right of all people, animals and plants to live together on this planet. Acknowledge that we humans need to change our ways and take care of our environment so our children and grand-children will be able to enjoy this beautiful planet instead of having to deal with the mess our un-awareness would leave.

You can invite other didj players to join you.
You can invite some friends and play didgeridoo to them.
You can play the didgeridoo over their bodies.
You can just sit and play didgeridoo by yourself.
Or you can just listen to some didgeridoo music.

During the silent part of the meditation, please be as silent as possible and go deep inside yourself. Become aware that the whole world is inside you and you are one with all.

And throughout the meditation (and before and after) be aware that there are people all over the world joining you in this global circle of energy, music and friends.

The Vision

We are living in exiting and challenging times. The world is becoming a global village with emails instantly connecting people so far apart that only a hundred years ago it would have taken month to get a message from one to the other. This is an exciting benefit of technology.

However the expansion of humanity and our greed and un-awareness are starting to destroy the very world we depend on for the survival of our species.

I feel quite strongly that the main root cause of the many social and environmental problems humanity presently faces is our disconnectedness with nature and the resulting stress and tension we are under.

The didgeridoo is an instrument that helps people re-connect with nature, earth energy and each other in a very strong and harmonious way, which is exactly what the world needs at this time. The didgeridoo sound is also very relaxing and healing.

We are living at a time when human influence is starting to affect the weather, the forests and the water we all rely on in a way that jeopardizes human survival. Our short term financial greed is destroying the future for our children.

Since money has become the god of most people and nature has been reduced to nice images on the TV many people have lost their roots, their connection to nature, their fellow humans and even the connection to themselves.

Aborigines are the only race surviving since tens of thousands of years and one of the secrets to their ancient culture is their deep reverence and caring for nature, which is exactly what the rest of humanity has to adopt in order to survive. So let's use the didgeridoo, this ancient instrument of the Aborigines to send a message around the world, a message of reconciliation, of reverence for nature, of taking care of the world we live in, of sharing this beautiful planet with each other, plants and animals.

And a bit of silence is needed more than anything in our bustling and stressed world. Just stopping for 15 minutes and not doing anything will help us to relax but it also can help us to find our centre and to connect with the whole.

I have chosen the equinoxes and solstices as the dates for this meditation as that is when the sun is furthest north and south and right over the equator, the extremes and balance points of the sun, which supplies almost all the energy for life on earth. Let's use these dates to become aware of our need for balanced sunshine, rain and wind. Life will survive almost any extremes, but humans need very balanced conditions, so lets use these moments to meditate about balance...

More Suggestions and Info

If there are several didgeridoos and/or other instrument at one gathering, please take responsibility for musical harmony. Having several didjes in non-harmonious keys playing at the same time can be quite nervy and discordant. And we want to create harmony and not cacophony.

So if there are several didjes in different keys, I suggest you allow for several segments of music (with a short silence in between) so different keys can be played at different times.

I also ask that the didgeridoo is the primary instrument. Other instruments are welcome to support the didjes present but should be asked to not overpower them. You may encourage people to do some toning or overtone singing, this is very nice with the didj.

If possible I like to encourage everyone to play their didgeridoo and other instruments close to peoples bodies (I myself choose very light didjes so I can walk around and play directly onto peoples bodies). People can feel the vibrations of the didgeridoo and this will help them to go deeper into the meditation.

Please share with all participants that this is a world-wide meditation and ask them to use sound and silence to send a wave of energy around the world. The quality of this energy is to be of growing awareness, healing, soothing the extremes, relaxation, connecting with nature and other human beings, acceptance of different beliefs and customs, the willingness to share and cooperate.

Please make it clear that this is a meditative event and ask for the silence to be respected. The deeper the silence, the stronger the experience for participants.

Participate and become part of our growing worldwide didj circle!

Spread the Word

If you are doing a public event and/or are open to other didgeridoo players and/or meditators to join you, please use our Events calendar to tell others about your local event.

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Last but not least I want to ask everyone who takes part in the event to please email us with your locality (city and country) and number of people participating so we can see where in the world participants are. Thanks

Happy didjing...
Svargo Freitag Manager


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