Didjshop.com Copyright Notice

Copyright Notice - and an Invitation

A) Copyright of our Data

1) Personal Use

All information or data on this web site including but not limited to text, sound files, photos etc is under copyright by Didjshop.com.

You may use any information or data on this web site for your personal use - and supply any of this information or data to any third party providing you also supply the exact text of below copyright note. In the case of sound files you shall also provide the name of the artist (unless otherwise stated, Trevor Peckam).

If you publish any of our data, files or information anywhere, we request you inform us by email which data, file or information you are using and where you are publishing it.
Important: We also request you clearly mark any such files or information with this exact text:

© Didjshop.com, For rights reserved and granted see www.didjshop.com/copyright

Should you fail to mark our copyrighted files with the exact above copyright note we reserve the right to sue for damages resulting from commercial breaches of our copyright by third parties which got the copyrighted material from your usage of such material (only if the material was not marked with above copyright note).

2) Commercial Use

No information on this site may be used for commercial purposes without prior written permission from Didjshop.com. For permission to use any of our copyrighted material for commercial purposes please email us, in most cases we will be happy to give such permission.

However we do not hesitate to take legal action in cases of commercial copyright infringements and will claim damages and costs from the infringer.

B) Copyright of Aboriginal Artwork on the Products we sell

The Copyright of any aboriginal art on our products including but not limited to didgeridoos, canvas or any other media is not sold with the product. Such copyright remains with either Didjshop.com or the artist or it is shared by both. In no case does the purchaser of any of our products has any right to produce prints and/or any other reproductions for any commercial purpose without prior written permission of the artist (unless didjshop.com is the sole copyright holder) and didjshop.com.

The purchaser of any aboriginal art sold by Didjshop.com also warrants to pay Didjshop.com a 5% on-selling feeĀ of the proceeds of re-selling such aboriginal art if the art is sold for more than it was bought. The purchaser also agrees to commit any future purchasers of such art to abide by this clause. Didjshop.com warrants to pass on at least 90% of the aboveĀ on-selling fee to the artist.