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The awards we're most proud of are unsolicited testimonials from our satisfied customers, comments left by visitors to our web site and entries in our Visitors' Book!

Since launching in early 2000, The Didjshop has won awards and applause from digital and mainstream media...

Spotted by Radio France!

The Sydney Olympics put Australia under the global media spotlight - and there have been several reviews of the best of Australia on the web.

The Didjshop was mentioned by Radio France in a recent article about multiculturalism in Australia.

...and by the British Commonwealth

The Commonwealth organisation recently published a feature "Catch Australia in the Net" with links to several major Australian web sites. Sites mentioned included The Australian Broadcasting Corporation, The Australian Government... and

Lockergnome digs The Didjshop!

The Gnome Lord of Nerdom is a Didjshop fan!

In his 1st June 2000 GnomeREPORT,'s Chris Pirillo wrote:

Normally, I wouldn't pass along a site like this in Lockergnome, but he's posted didgeridoo MP3's on his site -- you gotta hear 'em! It's one of my favorite instruments in the galaxy. I'd buy one, but I can't even play the kazoo.

Our server hummed for a day after that nice mention. Good on ya Chris.

NEWS FLASH!!!    Lockergnome seen practicing kazoo skills on a Didjshop Video!

Click HERE for a window on Chris Pirillo's talents NEVER SEEN BEFORE on the web!!!

Number 1 in Britain!

On May 2nd 2000, won acclaim from Britain's national broadcaster.

The Didjshop was rated Web site of the Day on 2nd May 2000 by BBC Radio 2's Steve Webb, who called The Didjshop:
"the web's Number One resource for didgeridoo sales and information".

Praise for The Didjshop from Australia's leading (dead trees) internet directory!

Here's what Gareth Powell, editor of the Australian Internet Directory, said about us... wins praise in the media

Here are some awards we've won. Our thanks and appreciation to:

Comedy zone award here for great comedy

Médaille d'Or

ALOHA AWARD - Click here to nominate a site!

Cut above award


more awards coming soon, we hope

Feel free to nominate us to an awards site you like!