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These terms and conditions apply to the sale of all and any goods offered on this web site as well as to the browsing of didjshop.com, didgshop.com and didjshop.com.au. Variations or cancellations of these conditions shall not be binding unless agreed to by didjshop.com in writing.


The purchaser agrees to accept these terms and conditions by placing his/her order.

The site visitor agrees to accept these terms and conditions by browsing the above sites.


Didjshop.com warrants that it will repair or at its option, replace any of the goods that in its opinion are defective due to faulty workmanship or materials for a period of twelve months from the date of purchase. We reserve the right to replace the item with a similar item of equal value. This warranty does not cover ochre didgeridoos which carry only a one month warranty.

This warranty does not cover damage due to neglect, misuse, abuse or accident.

The purchaser agrees to pay for the freight of any goods to be returned under this warranty and to contact didjshop.com before returning goods under this warranty to receive a return authorisation.

In addition to the benefits conferred in this warranty didjshop.com warrants to help the purchaser with advice in the event of problems with or damage to any products sold under these terms and conditions.

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Freight and Insurance

All freight charges (including freight charges involved in warranty claims) are the responsibility of the customer. Didjshop.com does not accept any responsibility for goods lost or damaged in transit.

However, all freight charges quoted include a basic insurance. In the case of didgeridoos getting damaged in transport, the customer has the choice to either return the didj to us for repair or replacement free of charge or to get it repaired locally and receive up to US$100 towards the cost of such repair. In the case of a didgeridoo getting lost during transport, we will replace it with a didj of similar value free of charge. All other goods will be replaced free of charge.

Freight charges quoted are for 5-14 day door-to-door service.


All prices quoted are in Australian dollars. Overseas orders by credit card will use the exchange rate on the day they are charged, which might vary from the exchange rate on the day of order.

The prices obtained in currencies other than Australian dollars by using the built-in currency converter are to be used as general guidelines only and can vary to the actual exchange rate used on the day of charging the order.

Customs Duty

Customs (importation duty) laws - and the application of these regulations - varies widely from country to country, state to state - even from time to time.

Most of our customers have not been required to pay customs or importation duty. These goods are generally classified as "indigenous handicrafts" or something similar under customs laws applicable to most Didjshop customers.

If you are asked to pay importation duty, you may be able to get the ruling changed by pointing out the nature of the goods.

Didjshop.com does not accept responsibility for payment of customs duty should it be levied in the customer's country.

If applicable, the customer is fully responsible for payment of locally imposed importation duty.

Availability of Goods

In the case of the didjeridus on this site, each one is a unique product. Our real time ordering system will mark such items as ordered once the order for that product is finalised.

It is possible that two or more people may order a particular didjeridu on the same day. In this unlikely event didjshop.com will process the orders according to the time they were received. After the earliest successfully processed order didjshop.com will inform the unsuccessful customers and offer them alternative products.

In the case of any other product being temporarily out of stock, didjshop.com will inform the customer and supply as soon as new stock is available.

Error and Omissions

Even though considerable care has been taken with the preparation of all information and prices on this site, didjshop.com will not be held responsible for typographical or other errors or omissions regarding prices or any information given.


All items are sold on a no refund basis. In the case of the didgeridoos you can view and, in some cases, listen to the actual product while with all other items you can view generic pictures.

As we do not list all of our available stock on this web site, please contact us if you are looking for specific products that are not listed. We might have them in stock anyway, or can find them for you.

Payment Terms

All orders require payment before dispatch.


Didjshop.com, its employees and any party involved in creating, updating and delivering this web site are not liable for any damage arising out of the use of this web site.

Didjshop.com is not responsible for any damage arising from information transmitted to you from this web site, including all personal details and information. By using and browsing this web site, you are agreeing to this disclaimer.


Didjshop.com will treat any information transmitted for publication on this site as non-confidential, including the e-mail address of the sender unless specifically asked to keep such e-mail addresses confidential.

All other e-mail information sent to this site not intended for publication, especially order details and e-mail addresses, will be treated as confidential by didjshop.com.

Under no circumstances will didjshop.com sell or supply such information to marketing companies or other third parties without the written permission of the individual concerned.


Didjshop.com uses 2048 bit encryption to protect your credit card information while it is on our computers. The same high strength encryption is used to transmit your credit card information from our secure server to our computers. We keep any credit card information for only limited time on our server and on our computers.


A) Copyright of our Data

1) Personal Use

All information or data on this web site including but not limited to text, sound files, photos etc is under copyright by Didjshop.com.

You may use any information or data on this web site for your personal use - and supply any of this information or data to any third party providing you also supply the exact text of below copyright note. In the case of sound files you shall also provide the name of the artist (unless otherwise stated, Trevor Peckam).

If you publish any of our data, files or information anywhere, we request you inform us by email which data, file or information you are using and where you are publishing it.
Important: We also request you clearly mark any such files or information with this exact text:

© Didjshop.com, For rights reserved and granted see www.didjshop.com/copyright

Should you fail to mark our copyrighted files with the exact above copyright note we reserve the right to sue for damages resulting from commercial breaches of our copyright by third parties which got the copyrighted material from your usage of such material (only if the material was not marked with above copyright note).

2) Commercial Use

No information on this site may be used for commercial purposes without prior written permission from Didjshop.com. For permission to use any of our copyrighted material for commercial purposes please email us, in most cases we will be happy to give such permission.

However we do not hesitate to take legal action in cases of commercial copyright infringements and will claim damages and costs from the infringer.

B) Copyright of Aboriginal Artwork on the Products we sell

The Copyright of any aboriginal art on our products including but not limited to didgeridoos, canvas or any other media is not sold with the product. Such copyright remains with either Didjshop.com or the artist or it is shared by both. In no case does the purchaser of any of our products has any right to produce prints and/or any other reproductions for any commercial purpose without prior written permission of the artist (unless didjshop.com is the sole copyright holder) and didjshop.com.

The purchaser of any aboriginal art sold by Didjshop.com also warrants to pay Didjshop.com a 5% on-selling fee of the proceeds of re-selling such aboriginal art if the art is sold for more than it was bought. The purchaser also agrees to commit any future purchasers of such art to abide by this clause. Didjshop.com warrants to pass on at least 90% of the above on-selling fee to the artist.