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Aboriginal didgeridoo player - didjing in style in the Australian bushThe Didjshop's first goal is to be the best didgeridoo shop - on or off the web.

No other virtual didgeridoo store enables you to listen to over a hundred unique didjes, skillfully played.

Where else can you take as long as you like looking at hundreds of didgeridoos, getting an expert didgeridoo player to play and re-play didgeridoos for you, comparing and getting personalized didgeridoo buying advice - to help you make the most informed choice possible?

Services to didj fans

We also aim to provide useful services to didgeridoo enthusiasts all over the world.

Over time, we hope to add to these services - and we'd appreciate your suggestions on new features which we could add to the site.

And of course, please make use of the facilities we've set up so far. They're all free to use.


Didjnet is a online database of records about didgeridoo enthusiasts, players, teachers etc - worldwide.

You can access the Didjnet through our web site - start here.

Follow links from there to the online database, where you can search by geographical region, locate specific skills or services, look for didj music to share - or just find other didgeridoo players for a jam!

You can also become a Didjnet member and add your own record so other didj fans can find you too.

Didgeridoo Events

The didjeridoo Events Calendar runs on the same database - start here.

This is where you can look for didj events near and far - and list upcoming events which you now about (you don't have to be the organiser to list an event).

You can search by geographical region, by date or for particular categories of event.

So far, there aren't many entries - please help us to let other didgeridoo fans know about events you've heard about!

Didj Links

We have a substantial links section, organised into the following sub-categories:

Feel free to suggest new links to us - if you have a web site you're very welcome to propose a link swap (your site does not have to be about didgeridoos).

Check out our web log of interesting stories on Australian Aboriginal issues. Feel free to tell us about interesting news stories on Aboriginals or didgeridoos.

Other things you can do here...

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Send a greeting card to a friend - choose from spectacular images and even add a didj sound to your greeting!

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