First World Didj Sound Healing Meditation

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Note: The first part of this page is from our newsletter which went out to thousands of people in over sixty countries, explaining the basic idea. Further down you will find more specific information about the event.

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Dear Friends and Fellow Humans,

In the aftermath of September 11 and the resulting events I had a vision:

The vision of the sound of the didj followed by silence circling the earth.

I feel quite strongly that the main root cause of the many social and environmental problems humanity presently faces is our disconnectedness with nature.

The didgeridoo is an instrument that helps people re-connect with nature, earth energy and each other in a very strong and harmonious way, which is exactly what the world needs at this time.

And a bit of silence is needed more than anything in our bustling and stressed world.

So let's surround the earth in a didj sound blanket.

I want to invite all of you to take part in this World Didj Sound Healing Meditation. It will be on the 22 September 2004 at your local sunset time. I propose to do one of these meditations at every solstice and equinox, so we will join our global energy playing didj four times a year.

So wherever you are on this beautiful planet on 22 September 2004, if you want to take part, please allow for one hour starting at your local sunset time. If you cannot set that hour apart, be with us in spirit as much as you can.

You can do this meditation just by yourself, with a few friends or you can organise a public event.

It is good if you can be in a natural and silent space, but you can do it at home or anywhere.

The suggested structure of the meditation is as follows:

45 minutes of meditative music followed by 15 minutes of silence.

The 45 minutes of music may also contain shorter periods of silence i.e. between different musical keys.

The 15 minutes of silence please allow to be totally silent.

There are tens of thousands of didj enthusiasts around the world. So lets all play didj together on 20 March 2004 at sunset and if you haven't got one, join us anyway.

This meditation is open to all people. If someone or a group of people wishing to participate do not have any didj, simply use other instruments and/or your voice; listen to a didj CD, hum, or just be in inner silence.

What matters is the intent!

If there are several didjes and/or other instrument at one gathering, please take responsibility for musical harmony. Having several didjes in non-harmonious keys playing at the same time can be quite nervy and discordant. And we want to create harmony and not cacophony.

So if there are several didjes in different keys, I suggest you allow for several segments of music (with a short silence in between) so different keys can be played at different times.

I also ask that the didj is the primary instrument. Other instruments are welcome to support the didjes present but should be asked to not overpower them. You may encourage people to do some toning or overtone singing, this is very nice with the didj.

If possible I like to encourage everyone to play their didj and other instruments close to peoples bodies (I myself choose very light didjes so I can walk around and play directly onto peoples bodies).

Please share with all participants that this is a world-wide meditation and ask them to use sound and silence to send a wave of energy around the world.

The quality of this energy is to be of growing awareness, healing, soothing the extremes, relaxation, connecting with nature and other human beings, acceptance of different beliefs and customs, the willingness to share and cooperate.

Please make it clear that this is a meditative event and ask for the silence to be respected.

If you are doing a public event and/or are open to other didj players and/or meditators to join you, please use our Events calendar to tell others about it.

Please help spread the word! If you know anyone who might want to join this event, let them know. Click here to email this page to a friend. (we will NOT collect your or their email address).

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Last not least I want to ask everyone who actually takes part in the event to please email us with your locality (city and country) and number of people participating so we can see where in the world participants are.

Happy didjing...
Svargo Freitag Manager

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