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boomerangs used as percussionThe boomerang is a long range weapon of the Australian Aborigines and is also called Kylie (an Aboriginal word).
The oldest known wooden returning boomerangs were found in peat at Wyrie Swamp, South Australia, and are dated to be about 10,000 years old. There are older rock paintings depicting boomerangs and it is probable that the Australian Aborigines first used the boomerang somewhere between 25,000 and 50,000 years ago.

Australian Aborigines have been making boomerangs for a very long time - for hunting, tribal warfare and also as musical instruments in secret ceremonies and corroborees.

Boomerangs are traditionally fashioned from Mulga or Black Wattle. A returning boomerang was made from roots of these trees which already had the right shape. This is because the tips of a boomerang tend to break off when it hits the ground unless the grain of the wood follows the shape.

Different kinds of boomerang and their uses

some of our boomerangs for sale - visit our shop to see our full boomerang rangeFighting boomerangs also called killer boomerangs - are larger and heavier and have a distinctive hook shape. They were used in tribal warfare and could inflict serious wounds and they were also used to bring down medium size prey like wallabies, goannas etc.

For ceremonial purposes boomerangs were richly decorated with Aboriginal Artwork. Usually the decorations related specifically to the corroboree or ceremony where the boomerangs were to be used.

In ceremonies, two boomerangs are hit together back to back like clap sticks producing a softer rhythm. Singers and dancers use boomerangs or clap sticks to keep rhythm, while the didgeridoo player paints a musical picture to the story line... evoking animal sounds, the wind in the trees etc.

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boomerangs in use at a corroboree

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