How to Search The Didjshop
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Finding Didgeridoos inside the Shop

The internal search facility is located above - and is also on the Shop Front.

It can help you find what you're looking for.

Please Note: Many individual didjes are listed twice when you search for them. That's because they're located in a department of didges arranged by price - as well as a department of didjes arranged by type. This doesn't mean we have two of the same didj! All our didjes have unique identifying product codes.

Search Tips:

Find a specific didj by its code

Suppose you've downloaded a sound file you like - and want to find the corresponding didgeridoo within the shop...

Look at the file name of the sound file. It'll be something like: az777.mp3 (ie two letters followed by three digits with the suffix .mp3). The main name of the sound file (in this case az777) is the product code of the corresponding didjeridoo.

Enter that product code in the search field, then click on Search (please note: az777 is an example only and doesn't exist!)

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Find all Didjes of a particular musical key

If you want to search for all didjes with a particular musical key, enter (for example) Musical Key: C and click on Search. Please note there must be a single space between "Musical Key:" and the key itself (eg. Musical Key: D - not Musical Key:D)

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Find all Didjes of a particular sound quality

If you want to search for all didjes with a particular sound quality, enter either:

  • 2nd class  
  • 1st class  
  • low concert  
  • medium concert
  • high concert

...and click Search.

Please note: you must enter "2nd class" - not "second class", and likewise "1st class" not "first class". In general, it's useful to copy and paste any term in bold on this page so you have the search term exactly right.

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Find all Didjes in a type department

You can also search for all didjes which would fit into any of our type departments.

Even though some of our departments are already category-based, it's still useful to do this. Why? Well, not all didjes with the characteristics of a department are located inside that department.

For instance, some painted didjes might be found inside the long didj department because they're also long - and they aren't duplicated in the painted didj category.

Here, for example, is how to find all the painted didgeridoos in the shop.

Refer to the table below. Note that each category has a two-letter code (QP for painted didjes). Enter this code (QP) into the search field - then click search. After a short wait, you'll see a list of all the long didgeridoos in the shop.

Artefact Didjes


Concert Learners






Fine Art Didjes


Painted Didjes


Bells QB Big Bells




Rare Keys


Brad Gosam Didjes


Great Players


Traveller Didjes


Burnt Didjes


Healing Didjes


Unusual Shapes


Cheap Learners


Long Didjes




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