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1 Customer Help Inquiry
Need help with our Shop?
Contact Shiralee with questions about our goods. Please submit New Help Choosing a Didgeridoo Inquiries here.
6 Didjnet
For emails about Didjnet
2 Sales Department
Contact Shiralee to Place Orders or for Inquiries about an Order.
7 Events Calendar
For emails about our Events Calendar
3 Dispatch 
Delivery Inquiries about goods already purchased
8 Webmaster
Inquiries, comments, compliments or complaints About our Web Site and its functioning to our Webmaster.
4 Affiliates
Email us about our Affiliate Scheme
9 Wholesale
For Wholesale Inquiries
5 FAQs 
For questions about didgeridoos, playing the didj and/or didj maintenance - if not already answered in our FAQs
10 Didjshop Manager 
To Svargo, the Didjshop Manager. Inquiries, comments, compliments or complaints about the business, its staff, goods and services.