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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Jonathan Boul from Australia Didj shop was very very helpful in shipping this to my Australian hotel room, I live in the USA. Quality is top notch compared to others I looked at. Highly recommeded! Excellent. No complaints Workmanship Pictures of actual product and that each are unique N/A
Anonymous from USA Its beautiful and the sound quality is amazing. I love it! The most notable was the attention you paid to my shipping issues, and making sure I was taken care of and received the item! I didn't buy, it was a present Don't know the price. sound quality is definitely the best
Anonymous from Australia Didn't quite sound like it did on the website, but I guess it might take some more practice? Good. Was impressed with the feature that involves the dij shop finding a dij for you based on your preference. Prices could be lower I think, given that you're based online. Aboriginal Made Convenience  
Paul from Australia Loved that it was a unique one of a kind Shiralee was fantastic and went above and beyond to get the didj to me. My partner loved the didj' Reliable Trustworthy Business My partner is aboriginal so it was important to me to get something unique, from Australia and aboriginal made  
Vanessa from Canada Love everything about it..the low tones it creates bring all of of us harmony So much love went into this piece...and the service too..thank you so much for everything! Workmanship No Does not compare but does sound lovely played together
Anonymous from Switzerland I am very happy with my didj. It's simply perfect. Service is very efficient and fast. The workmanship is accurate and very professional. Workmanship Made in Australia It is the best didje I have in terms of sound.
Marcel from Australia I wouldn't order another didjeridoo with bark showing. It is less nice than I thought. Good service, instrument arrived in time and everything was perfect. Aboriginal Made Main reason to buy was the aboriginal origin of the instrument. I wanted to support an aboriginal business even if it is managed by a German. Made in Australia is not really important, made by Aboriginals is the more important part. One implies the other, but not vice versa. It is my first one.
Anonymous from United Kingdom It is beautiful and so natural looking. You were very accommodating to my situation and answered all the questions I had and even said that you could hold my didj until I was in a position to accept the delivery in a different country. Workmanship Ease of purchase and the range of products you had.  
Cathi from USA I LOVE it! Extraordinary Business Ethics    
Jeff from USA Its deep resonance carries over into the vibrations of daily life, it contains a vast world of sound to explore,the artistry of the maker is an inspiring companion and teacher. Excellent service, beautiful workmanship Reliably graded Good previous experience buying didgbag, cd & dvd. The other was a gift that got me started, a different animal, which, because the wood is untreated, needs special care.
Anonymous from Czech Republic It has great sound. But the pitch is little higher than C. Its between C and C#. Service was perfect. Communication great. It was hard for me to get up at 2am to communicate. I got a little trouble at a customs office. It too 3 days to get to czech republic. And almost another 5 at customs office. The didge is perfectly crafted. It can be easily played. Reliably graded No  
Stuart from United Kingdom Fantastic!really love the sound,artwork is excellent Brilliant all round,and a special mention for Shiralee she is a great ambassador really kind and helpfull Workmanship Shiralee Brilliant
Anonymous from Sweden No dislikes. It's a fantastic didge with a fabulous sound. Great service. Didge was quite a bit above budget, but payment could be done as flexible as I liked. Sound Quality Overall feel of company and website was just very good The other one is a pvc didj, so price difference was huge. The pvc one has great value because it's probably the best learner didje. The sound is even pretty good when it comes to loudness, vocals etc. But the sound of am919 just blows you away. It has such a deep and intense vibe, it kind of sucks you into trance, whether you want it or not. So the value of both is great, but the pvc one feels like a toy, and the am919 like the REAL THING.
Thomas from USA Love it...what a great piece The service was great with smooth transfer of the didj to the U.S. The quality of workmanship is spectacular....really pleased AAA+ The in depth and accurate grading system of the didj Sound is not comparable to the am999 get what you pay for...
Anonymously Nothing to dislike. It sounds great, and the more I play with the beeswax mouthpeice and adjust it the easier it is to play. Customer service was attentive and Low Price    
Peter from USA I like the sound and the looks. Very prompt email answers and fast shipping Sound Quality Sound files and reputation I like my didge from didgeshop much better than the others...
Michael from USA Harder to play, but sounds AMAZING Helped with a payment plan which worked out GREAT!! Sound Quality   Cost more, sounds better, but tougher to play
Jonas from USA I've been a didj player for almost 20 years and have owned a number of didjeridus. The one I bought from you is far superior to any that I've owned or played before. The quality, the sound, and the fact that it's environmentally and socially conscious in how it's made made the purchase well worth it. I received the didjeridu in 5 days (rather than the 14 the website said it would take). Your sales staff was great in recommending the right instrument for me. Top notch customer service. I was hesitant to spend so much money on the internet with a company not in the US, but I was pleasantly surprised by how easy and professional you all were. Workmanship The reliable grading, the ability to hear the didj before buying, and the photos and explanation of the didjs was what sold me. The am836 was the most expensive didj I've ever bought, but it is far superior to any of the other didjs I've owned.
Rex from USA The large size is more than I expected and I am very pleased with it. The raw yet finished nature of my didj is exactly what I was looking for. Its amazing to me that I can order something of this quality from the other side of the planet and have it within a week. You all are great. Workmanship No  
Mark from Australia It is easy to play and very good to learn on. It also sounds and looks great. I was very happy with the way you helped me find what I was looking for and the way you looked after me as things progressed. I finished up with a very suitable didj that I have been blowing regularly since it arrived. The only hiccup was the Melbourne greyhound office and the final courier they used. I can give you more details on this if you wish. Reliably graded I had never heard of you and had no knowledge of your company or even if I would ever see my money again. The main reason I continued with the sale was after talking to Svargo on the phone. He looked at the pic's I sent and gave me info on how to fix my old didj. He sounded like he knew what he was talking about and sounded trustworthy and genuine so I took the chance. That was the first time I have purchased anything over the internet and I was very nervous about it. When I first started looking I didnât think I would actually be buying online. The new didj is great, it is really everything I wanted, it is not to big and is plain wood so it won't get damaged if I take it travelling. It is easy to play and learn on and the sound is right, I doubt I will ever grow out of it. Even if I become a really good player and move up to a top class didj this one will probably still get used for travelling, kicking around the lounge room and taking visiting. As a learner I could get it vibrating properly shortly after I got it. I have been trying for years to play my old didj and have had no success. Now that I have a a proper didj that is easy to play and learn on I can even get a sound out of the old one.
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