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Dale from USA Depth of sound, good back pressure, good looks Quick delivery, just as promised Sound Quality I just had a hunch and it was on sale One is a home made pvc didj and the other is a cheap malaysian knockoff. Neither compare at all.
Mark from United Kingdom Like: the beauty of the grain; the massiveness; the richness of the sound; the depth; the weight; the solidity. Dislike: not much! Higher back pressure would have been nice but I can manage it. Service very friendly & responsive. Workmanship lovely - a living piece of wood made into a living instrument. Very well made & finished. Low Price It was in the sale & therefore affordable. I bought the others a long time ago so it's difficult to compare price for price but on the whole, better on all counts.
Joop from Netherlands Easy to play, sufficient backpressure, clean penetrating sound. mouthpiece wax slightly damaged at delivery The didge had a slightly damaged mouthpiece at delivery. Delivery was fast en for the rest ok Aboriginal Made   Relative expensive. Had all my lessons and teaching on own made bamboo. Price was only 10 Euro. Thought original was a must.
Paul Bishop from USA I was surprised by its weight, but it was the first eucalytus didj I had held, so all I was used to was PVC. It is a nice sounding didj, now that I have learned to play. It was a mistake for me, as a beginner, to order a didj with poor back pressure for a first didj. I have never experienced customer service equal to that received from Didjshop. The workmanship on the didj is very good. Can hear the didj before I buy After looking at your website and reading some of your philosophies and ethical concerns I thought your company would be an excellent one to do business with. All the other didjs are hand-made by me. Some of them sound pretty good and have decent backprressure but, other than the time they took me to make them, they cost me me nothing.
Jesus from USA I often get good comments about the art work on my didj. I liked the bark at the end when I first saw it but now it's too heavy. I was very concern when I felt a vibration near the mouthpiece on certain sounds. I noticed a small crack concealed by the aboriginal flag near the top. Reliably graded My first didj from you guys was awesome.  
Ãůsa from Sweden I'm extremely pleased with my didj and I really like the artwork by Brad Gosam.   Workmanship Excellent choice of didjes - easy to find one which I really liked  
Mario Alleyne from Canada The quality of construction and finish are amazing and the sound quality is out standing I wouldn't change a thing! The shipping was by DHL and it was lightning fast, Your service was top notch. You even had a custom bag made for my Didji and it came incredibly fast as well Good job! Workmanship The web site even back in 2001 was very well put togeather and the amount of information on the site was very helpfull Fom every Didji I have ever seen mine is by far the best. I have had many people admire it!
Peggy from USA I like the size and the fact that it is easy to carry. It is a little heavier than I expected but structurally very sound. I like the finish on it and have had no problems with it. It plays very well and fits my needs well. I feel very trusting of your service and supportive of your mission. I have a nephew who only thought he had purchased a didj. He is a professional Tuba player and he was awestruck by the difference in his imitation didj and the one I purchased from didjshop. Reliably graded I love your web page and your mission to bring authnetic didj's to assist in maintaining and preserving culture. Sound quality is better. Price is midway between the three I have. Value from didj is very good.
Tim from USA     Business Ethics   The best didj I own
Robert from Australia Can't wait till I'am playing it properly One of the items I had ordered did not arrive with my order,I emailed Svargo he promptly replied and mailed the item off. Thank Svargo. Another small thing, my address was written backwards on my order Lot 102 should have read Lot 201 my Didj still found me ok but it did cause some confusion for the courier. Workmanship Mainly trust and quality service, I had to find the best sounding Didj on a limited budget and Kathy helped me achieve this. Thanks Kathy I compared the sound quality of af708 with other simalar priced didj's on other web sights and af708 was the best by far, I'am proud to own it.
Roy Reynolds from Canada     Business Ethics Recom Very similar
Ken Neitzke from USA I feel satisfied that I have an aboriginal, termite hollowed didj. it gives me a feeling that somehow I share a little bit of a far off culture that I have considerable respect for.   Workmanship   The sound is similar and the price is even better
Robert from USA As I remember it, this didj was rated as Medium Concert Quality. It being a double didj, the C side is a very good player, while the Eb side is absolutely awesome. People don't always remember me, but they always remember "The Twins."   Can hear the didj before I buy   It's the best. My #1 most favorite, most unique, best sounding didj I have.
Jose Luis Martin from Spain     Business Ethics    
Christopher from USA     I was really impressed with your moral ethics. You sell Aboriginal made didjs (very important), don't "clear cut" harvest, replant trees, and that the money goes back to your community. Also, your website isn't just about you. You touch upon everything from social and environmental issues to spirituality. That you grade them and tune them to pitch is another reason. And, two didjs I received (the second was a replacement) from another vendor (here in the USA) cracked within a couple of weeks. Besides all of the previously mentioned reasons, you offered a warranty on your didjs. Well, I've had this wonderful "Wooly Butt" for several years now and have had absolutely "no troubles" as you say in Oz! You folks are the best! No comparison! The aa610 is wonderful! I made the others I have from pvc and have a slideridoo that I made from aluminum tubing.
Joseph Pino from USA     Workmanship   No comparison on quality and sound; the other didge was much cheaper and it shows.
Larry from Australia     Workmanship It is important to me that the sound files are available before buying. Much better sound quality and finish.
Todd Melville from Australia The delivery time and packaging was exceptional. Thankyou.   Reliably graded Your site is excellent. I would repeatedly come back to look and hear the didges, view general information or read the forum. It is the most expensive one I have, by a long way. Took a little bit to get used to but the sound quality is better than my others, and it is extremely loud and clear, what I got it for.
Lars from Luxembourg     Business Ethics Very satisfied the first time. Better than the ones not from you, but not as good as my first I bought from you.
Lasse from Denmark     Workmanship    
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