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Joseph Carringer from USA Amazing as always It's why I buy DidjShop Workmanship DidjShop is the best and my only source for Eucalyptus didges for my students and myself!!  
Anonymous from France I felt at first a little disapointed by the simplicity of the sound, and by the low backpressure (4/5). But soon I mastered the breathing, and was able to produce great sounds. The clarity is wonderfull. Perfect. Sound Quality - When I blew again in my old didj (can't remember the price, but much lower), I was amazed by its poor sound quality, compared with the so clear sound of my new didj. I understood that I will probably never blow in it again in this fart-making wood.
Matthew from Australia Excellent quality of materials. Very nice workmanship and finishing Very impressed with the quick response and the positive, helpful tone of all email correspondence. Workmanship of didj far surpassed my expectations. It's a beautiful instrument. Aboriginal Made   Higher on price, however as the other is not authentic, it's to be expected. Far surpasses.
David French from USA It's perfect! Great quality and beautifully handcrafted Workmanship No  
Kim Spensley from USA Everything!!!!! Excellent!!!! Workmanship    
Gisela from USA Love everything about it! Very helpful when I asked questions about which one to get. Workmanship Most important for me was that it was an original.  
Robert Froton from USA Am972 has burnt artwork, looks awesome and finish is beautiful. Took a day of playing and adjusting mouthpiece, getting used to different backpressure, but the sound and eventually ease of playing are amazing! Service was top notch (I called my CC company and gave them a heads up about a transaction with Australia and had no problems). Didje is solid, completely sealed and about 7.5 lbs. Very pleased with the workmanship. Sound Quality I learned to play on a cheap didje, played some didjes at a local shop but was mostly disappointed. Searched online and compared, Didjshop had the best selection, best grading system, and real authentic didgeridoos. My other didge is made of teakwood, and costs 10 times less. It has excellent backpressure and I learned circular breathing with it, but sound quality doesn't compare. I can play much better with my Didjshop didje and sound quality and clarity still blow me away. Great value if your serious and want the best.
Giancarlo from Italy J live his sound Delivery vero quick and great disponibilità Made in Australia No other  
Siri Andersen from Norway I love my didj! It was exactly what I wanted, good looks and nice sound. Your service is second to none! The workmanship is great, exclusive look and feel. Reliably graded By the webpage I could tell this was a serious business, that would sell quality items. All the additional info about native culture and so on, was really nice so compared with other on-line stores, the choise to shop at Didjshop was easy. I am just learning to play a didj, so I really do not have any grounds for comparison. But I think my didj is great sounding, and if I never learn to play it well it will still look very nice on it's stand in my livingroom:)
Marilyn from USA Beautiful sound! Easier to play for a beginner! Prompt and friendly service!! I received my didj in only 3 or 4 days, from Australia to Colorado! Beautiful painting and workmanship on my didj! I am proud to get it out and show everyone! Workmanship Great website and so much information about didjes! Felt very comfortable buying from you!  
Anonymous from USA Very high quality work. Beautifully painted and finished. The sound is excellent. Your service is first class packaging for FedX shipment. Excellent workmanship and finishing. Business Ethics Shipment is speedy. As described
Louis Kosztelny from Australia The burnt artwork is even more impressive than the phots would suggest. The back pressure is not as good as I thought. I have several Didjshop didjes already and this one is as good if not better as the others. Workmanship Return customer: 100% satisfaction so far. On par with the others.
Louis Kosztelny from Australia I love absolutely everything about this one. The didj is beautifully prepared inside and out. The short branch at the top is particularly nice. Workmanship 100% satisfaction so far. This one is the best value vis a vis sound quality
David Hagquist from USA This instrument is truly amazing! I've started playing rythms I never thought I would be able to and the vocals are almost effortless. I actually play this instrument on stage and it's really just amazing:-) The service is top notch you guys have gone out of your way more than once for me thank you Reliably graded I believe in your business practices No comparison am 714 sounds so much better as a matter of fact I will never buy another didj that is not high concert
Jussi Ristonmaa from Finland These words say it all: Amazing, high quality and excellent. Everything has always been excellent, the service and the quality of didgeridoo Thank you Shiralee, Svargo, artists and all Didjshop team. Aboriginal Made Didjshop does what says! Am922 is Mother Earth's deep voice, very deep and strong vibration. Excellent meditation didj.
Michael from USA The quality is incredible...the workmanship is the best I've ever seen. I have already placed a deposit on another one rated even higher. All questions were answered promptly and the didj arrived four days sooner than expected and was very well protected. Aboriginal Made Good reputation from past buyers Better on all aspects, just not as loud.
David from USA My Didj is awesome, I pretty much like everything about it; the shape, color, and it sounds amazing. Also, I like the fact that it was made in Australia by aborigines, the heart and soul of the didgeridoo. I am very happy with the service that I received from Didjshop. After placing my order online I called to confirm my purchase and the guy I spoke with was on top of it. He was friendly and answered all my questions. Great communications... very satisfied with the service. Reliably graded    
Sam from Switzerland It looks even more beautiful than on the picture online and the sound is terrific. Really good communication Workmanship The website looks good, friendly, truthful and trustworthy. It's my first didj, and I am a beginner. But I will learn everything on this one!
Mark from United Kingdom I like the quality, there is very little I dislike about the didj. I am still learning to play so maybe as time goes by I may find somethings I don't like but I don't think this is likely Excellent service and workmanship. didj arrived much quicker than expected, and seems extremely well made. Workmanship I liked a lot of the reasons on your website about supporting aborigional traditions and it was also clear to see from your website that you are the best didj supplier out there. I have nothing to compare my didj too.
Anonymous from Australia Beautiful workmanship, great sound nice look Great service, your sales person answered all my questions in very short time. Short delivery time. Everything was packed very secure and I was able to transport the didgeridoo overseas safely. Reliable Trustworthy Business You have this lovely websites with so much information that allowed me to make the right choise  
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