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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Brian James from United Kingdom I love the sound and the fact that the didge is small enough to carry around without problem, I use it mainly for healing Didge arrived in good time and looks great it needs no maintainance and came with a nice carry bag Sound Quality I want to support aboriginal artists, you can only get the original spirit through a real didge, just holding the imitation ones gives me a bad vibe It compares very well in all aspects
Martin from Austria It has a crisp, clear sound and phantastic backpressure. Fast, nice and personal service. Some small splinters on the inside and a few dried varnish drops on the bell bottom but otherwise well made. Workmanship Appealing website, personal contact Equal to other didjshop didj and superior to all others (especially in sound)
Anonymously Business Ethics Because I can hear the digj on the homepage  
Anonymous from United Kingdom Great sound, nice spedd and backpressure I bought this didge for its sound, not the looks. (It is not a painted didge.) Sound Quality I am a long time fan of Didjshop. Equal with the best that I have
Dervin from France I appreciate all its qualities, its weight, its length and its mouth and mainly its grave and deep sound The service is serious and professional, the correctly packed parcel, the respected delivery deadlines but the follow-up of the delivery was little effective Reliably graded Instrument of traditional quality Al118 est meilleur en tous points: embout Al118 is better in all respects: wax tip of bee of very good quality, the instrument warms faster, the sound is appropriate(clean) and clear and the easy handling
Pamela from USA This was our first didj. I gave it to my husband for Christmas, 2008. He went wild. He learned to play as best he could and the inspiration he received from the instrument itself helped him write a song, which he named "Aborigines G'day." He sang this song at the Williamson County Fair in Tennessee this past summer. He entertains children and adults with the didj in his office where he works as an Ear, Nose, and Throat surgeon. The didj is like a living entity to us it is almost like a pet. The service from the Didjshop is excellent. The shipping was fast and the packaging was perfect. It was as if we bought it from next door. I am usually amazed at the speed with which things come from Australia, but this was very fast. Shop personnel seem very friendly and helpful. Business Ethics   Compares very nicely.
Martin Sørensen from Denmark I like the vibrations of this didge. Its very easy to play. The didge is very heavy to carry Your service is great. no problems with my order at all and I live in denmark, thats far away. The didge is really good crafted but I would like some paintings on it, but I couldnt afford one with paintings on it. Workmanship Big selection of didgeridoos and different gear. This is a great didge but I wouldnt say its better than my other didge because its a different key. both sound great
Anonymously Simple, elegant, charming Kind, efficient people at Didjshop! Workmanship Nice website, serious people Excellent
Jonathan Monument from United Kingdom Like about it? Everything really. It sounds just incredible, it looks and feels awesome. My little girl (aged 5 months) loves listening to it as well. It's a right bugger to play, though, you need lungs the size of Trevor's (he did the sound recording I think!) and some awesome embouchure. It's a fabulous challenge though, and I am loving it. How can I comment on workmanship. It is basically a fabulous instrument (I'm a lifelong musician, so I know!) which is just fabulous. Sounds cheesey, but it is stunning in every way. Nature gre a fine tree, the termites did a splendid job, and the finishing is superlative. Tuneful, versatile, wonderful thing. I'm rather glad I bought it! Workmanship The recordings of the didjes are very honest. You can hear everything, so there is no hiding anything. I appreciate this, and it really helped me, as I was stuck between two didjes from your site. The sound grading and sound recording swung it for me, and I am so happy with my didj. Ah184 (or The King, as I lovingly call him) beats myother didj hands down. I bought the other didj to learn on and then graduated to your ones.
Ádám Vaszil from Hungary The sound of it is perfect, but it weights so much:D compared to my another didj(teak). Too good to be true:D Reliable Trustworthy Business Many-many didj in the shop with grading and sound examples. Perfect. Can't compare way too good:).
Richard from United Kingdom It's easy to play for me as a beginner Service was great. Delivery was quick apart from it going around the world twice on the wrong plane. Not Didjshop fault though. I wanted a genuine Australian didjeridoo The other one is a VERY cheap pipe brought from a festival and does not compare with the new one
Dale from Australia Love the tone. Beautiful to look at and play Service was very prompt and accurate. Workmanship was impressive Workmanship Was a gift....I got to hear it before it was purchased. Has the best note.
Silas from USA Amazing didj! Amazing service! Pricy but worth it! Workmanship Looked and sounded like the best didjes on the web.  
Anonymous from France Nice sound, nice decoration Everything went smoothly and as expected Because it is aboriginal made, I didn't want to buy an industrial didj  
Francois from France I like the sound, the shape and the colour, dislike nothing Service nice and fast, nice t-shirt, good packaging, perfect instrument Workmanship All is said Ah985 is another world, greatest
Peter Pollinger from Austria Love it for meditation but have yet to get circular breathing down despite a couple of workshops and one private lesson. I'd love to blame the didge, but I'm sure I just need more practice--though another didge would be okay, too. Excellent Business Ethics - Pretty equal
Anonymous from Israel I like that the didj doesn't weigh much, but the tone is a bit too high for me. Great service, great workmanship. Sound Quality Reliable website.  
Marco Vivian from Italy I like it's sound: it's simply amazing, so rich in overtones, warm, and musical. I play it everywhen I have free time, it helps me a lot to relax. The services, both customer's and post-selling ones, are perfect. You have the feeling to join a "big family" of happy didj players and owners, rather to merely buy a musical instrument:) Low Price Yes: knowing you sold a lot of didj in my country make me definitively sure to buy from you. Even discovering you teach how to build an inexpensive pvc didj points out your ethic in business. It's a lot more expensive than my bamboo and pvc ones, but also it's sound is a lot more good!
Armando from Italy It's fantastic. Great care in finishing, warm sound. The wax is reliable. Very professional. I liked the "UPS didjieridoo box" shipping package so much. Workmanship very precise. Sound Quality No  
Anonymously The size and mouth piece size Very helpful in helping me select my didj Low Price No  
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