Bohra the Kangaroo and Dinewan the Emu

Bohra the Kangaroo and Dinewan the EmuIn the dreamtime everything was dark because there was no daytime.

Bohra the Kangaroo took Dinewan the emu to be his wife and they were happy for quite awhile. Then the emu became very restless because Bohra only wanted to lay around all the time and sleep. And because the Emu is used to a lot of exercise she longed to stretch her legs. So she began to complain about his laziness and then about the dark. Dinewan would fiddle with the leaves on the ground and the leaves would sometimes fall on his face and wake him up. Finally he said, "Come with me." So they went off into the darkness, stumbling along, falling over logs and especially scratching the emu's legs until the feathers around that area fell off.

Then they came to a clearing where Bohra said, to his wife, "Wait here." And he begun to roll back the night until daylight came through and his wife began to run around which is why the Emu is a fast and scaly legged bird.

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