Stolen Generation

Stolen Generation - a first hand account

Stolen Generation is a term used for a generation of Australian Aboriginal people of mixed descend who were forcefully removed from their clan and put into Christian missions. This policy of the Australian government at the time caused a lot of pain and anguish for the Aboriginal people involved and their families.

Uncle Bob, an elder from the Anangu clan at Uluru and a member of the stolen generation talks and sings about his experiences in the below sound files.

Uncle Bob gave me permission to share his story with you. I wish to thank Bob for sharing his stories with us and for his compassion towards non-Aboriginal people despite his numerous negative experiences with them. I hope that sharing this story with you will be a further step towards reconciliation. If nothing else it will give you a much better understanding of some of the issues affecting Aborigines today and in the past.

When Bob shared his experience as a member of the stolen generation with us in April 2002 at the WESAC conference at Uluru, he did so using both talk and song. We have split up his sharing into eight sound files to avoid having one very large file. We are providing four of these files for you now and will add the other four next month.

We invite you to listen to these files in their chronological order. Some of you might find some of the content emotionally disturbing. We apologise for the low volume and poor quality of these recordings, but we think the content will make up for the poor quality.


Important: Please note that these are quite large sound files and the sound quality is quite poor. So please try a small file first and see whether you can understand Bob. With poor speakers/soundcards you might have difficulty hearing. Headphones might help and you probably have to turn your volume right up.

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1st Talk
File Size - 1.42Mb

click here for sound
1st Song
File Size - 895K

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2nd Talk
File Size - 1.1Mb

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2nd Song
File Size - 498K

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3rd Talk
File Size - 388K

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3rd Song
File Size - 869K

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4th Talk
File Size -3Mb

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4th Song
File Size - 553K

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