Turtle (Budgial), Goanna (Gunual), and Fish (Gugu)

Turtle (Budgial), Goanna (Gunual), and Fish (Gugu)Before there were animals there was only people.

There was a man named Budgial, a man named Gunual, and they were both in love with a girl named Gugu.

The turtle man, Budgial, his totem represented common sense and love.

Because he loved Gugu, he brought her flowers and sweet fruits; he watched the sun go down with her, he listened to her talk and he held her.

One day the girl was getting teased by a bunch of people. So she asked the Turtle man to go and frighten them. When the turtle went to fight, he befriended them. She wasn't happy with the outcome so she went to see Goanna man.

The Goanna man’s totem is strength, power and greed. When she told the goanna man what had happened he went down to the river and he bashed them. Then he came back and told her what he did so she went home with him. Every day he brought her a big amount of food to show her how strong he was and what a great hunter he was.But he would never show her love because he felt that it was very weak, so she didn't like that about him.

He gave her a spear, when she threw it she missed and he was very angry. He chased after the spear and she ran down to the river to find the turtle man.

When she found the turtle man she told him that goanna man was going to hit her, so he cuddled her and told her that everything would be ok.

The goanna man followed her footprints and found the turtle man holding his woman, so he said to the turtle man, "I'm going to kill you that is my woman." The turtle man held up two shields and then jumped into the water. When he was in the river the goanna man threw spears at him but the shields stopped the spears from killing him. Then he changed himself into a turtle. This is how the turtles became. The goanna man had seen him change from a man into a turtle and though he was the devil. So he ran back to the desert believing that all devils live in water.

Till this day that is why the goanna lives in the desert and is very strong and powerful.

The turtle lives in the water and if you ever se one they will swim away or go into their shell.

And the girl who is the fish Gugu also lives in the water with the turtle.

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