Ganhaarr the Crocodile and his Wife

Ganhaarr the Crocodile and his WifeThe old people say that Ganhaarr the crocodile is very cunning. He is always on the lookout for a woman that he can steal to keep as his wife.

There was a big crocodile who lived down on the Endeavour river. Nearby there was a big camp of people. Everyday all the young girls in that camp would go down to the river. They would go for a swim and they would also hunt for mussels. There was also a young girl from the camp who had a baby. She went down the river with the others and she sat right on the edge of the water holding her baby in her arms.

The big croc knew that all the people were in the river. He came along and rose out of the water so he could watch them. Then he swam along under the water passing by all those girls, leaving them alone. Instead he went straight for that young girl with her new baby. When he came close he grabbed that that woman with her baby. He threw them on his back and jumped back into the water. Then he dived straight down and swam right to his cave under the bank.

Well that old ganhaarr made the woman his wife. Every day when the sun got hot, he would sun himself on the riverbank.

One day he took the woman with him and they would sun themselves on the bank. While he was sleeping the woman sneaked away and ran as fast as she could towards the camp. Suddenly the old croc woke up and started chasing her. The people saw her and the men grabbed their spears and clubs, getting ready for that croc to come by, so they could spear him and kill him.

But the old Ganhaarr never came. After some time the men went to try and hunt him down and they found crocodile eggs.

She had been that old crocs wife for so long that she had started to lay crocodiles eggs.

But what became of that old croc or the woman's little baby, no one knows to this day.

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