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Welcome to The Didjshop!

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didjes, didjes everywhere!didgeridoos, didjeridoos, didjeridus...We have a very large didgeridoo site for you to explore...

Some visitors spend more than ten hours at a time checking it out - no kidding!

But not everyone has so much time to spare - at least on their first visit.

These are a few suggestions to help you get the most out of your time here.

A department page in the Didjshop - this one shows  Concert Class Didjes suitable for beginners

A typical didjeridoo department page

A 'Product Page' in the Didjshop where you can find out all about an individual didgeridoo

An individual didgeridoo product page

Before you dive in...

an unusually huge bell didjThere are currently more than 200 didgeridoos in stock.

Each didgeridoo appears on one or more department pages.

On a department page, you can click on thumbnail photos of each didj (or the 'More Info' links) to view individual product pages for each didjeridu.

On each product page there's additional information about the individual didjeridoo - and in most cases a sound recording (we provide downloadable MP3 files). On product pages for all painted didjes, you'll also find a link to an enlargement image - and occasionally a detail as well.

All concert class didges are accompanied by their individual MP3 sound files - so you can hear the sound of the didj you are looking at. In most cases, we provide two copies of the same MP3 sound file - one better quality, the other faster loading.

We suggest you choose the better quality option unless your internet connection is slow, in which case the faster version may be useful when listening to a didj the first time.

For most surfers, listening to the MP3s should be as easy as 1, 2, 3...

  1. Click on the sound file link (it'll look like this): MP3 sound file link - this one is not functional!
  2. Wait a few seconds while the file downloads
  3. Enjoy ...

However, if you do have any difficulties - or want to find out more about didgeridoo sounds and listening to MP3s on your computer - check out our Soundscapes page.

David, from the Gunninggurr people, one of our didj artistsWe only sell authentic Australian didgeridoos crafted by Aboriginal Australians

Every didgeridoo we sell is a genuine termite-hollowed didgeridu made by an Australian Aboriginal craftsperson.

Why do we mention this so prominently?

Well - many, probably most - Australian didgeridoos on the market were harvested and crafted by non-Aboriginal people. These operators often don't bother to seek permission from local Aboriginal Elders, overcut native woodlands in a quick grab for 'sticks' and have the didjes painted by non-Aboriginals

Many shops in Australia, overseas and on the web sell these didjeridoos - knowingly or unknowingly - as authentic Aboriginal art.

more didgeridoos - we have the largest selection on the webIronically, just as the didgeridoo enjoys unprecedented popularity on the world musical scene, within Australia cultural theft denies many benefits of the didj industry to Aboriginal people - and over-exploitation of the natural resource base threatens the sustainability of this traditional craft.

A growing number of people prefer not to buy Australian didgeridoos unless they're sure they've been created by Aboriginal craftsmen and women. What about you?

Tips to help you shop

At this point, you may want to go straight to the didjes!

You can use the 'jump list' below to go straight to one of the departments - in this case organized mainly by price...

Check out our boomerangs!If you'd prefer to see the full range of department options presented before you as a set of links, with links to other useful related pages, the Shop Front is the place to go. Incidentally, the Go Shopping button at the top of the window is always available to return you to the Shop Front with one click.

Organized by department

All the didjeridoos are arranged within departments. There are two different kinds of departments - the first arranged by price, the other by type. Some didjeridoos are located in only one department; others may be in two. If you are an experienced didj fan, you'll probably prefer to use the type departments, If you are not, we recommend that you browse through the dollar departments.

Not just didgeridoos!

some of our plain didgeridoosThe Didjshop sells other items as well. Each has its own department in the shop:

All the artifacts for sale - boomerangs, clap sticks and bullroarers - as well as our entire range of didgeridoos - are crafted by Aboriginal artists.

Didjshop Gift Vouchers a great present to give to a didjeridu fan. The person who receives the Gift voucher is able to choose the didj they like - and he or she receives an attractive Gift Card to announce your gift.


Ordering is simple - just click on the "Add to Basket" button next to the item you want to buy. It looks like this: The Didjshop's Add to Basket button - this one is for show only!

You can select a few items - or just one. It's up to you.

We can supply items listed above in multiples if you wish - but of course, each didgeridoo is unique - so don't order the same didj more than once!

You can always remove items from your shopping basket later - and make other adjustments to your order. Use the Checkout button at the top of the window to view your shopping basket - and from there follow the instructions if you wish to complete an order or if you just want to find out the associated freight costs.

Currency Converter

The Currency Converter can be accessed through the Didjshop's main shopping page via the "Currency Converter" link, or if you're already viewing the product lists, the links are visible in the top left-hand corner and are named "Choose Currency". Click on the link to gain access to the Converter.

From the drop down list choose your preferred currency and click on the "Select" button. Initially, all stock is priced in AUS and US dollars. However, once a currency option has been selected all products available for sale will be priced in AUS dollars and your selected currency.

Prices are visible under the Hovering over this button - when it is next to a shopping item - displays the price in a second currency at the base of the page between red barsbutton next to the product being viewed.

The Currency Converter will remain in affect, for all stock listings, until a new currency option is chosen.

Need more Help

We have a Help Page here which answers common questions - especially about payment methods and other shopping issues. Your questions may also be answered by looking up our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy or Shipping Fees page.

Help using the shop's inbuilt search facility is here.

Do you have a web site? If so, you may wish to join our affiliates scheme (it's a way of making a little cash); check out Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Didjshop affiliates.

We also have a general FAQs page covering a wide and growing range of topics - and provide personalized assistance for if you'd like to buy a didgeridoo and need advice to help you choose your didj.

Showing off...

Chris Pirillo, editor of the well-known computer ezine 'Lockergnome', shown here trying to get a note out of his Didjshop Didgeridoo Tutorial VideoInterested to see what other people have said about our web site, shop and business?

We'd like to show you!

Check out our Visitors' Book (please leave your own comment and even a photo if you wish). We also have a testimonials page and comments left by visitors while entering our didjeridoo giveaway competition. We also have an awards and media page.

Heaps to see and do

Lots of visitors come to this site to learn more about didgeridoos and the Aboriginal culture which invented them.

The main information page summaries the info content of this site.

Are you interested in finding other didgeridoo players, sharing music with them or locating a didge teacher? If so, check out the Didjnet.

The Didjnet - and other things you can do - are summarized in Didj World

Prices are in Australian dollars.
One A$ is currently worth approximately US cents or Euro cents.
Please use the Choose Currency link on all product pages to display approximate prices in your currency at current exchange rates.