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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Anonymous from Australia The look, the easiness to product a sound I am disappointed that I didn't receive a bill (to get tax refund at the airport) Workmanship    
Gerlinde Mueller C/o Marine Group Spa from Italy I like everything of this Didj Everything was perfect and excellent Sound Quality Fair trade This Didj is much better than the others
Mika Johansson from China (pr) It is fabulous. Beautiful sound, healing and relaxing. You are top of the tops... Made in Australia   Remarkably better
Aaron Jerad from USA Its a beautiful didj with burnt designs, and it sounds great... a pleasure to play. The best customer service, friendly, helpful, patient and knowledgeable. Low Price I was looking for a light weight didj in the key of C, for healing work. It is on par with the other didjshop didjes, all of which are far more expensive than the other didjes I own, but the sound quality of didjshop didjes is so superior that I never play my other didjes anymore.
Mike from Belgium It is my first didj and it is just as you described it. It is an easy one to learn to play the didj. Your firm is great. I live on the other side of the world and I received the didj in just over a week. The didj was ready to use when I received it and there was even some extra wax for the mouthpiece. Very nice thinking guys;-) Reliably graded   It's my first so I can not compare it yet.
Lukas from Greece I like everything about my didj. The artwork is beautiful and intricate, the shape reminiscent of the natural branch it came from, the coating seems to solidify the paint and gives it a nice polished look and the sound is crystal, allowing various pitches as well as offering great backpressure. It would' ve been great if I had heard my didje's sound beforehand but I can see how this can be difficult for EVERY didj you make. Superb workmanship, excellent service by you. I must inform you for future use that Greek customs require a significant amount of money to allow import of items from non-EU countries (50% of the actual price!) which really upset me. Of course, I can see how you couldn't have known that, as neither did I. Workmanship Well organised website with detailed info on your profile, user reviews, aboriginal affiliation, variety of choices, personal e-mail responses. Didgeridoo shop Didje = aboriginal musical instrument My other 2 didjes = decorative / baseball bats /wooden telescopes / defensive weapons against burglars
Anonymous from Germany I like the wood, the painting and the sound. It's art not only an music instrument. I'm very satisfied with both. Sound Quality I appreciated it very much, that I could hear the didj before buying. Much more expensive, but better sound and art, not only a music instrument
James from USA I like the artwork, the big bell with a notch in it, and how the artwork ends about 8-inches above the bottom exposing a part of the native wood. Of course I really like the sound and the pitch matches the hoot note. Your service was very cordial. Regardless of the large time difference, I thought that maybe some of the communication timing could have been a bit better. Somehow I was able to succesfully complete the sale with my windows computer at work, but I had wanted to do this transaction at home only, where I could not seem to interact succesfully with your sales web site. I use an Apple computer at home. I am just getting started - this is my first didj. Your web site was not only informative, but fun to explore too! Please note changed e-mail below. NA
Anonymously Nice authentic look and good sound Good native produce and cared for by postage Workmanship Youre website looks great and the mosted trustworthy I visited  
Luke from Australia Loved the didge completely. Have bought from this maker before, and was after something by him again. Much bigger than my first one, but that's just encouraging me to become a better player. I have always found you guys to be helpful and friendly (that's all you can ever ask), and the workmanship on both of my didges has been absolutely beautiful Workmanship I like the way you guys really embrace the Aboriginal side of things. This, for me, is most important. I can't really say, all I know is that I'm extremely satisfied
Anonymous from Russia Satisfied Satisfied Sound Quality You can send didjes to Russia:) Radically different sound.
Jacob Evans from Australia 1st it was hard to play, then I got the hang of it and have been using at gigs. its very vocal and am getting sounds out that I have never done before. Easy to play overtones which has made my playing more dynamic. Its clear and punchy and does what I want it to. Great service, was good to talk to Svargo (I think) who was very helpfull Reliably graded Felt that your sound grading was superior and reliable as you guys developed it, right? One was purchased when I was beginning and grew out of it quickly, then my friend gave me his which was bigger, had better tone but wasnt too clear. It is still as loud as my new didj from you but yours is a lot clearer which more range and better back pressure.
Louis from Australia Good 'allarounder' in the convenient key of 'D'. Nice finish both on the inside and the outside. Mouthpiece is perfectly shaped. Very responsive to queries and questions, the workmanship is superb Workmanship The website provides almost as good a guidance in selecting a didj as trying out the didjes in person  
Lars from Germany It's my first real didj and playing is kind of addictiv. It has "singing" overtones like I never heard before and it feels like all around is vibrating while playing. I got it in just under a week and it had to travel to the other side of the world what is really amazing. The workmanship is fine but the varnish on the inside looks a little strange. But in the end I like that it is protected, so I can concentrate playing it. Can hear the didj before I buy The website seems to be respectable and honest and I like it when I can get a lot of information about the subject I'm interested in. The other didj cost only a quarter of am540 but it's value as a musical instrument is in direct comparison nearly non existant. The other one is now totally degraded to beeing just a wooden tube which is capable of producing bubbly noises.
Patrice from France This didg is very reactive, has easy access to overtones as well as low pressures. It is an excellent instrument. I was a bit surprised with the inside coating which gives a metallic sound. I am disappointed with some black paint left under the coating close to the drawing... This was not visible on your web site picture... Didj: some unexpected black paint left under the coating... is a bit disappointing Thank you to Shiralee for the assistance and congratulation for the VERY QUICK and accurate delivery Sound Quality   Am022 can be compared with my 3 best didgeridoos according to the sound quality. This black paint left is a pity as the look is not so nice when I show it to other people...
Anonymously It has an excellent sound and looks fantastic. Even though there was a shipping error that delayed the delivery of my didj, you were extremely ready to communicate and helpful in resolving the issue. Workmanship Your website came highly recommended by other players I have met.  
Karen from Australia Authentic original quality product Service and response is good. very informative web site Can hear the didj before I buy Good web site The quality is good. I am only a learner and have 2 PVC didg's. I find getting the best sound from am497 hard as the back pressure is a small problem for me at the moment. I need to experiment with the size of the mouth piece as well, but I am getting there, and loving it.
Carl from USA I liked everything, but: It has an axe chop mark on the side, and it very rough surfaces in some places near the bark. The Didjshop service is wonderful. I am a wood-worker, so I would have sanded my didj more in several places to get rid of the rough areas. It is so rough that it pulled fabric from a pillow that I rested the didj on while playing it. Sound Quality You have a large selection to choose from. The am360 didj has better sound quality than 5 of my seven didges, and the better two cost less than $100.
Tomas from Czech Republic I like its sound and backpressure that makes it easy to circular breathe. About sound I like it's richness and the way it sounds also when making various mouth effects. I like the appearance and material/processing quality too. I was very satisfied. The staff was kind and helpful. I have nothing to say against workmanship. Can hear the didj before I buy Your website looks trustful, it is of high quality, precious and with many valuable info. You have also many references from your customers. My first didgeridoo is made of bamboo. I bought it for 30 EUR. In sound quality it is incomparable with am541. But I like it because it is my first didgeridoo and I learned to play on it. The am541 is much easier to play and circular breathe.
Anonymously It's a beautiful digeridoo. It's great to have a "real" one. It's a little different! Great service witha very nice and helpfull team. I like the politics of the didjshop. And it's very good to have classification of the didjes. Aboriginal Made Your shop seems veryseriously and honest  
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