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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Stephan from Germany + great looks, excellent sound - beeswax mouthpiece wears off quickly when played wearing a short beard Good Reliably graded Reliable grading was most important Vastly superiour in every respect (except price of course)
Joseph from USA I like everything about it! The back pressure is the only attribute that seems a little less than my pvc didj'es Fast and responsive service. Beautiful, great sounding didj! Also works as an hefty, unstable workout bar to help work out the stabilizer muscles (e.g. bench press and dead lifts). Workmanship   It was a lot more expensive but it sounds better. Less back pressure though, but probably not possible to maximize back pressure and have a large opening for vocalizations. I'm good with it...
Daniel Hull from Australia Looks good solid... good mouthpiece... good harmonics all round Such a down to earth distributor... so down to earth and sort of interesting because of that to do business... Workmanship Just the reputation... and I like the website My first didj was similar and perhaps better but I haven't played too much
Mathew Tyler from Australia My didge is perfect! It has the best resonance and back pressure to die for. I'm new at playing this instrument, however going from my old to new has enabled me to improve my playing ten fold (at least!) in such a short time frame. Thank you. Value for money is another plus, for what you get (quality and asthetics). Both service and workmanship A1. Comma were brilliant and I felt fully informed during the purchase process, through to delivery and follow up. Reliably graded The fact you rated the didge for the many attributes was a huge bonus. Was a deciding factor to buy from you. It is unbelievably streets ahead. I could not go back to my first didge.
Liam Thain from Australia The sound is epic! Love everything about it. The service was good! Nice dude on the phone, and a really nice woman I talked to aswell. The didge looks good I like the look because it doesn't look too varnished, it makes the wood look like its natural form! Which is best!:) Low Price Because it was made by the real tribal people of Australia It is a very nice sounding didge at a very good price, very good quality!
Anonymous from Mexico Ir has a very clear and open sound. It is solid and very well handcrafted. Very nice artwork. Very kind people giving a very nice service. Reliably graded I like the philosophy oí the business, caring for aboriginal people and nature. Much better that others I heared no the internet
Anonymous from Mexico The sound is very impressive, it is deep and clean. The detail of the artwork is very nice. Very nice service and workmanship Workmanship Trustworthy business Much better than others I Heard on the internet. All others sound very similar.
Anonymously It has a nice sound and is not very hard to play. I like the fact that it has a deep base tone which sounds good to me. Good service when buying it in the shop and I'm happy with the workmanship of my didgeridoo. Workmanship We were travelling and the shop was on our way.
Eduardo from Mexico Love the deep powerful sound. Timber feels solid Service was excellent as well as workmanship Workmanship Your business philosophy:caring for aboriginal communities and Mother Nature sustainability. I have heard others online and they all sound the same, different tone but the sound feels bored and the same. Most of them perfectly straight.
Anonymous from Germany Good look and feel, I know its origine, excellent sound, can play both instruments together Very friendly, enjoyed the CD Sound Quality No My an833 has a better sound quality but at a higher price.
Katharina from Germany Excellent workmanship, but still a true piece of nature. It looks, feels and even smells very raw, such a great pleasure to play! The shipment to germany worked better than expected thanks to perfect customs declation. Thank you very much! And overall, everything went smoothly. Workmanship All your didges and processes are very well documented. As a new visitor to your website, you quickly notice, that you can get a didge from professionals here.  
Anna from Greece Its an amazing authentic aboriginal didgeridoo!!it like a piece of art just by looking at it๐Ÿ˜ Hello everyone!!i live in Greece and I have to say that it was kinda difficult to bring this awesome didgeridoo back at home but the people and the service its amazing and they made it happen!!Big thanks to Shiralee Betuel:-* Sound Quality Your website looked the most original and trustworthy!  
Ben from New Zealand Good sound, Nice crafting or the didj. No dislike's Awesome No other reasons boss  
Esteban from Chile I like that it is my first eucalypteus wooden didgeriddo. The sound and the note coming out of it. I dislike the weight. I find a plus all the details given at the description of the items. It gives you a good idea of what you are buying. All the assistence given throughout the transaction and shipping make you feel secure in case of any disturbance. I would say that the attention to the costumer is quite high so it makes you think that all the work in the workshop must be excelent and very professionnal. However I cannot comment the workmanship as I have no experience in it and it is only my second didgeridoo. Workmanship   I guess it is cheaper than in others website I visited. For the others criters it would be hard to give an accurate answer as it is the first didgeridoo I buy online.
Janet from Singapore I love it... no dislike I am impressed...:-) Workmanship   None... it is Special
Anonymous from Belgium Sound and playing is super! I expected better backpresure Good Sound Quality Good vibes Better sound
Matthew from USA What can I say? I was surprised, blown away, excited, utterly completely pleased by my didj and the whole experience. If you are contemplating buying one from this place, DO IT! You won't be sorry! I tinkered on a pvc pipe for a few weeks and then transitioned to this one. I absolutely love it! The didj is HEAVY! and sounds awesome. I am driving my family crazy playing it all the time. 10/10 Sound Quality   Much better than my pvc pipe!
Pauline from Canada I am absolutely thrilled by my didj. It far exceeded my expectations. It's absolutely beautiful and a pleasure to play. I received very excellent advice about the purchase of my didj both by email and by telephone. Everyone was courteous and happy to help. Workmanship    
Anonymous from Australia The cost. The workmanship of the didj was very good, the attention to detail was great and the mouthpiece well formed. Reliably graded    
Owen Kniep from USA I love how large and rich the sound is! It''s absolutely gorgeous! Emails were answered in a timely manner. The staff is very friendly in their responses, and the didj is gorgeous! Low Price You guys seem to be the most trustworthy source of authentic and critically graded didgeridoos in the market. Surpasses them all by far!
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