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Kevin from USA I like the quality of the workmanship and it is a breeze to play. My family loves the sound of it and it is always interesting to show guests and talk about some of the culture surrounding it. Emails were responded to very promptly. I had several questions concerning the tone and quality versus the price. The answers I got were very helpful and I bought the didj that was recommended. The finish on the didj is wonderful. I was also impressed with the turn around time from order to receiving it at my doorstep. Workmanship Your website was very helpful in considering the other options available and with some other research on the web I decided you all had the best product I could easily obtain. They were PVC didjes, so they were rather cheap to make. They were for a test run to learn how to play and see how much I enjoyed the instrument. Sound quality doesn't even compare to the real didj.
Anonymous from Australia The quality is very good, which is to say was very good. unfortunately I left it in the car when I went through the outback. it couldn't stand the heat and cracked a little. what I didn't like too much was that it is really hard to play... No problems at all. Very fine service! Business Ethics No  
Samiul Ghani from United Kingdom I love the character and craftmanship of my didge; you can really tell that any people cared for it before it reached me. From the guy who shaped and toned it, to the Didgeshop team who played and sold it, I feel that the didge has been loved and spread that love whereever it's gone. You can tell it's one of a kind, not factory or third world/slave labour produced Most of all, I love the smiles it brings to people's fac. Service was impecable. The fact that I knew exactly what to expect from your didge's and was not nastily surprised in any way, is testament to how well the site is run, and how the didge was described and played. Customer service was always patient yet extremely quick with dealing with queries. It gave me the confidence for buying a dige and having it shipped half way round the world; literally, I'm from UK. Didgeshop are a credit to internet trading and should be example to many. Workmanship You have a solar powered warehouse, which impressed me. It particularly thrilled me to read about your green consciousness. It reassured me about your commitment to ethical practise. I felt that I could trust a business with the same eco and people consciousness as myself. There is no comparison.
Michael Auerbach from USA It sounds great, is relatively easy to play and it is very beautiful. The didj is beautifully crafted. I have had no need afor any followup service. I love the stories and details and photos on your website The only other didj I have is a PVC pipe that I made. It is not even in the same ballpark as yours.
Ron Kern from USA I like the size and the deep tone, the vocals are weak though. Well the first one I ordered was lost in the mail, then I wasn't able to refund my money, I had to buy another didje here. Workmanship My two friends who also got didjes from you told me you were good.  
Anonymous from Finland Easy to play, nice balance. Weight and very rich and full sound. Your service was excellent, since I live in very foreign country on the opposite side of world, in finland. You guided me trough all difficulties I had with bank-money-transfers, You where very patience with me, alltough my english is not that good. You made me very happy, because You helped me get an wonderful didjeridoo. Very much, Thank You! To all of You. Reliable Trustworthy Business Your didjeridoos are the most attractive to me. Compared with my other didjeridoos, the ae599 are the far most expenciest, but have the far most richiest and puriest sound, overall ae599 beat the others more than a horselength. It is the best.
Ole Kristian from Norway I really like the sound in the didj. And it is quite easy to learn to play. The one thing I dislike abit is the way the wood bends, so its abit awkward to hold it by my self, I have to put the end down on something to get the best angle for my mouth. Besides that I am verry happy with it. You have shown outstanding service. I did forget to ask you to price it low so it would not cost extra in customs, but it still went through with no problems. And you have sent follow up emails were you asked if I had received it or not. The workmanship is excellent. Can hear the didj before I buy I wanted a didj from Australia, and found your shop to have the one I wanted.  
Derek from USA The sound is clear and resonant and the shape is crooked and beautiful. Service was excellent from so many miles away. The only flaw with the workmanship was the varnish which chipped off a little at the end almost as soon as it arrived Reliably graded   Every didj tells its own story
Jeff from USA I like Everything You guy the Best!!!!!'    
Michael De Wintere from Belgium There's almost nothing to dislike, I like the backpressure, the overall sound, the natural finish, the bark at the end of the didj Nothing negative to say here, the didj is great and was delivered extremely fast, plus I like the fact that you can trace it through the transporting proces Can hear the didj before I buy Your website looked very professional It's not comparable at all, the ad067 didje is way better on many aspects, my other didj is just a plain, dirt cheap bamboo didj
Jason Wilding from USA I love it. It's authentic, sounds great, and is an art piece on the exterior as well. Everything has been great. An excellent didj for me as a beginner. Can hear the didj before I buy Seemed like the website with the most extensive information. A very detailed oriented website - I like that.  
Roger from USA Can't find anything I dont like about it. The quality, workmanship, and artwork are all excellent. The sound quality is full, deep and rich! Enjoy very much. Very happy with your service. Would'nt hesitate to do more business with you. In fact, I may be sending in a new order very soonl Sound Quality Because of your large inventory I was able to pretty much find exactly what I was looking for. Although it cost more, this didge has the coolest sound and quality of the three I have.
Anonymous from USA The first thing I clearly liked was the bark finish on the didj. I loved the natural look of it, and imagined that is on some level what the first didj must have looked like...awesome! The mouthpiece was perfect and fit me just right so it was no issue of getting a seal, and a good sound, I really enjoy the key of E, I play that a lot on guitar, so it will be nice and familiar to learn with. I am very happy with this didj, I am so glad I finally have my own! I can't say anything negative about this instrument. Very good, easy, no hassles, straightforward, it was nice and refreshing. I love that didjshop is genuine, and truly aboriginal from australian and not a knock off, trying to fool their customers. Thank you, your art is truly amazing, and the workmanship on this particular didj is impressive, good job. Workmanship No, that pretty much covers it, the fact that is excellently made, aboriginal made, from Austrialia is amazing! I don't have any other didjes, this is the first!
Edward P La Corte from USA I Like the Super Low Key...Low G!Thats a pretty hard Key to find in the Didge World! I really enjoyed talking to Svargo and Cathy about this Didge,and I bought another Didge from you about a Year later as a result! Workmanship Both of the Sticks I got from you are super low,the other is a Low D#....Super Rare Key!Though difficult to learn...I came to Love it!!! Very favorably
Patrick from France Really good sounds. I received my didj not as fast as it was noticed. And I had to pay customs charges and it was not mentionned. Sound Quality The choice.  
Anonymous from USA This didj is simple and elegant in appearance and has a deep and resonant tone... as it's my very first didj (I've only been playing for a couple of months) it'll most likely forever be my favorite... though first in a long line I'm sure... Your service has been wonderful and your website is incredibly informative... especially to a newbie like myself... the didj seems to play very well and shows no sign of cracking etc. even @ 6000ft. high in the rocky mtns. Aboriginal Made Your site gets across a genuine feeling of integrity and I find myself hoping that all you say about business practices (ie. supporting the aboriginal community) is indeed true  
Anatoliy from Ukraine The didge is superb!!! I like it. It is my first own didge so I am enjoying it very much:) The service was ok and workmanship is also ok. Many thanks to you for your work!!! Reliably graded Frankly speaking it is difficult for me to assess according to above mentioned criteria. It was spontaneous decision.  
Tina Johnston from Australia Good size for me, nice note. Excellent all round... very satisfied. Workmanship All round excellence.  
Jennifer from Australia I like the look, feel & tone of my didj. Your service & workmanship exceeded my expectations Reliably graded You have the most comprehensive didj information of any website I visited. Being able to hear the didj's & read about matching for playing together is what sold me.  
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