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Bethany from USA The tone and quality is superb. I very much enjoy the wood texture and color. Thank you. It is a real pleasure to play. Workmanship and service was/is very professional. Workmanship It was very important to me to have a real, Eucalyptus, termite hollowed, aboriginal-made didjeridoo from Australia. The gradings was very helpful in my didj selection. The sound quality is far superior to my PVC didj.
Anthony Kubiak from USA No dislikes. It is a beautiful and beautiful sounding yidaki Friendlly, responsive, service and beautiful workmanship and sound Workmanship A satisfied customer Comparable but the previous didjshop didj, but easier to handle and play
Mary Ann Briggs from USA I kind of wish it were a little longer, bur otherwise, I love it. It is beautiful, and lovely to play. Your system of rating the qualities of the didj is very helpful, and I think accurate. You answered my questions promptly, and the didj arrived in a shorter time than I had expected. Sound Quality You had a nice range of choices, of prices, and good guidance as to which one would suit me. Yes. I gave the first one I bought to my son, who loves it. I think the first one was a bit easier to play than this one.
Anonymously Everything was perfect Very professionnal and excellent communication Sound Quality There are a lot of infos on ur website and ur service was very friendly  
Sergio Vacca from Italy Nothing wrong with this didj, it's all ok The only one negative point is that I can't ear the didj sound when I bought it Can hear the didj before I buy    
Anonymous from USA I like the shape and the artwork. I bought it more for looks than sound. Easy to work with. Nice selection. Business Ethics Selection. Unique pieces. I really don't know, I bought this without knowing much about Dijis. The sound is actually much higher in pitch than I thought it would be.
John Siegart from USA I love the unique style and shape and overall quality. It's heavy for its length so I need to prop it up, though playing on a solid floor works too. Shiralee was great to communicate with picking out my first didj. The workmanship is beautiful - the finish is solid. This will be with me for the rest of my life Reliably graded    
Monique from USA Beautiful looks (love the termite tracks and split bell), great weight, solid feel, clear&crisp sound, best back pressure I've ever experienced, smells like fresh eucalyptus (so awesome), the bees is nice and soft, this is one cool didij. Fantastic customer service! The didgeridoo is totally unique and beautiful, I think it's much better looking than the "perfect looking" didjes. My compliments to it's creator! Reliably graded It was a pleasure to join the didjshop community! I really appreciated howe thorough the site is. Beats the hell out of my other didj (my learners didj).
Daniel from United Kingdom I love it. Maybe a bit too heavy. Final price charged from my account a few days later was a bit higher than initial. Low Price All resons covered above. Much better. Incoparrable.
Edward Russell from USA I love everything about my didj.. High quality. Business Ethics Nice people....... It's the best.
James from Canada Mouthpiece was difficult for me get a true sound it took me ten minutes or so to figure it out, once I did I wasn't able to put it down and I am still excited like a child whenever I get the chance to play it Few minor dents on exterior, other than that its very well worked I'm very happy I chose to buy from this site as I can tell that this didg was crafted by an experienced aboriginal who really cares about making high quality products Workmanship I felt this was the most sincere site on the web when it comes to didg the only thing which I had difficulty and was hesitant was when I listened to Svargo play on the phone it wasn't very clear at all so I basically trusted and guessed at which one I picked a c over a c#  
Matthew from Australia It's not just a magnificent instrument it is a work of art that will be treasured forever. Excemplmentory Workmanship    
Barney from USA Most definitely -- The art work is what drew me to the didj. For over a year, I have been looking for a Didj in the key of "G". Saw this didj a long time ago. Kept hoping it would still be available when I was ready to buy. For dislike, haven't found any and really don't expect to. Many Thank You's to Shiralee for her patience and help working with me on the payment. With today's security on internet sales and bank cards, my bank blocked payment, they thought it strange that I bought some thing so far away and for so much. By the way -- this is the 3rd didj I have purchased from Didjshop. Pleased with Didjshop on service and quality of product. Not really, but to put it in words and not numbers. This didj didn't have your normal mp3 sound link. Really shouldn't use Low Price when comparing the quality, originality, and trustworthy business. The price for an603 was higher. It is difficult for me to judge the sound quality. Each didj seems unique for what it is. My new an603 is in the key of G, but has a different resonance when compared to my C# which is made from a yucca cactus plant.
Brett Krynak from USA Sound is epic Amazing Low Price Great reviews N a
Zolta from United Kingdom I like the sound of it and the fact that it is concert high class.I'm still shocked by the fact although that inside the didj there are two long thick line of glue refills a crack or something in the instrument.i didn't expect that. Excellent communication.workmanship,hm,there is this glue... Workmanship   Way better
Al Walker from Canada I love everything about this didj. The beautiful curves, heavy eucalyptus and the artistry is amazing, not to mention the sound is soul piercing, thank you, it is an honor to own one of these instruments. The service was amazingly fast, I ordered something from my own country two days before I ordered my didj and the didj arrived first, awesome thanks. Workmanship Aboriginal made This one resonates in my inner soul
Robert from Spain Amazing High Quality instrument Professional Service Workmanship No Much more expensive, better quality and sound
Robert from Spain Light, day to play Good service Reliably graded Great selection of original ridges  
Francesco from Italy It is too difficult to play it It's good Workmanship    
Alberto from Italy The sound is full of armonic, is ritmic, this didje can be played in different mode, there is a spirit inside this instrument that use my breath, and I lcan learn from this instrument. Very good, I am on the other side of the planet and I I relied on your site, I had some fear for all that money, but I felt it would be a good thing! Low Price I wanna buy an original instrument This didge is a different instrument, I understand that I can play better also the rithm of my breath is more natural
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