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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
William Mccool from USA Like color shape and sound Excellent on both Business Ethics I like to give business t what I perceive to be a small company to keep them in profit. None to compare to
Peter from USA Very beautiful intrument with better than average backpressure, it is, however, somewhat quieter and heavier than I expected. Very helpful customer service, however I was annoyed that my credit card wasn't charged until my didge shipped...resulting in me paying an extra $14 because the currency exchange had changed. Reliably graded Not that I can think of. Superior but quieter sound
Paul Murray from United Kingdom The sound qualities,which are the most important attributes.the fantasic and faultless hand work, which make this didj,a joy both to play and to admire. Normally carraige takes a while and is easy to track at all times, but this one was delivered in tree days,must be a world record,or at least faster than santa Sound Quality Most reliable and trust worthy site I have yet to visit. extremely honest and accurate in the grading and description Brads work is of a very high standard but I have bought some other didjs which are of an equally high standard
Finesse from USA I like it because it is my first one! I dislike it because the finish that is put on the didj makes it look fake rather than authentically made The service that was provided was excellent. Although I live in the united states, the employees were more than willing to help me with my order. By e-mail as well as phone, updates about my order were made available. Overall, great customer service and quality merchandise! Low Price There are no other reasons  
Kei Tomono from Japan It is a work of art splendid really beautifully. The sound is the best by a very good sound. I liked it very much. Perfect Packing and very good service. also Mr.Brad Gosam work of art are really beautifull. Workmanship I love Mr.Brad Gosam made didj. your company are very good partnership to sale his didj. so I bought from you. Af343 is Super best Sound Quality and Super dot art it is No.1
Anonymous from Switzerland The mouthpiece was a bit rough Nothing to complain Workmanship Very reliable shop  
Colm from Ireland I really like it full stop. It's my first one and am very happy with it across the board. Excellent Service. Received the Didj in Ireland in less than a week from ordering it. The workmanship is excellent both visually and to play. You can feel, see and hear the quality. Workmanship When I came across the web-site, it looked very professional. It gave a great background and lots of information / help to choose the right Didj for you. I found the Aboriginal information on history and other art forms very interesting. Finally, the fact that it was coming from a genuine source, was unique and helped to directly support Aboriginal art and music was a very positive thing for me. Yes.
Gerrit Frieling from Netherlands Good didj. Firts I ever bought. Great to have and to play. Fast delivery. It took me verry long to unwrap. Super. In Dutch. Snelle service. Goed verpakt. Elke vraag een snel antwoord Perfecte comunicatie. Beschildering in een woord super. Can hear the didj before I buy Verry good site.  
Maurice from Australia This is my first wooden didj. The only comparison is with the PVC tube I made from the instructions from your site. Made as C. The new didj is easy to play and looks good with the clear finish allowing the true nature of the timber to glow. The promise of service and workmanship on your website is backe up with the product and deliver. Reliable Trustworthy Business The website presentation and the generation of the feeling that what is said is going to be honoured. This is through the content and the links to other worthy sites I'm not able to comment on anything other than the price was in the ball park as far as what I expected to pay
Damian Donati from Argentina The good sound, the low price and the aesthetics. Sorry for my english. Very good Aboriginal Made A lot of information in your web site Is my 1st didje
Anonymous from Portugal I think that my didgeriddo is beautiful, has a nice drone, simply very good, congratulations! The delivery was much faster than I expected, and the workmanship very good! Workmanship The fact that you are considered as the "Best Didjshop in the World". Much better. the other one was made of plastic, the sound was horrible!
Julio Peña from Paraguay My didge is simply fabulous. The most I like is that I was used with another Didjshop didge, pretty, on G. But this is C, quite different, and for me is the deligthful experience as to begin again. So IÂ'm discovering wwhat I feel are the infinite possibilities this didg gives between me and him. The service and quality you provide to me, to my dreams, is simply perfect. Workmanship I bought before my first didg, and I am totally satisfied. I didnÂ't have didges made by others, but I at first made one of PVC, and other of bamboo. No comparation with my didjshopÂ's didges.
Greg from Australia Beautiful sound and craftmanship, it's perfect thanks! Very helpful, excellent website, great staff, prompt email replies. Workmanship   N/A
Brittany from USA I love the size and sound Excellent and exceeded my expectations service was suberb, cant wait to shop with you more Workmanship Such great and helpful service, above and beyond  
Angela from Canada Great looks, great sound. Good response time, and was able to accomodate my request for small personal notes included. Reliable Trustworthy Business    
Rick from USA I like the uniqueness of the didg. When it's not being played, it stands as a work of art. There is nothing to dislike about it. As an artist myself, I work with wood also, the idea of making musical instruments out of hollowed out trees and making them well is outstanding. Your service was very friendly from guiding me to al654 and shipping was quite expedient. Your online catalog extended my purchase (surprise!) to even include a necklace for my spouse. So, a one stop shop! Sound Quality Explanation of and commitment to your ethics and your staff's help in selection is really what sold me. N/A I made one out of PVC one night as instructed just to see if I could create the drone. So that doesn't count....
Julie from USA It is beautiful. This is a gift for our son for Christmas, we think he'll love it.    
David Dixon from United Kingdom This particular Didj has a fantastic deep sound and the variations in tone are lovely. You can tell that the Didj has had love put into it in the workmanship. Your service has been second to none. Sound Quality Because of the workmanship each didj that you offer has is't own spirit. It doesn't compare at all..... it's much better.
Daniel Allison from United Kingdom I absolutley love it! The shine on the wood makes it ook gorgeous, really complementing the shape - it would be a work of art even if it wasn't an instrument! The sound, as you may remember, is incredibly clear and crisp, it takes little effort to play, and thus responds beautifully to changes in playing, the sound going ever deeper and more refined as your playing does. I have no problems with it at all. I'm not an expert on didj-craft, but I was surprised and pleased to find a mouthpiece already attached - I still find this tricky. I do think, though, that the delivery and bag were a bit expensive - I noticed didgeridoo breath provides cheaper and faste delivery. Workmanship My teacher said you were the best. Your passion, knowledge and sincerity come across in the website. No comparison!
Anonymously To be honest I never saw a didgeridoo before,only on TV,some aboriginal people were playing it.The didgeridoo I bought from you looks very nice,as for the sound,it's mystical. You are very kind and agile,I didn't expect delivery so soon.As for the workmanship I think it's great. I have checked other sites but this one was the best.  
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