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Matthew Gill from USA First off I love the didj. I think it is beautiful.The craftsmanship and paint job are great as well. The only thing I'm not so happy about is the sound quality. Its vary quite and I'm not sure if the problem is me but it doesn't sound very good. But I think its a wonderful piece of art. For coming from Australia to the east coast of the united states, it didn't take very long which was good. Aboriginal Made For not knowing who to buy from you guys seem to be legit. And the importance you show towards the Aboriginal culture is what won me over. The other didj I have is one I put together with tape and pvc pipe. The positive thing about it is its louder then as036 (your didj), but its not the real thing.
Sarah from USA I LOVE it...just wish I had more money to get a longer one as my boyfriend is 6'2 and the didj is 3'!! I was worried about my order and ur office called me directly and calmed my nerves. The lady who helped me was kind, informative, and eager to help me. Overall my experience with the Didj Shop was amazing. Peace, Love and Gratitude, Sarah Jane Low Price Had a lot of information on didjs, their history, workmanship, etc. Very knowlegable which gave me confidence in the company.  
Storm from United Kingdom I love the the sound, feel and quality of this didg, which is very special and has a unique spirit of its own. Excellent service and workmanship. Will definately buy from you again (have my eye on one already). Very prompt delivery, took just under a week from order to delivery to the UK. Sound Quality You offer so much information and have a vested interest in promoting aboriginal issues. My other didg is a mass market one which cost around £20, so naturally it does not compare in sound quality or price.
Dennis from USA Like the size, still working on playing it Service was great. beautiful instrument Aboriginal Made N/a  
Enoch from USA Hard to play. short length made range of sound difficult Service great. liked the instruction on how to make a didj out of pvc pipe to try it out. Can hear the didj before I buy Great aussie websight. Information on history and association of didj and abouriginal people, culture. Not quite so good. The USA made is better price and quality of play seemed better. The shipping price was easier. Would have prefered a aboriginal instrument but the prices and shipping made it expensive/
Randall from USA Excellent didj and still running strong. Fast shipping and easy website. Aboriginal Made No Similar
Gregg Nardozza from USA This is one of the best didjes I own. The didj iin the key of B. It is light weight; is extremely loud, clear, and sharp; has awesome vocals, and has two hoots that are extremely easy to hit and breath on. As always, your staff is both courteous and efficiant. The finish on the didj is superb and the wax mouthpiece was formed perfectly. Workmanship Previous products and service are outstanding. There are some outstanding non-eucalyptus didj makers in the US. I have outstanding didjes made from materials such as agave, composits, and leather.
Anonymously Every thing is Ok Realy very good Workmanship None Price expansiver, sound the better, quality better, value better.
Anonymously Very beautiful didj and wonderful sound. I should have purchased one that was better for a beginner. though I can circular breathe, it takes me a while to feel like I am getting the most out of the instrument Very responsive and informative - you seem to have the best interest of the artisans in front. the didj was just as described when I got it. glad to get the newsletters. Made in Australia You seemed to know the most about the process, ensure they are locally made and treat the people ethically. the extras on how to didj, and the sounds were very nice - gave a sense of security on the purchase  
Lauren from USA I very much love the quality of the beautiful wood, and the originality of the piece. I don't dislike anything about the didj. The only thing I wish was different about the piece was that the number carved into the top was a little smaller and a little less prominant. Low Price It's the only company that I trusted. The information on the website and the great customer feedback has held your company in high regard. The sound is much more beautiful, and the piece is authentic, which means the world to me.
Matthew from Australia I like that the didj was just plain and nothing fancy. It was a gift for my nephew and was well recieved. I bought my didj online from the UK to be delivered to family in Australia. It arrived safely and all payments and exchanges were quick and easy. There was good follow up to. Sound Quality Your excellent website! Full of great info and more than an oline store Couldn't say
Michael from USA There is absolutely nothing that I did not like about my didj. I love it's sound and quality. I would have like, however, a case to go with it. I was unaware that your site sold cases and would have bought one. I ended up finding a case on Ebay but definitely would have love to have purchased one from you. Fantastic on both! Honestly, I would love to work for a company such as yours. I love what you do and how you do it; I have always been in love with your country. Workmanship   It is, in my opinion, the best buy for your buck currently on the web.
John Carroll from USA Was told by a Didge instructor at a class I took that it was the best sounding Didge that she had ever played. One of the best on the web. Sound Quality Very well designed site and you provide a great deal of information for the Didge player The best player I have
John Carroll from USA One of the most beautiful didges I own. One of the besi on the web. Reliable Trustworthy Business Site design and information provide to help one learn how to play as best as they can. One of the best I own.
Florian from Australia Sorry, I can't remember what number this didj has. I ordered three didjes Great service! I had some problems paying by credit card... the guys on the "other line" were really patient with me:-) Low Price Hmm... nice contact  
Markus from Austria Nice design, small and beautiful Very good service, quick delivery, very good workmanship Workmanship Good choice of didjes, nice website My other termide hollowed didj is also pretty nice
Markus from Austria Sorry, switched with al066... al042 - small and beautiful al066 - nice deep sound Very good service, fast delivery Workmanship Previous customer - very satsisfied  
Gerard from Sweden I like everything about my didge. The sound and appearance is exactly what I had expected. Top quality. It is equally as effective as just a work of art! I must say that my didge, and your service and workmanship were exactly what I had expected.... That is first class! Everything from the description of the didges, to your website had me expecting nothing but the best, and I was not dissapointed. Thanks Didgeshop. Workmanship   Ah635 is by far the best in terms of sound and quality. As for price I bought my others used, first.
Robert Heller from USA I will be perfectly honest, there is not one thing about the didj that I dislike. It is by far my favorite didj that I own. Also, it is of the best quality and sound. I play this didj evry chance I get. My children love when I play it for them. The service was quick and reliable. I had no problems and recieved my didj much more quickly then I had expected. The workmanship was by far superior to that of my other didjs. You can see and hear the quality immediately. Can hear the didj before I buy The fact that I could hear the didj before I bought it made a huge difference in my decision to by from the didjshop. Also the information that I get from the newsletter opened my eyes to all kinds of things, so I wanted to help support the didjshop. Well the price was cheaper but the term "You get what you pay for" deffinately applied here. To me the sound quality and craftsmanship have made this didj worth every penny.
Frank from Germany I received it cracked and had to repair it. Package was inadequate. Good selection in 2000 My with directed evolution methods computer aided sound designed and self crafted didges sounds better. These are very special and value prototypes.
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