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Joseph Carringer from USA This didge is all 5 out of 5's on the Didj Shop rating system. I already had a concert high C that had a couple of 4's and wanted to purchase the first all 5's didge I had seen. It also turned out to be better looking than the picture. This didgeridoo is a playable work of art. Workmanship I now own 10 Didj Shop didges. I only let my students by from you. You are the best source of authentic aboriginal didgeridoos in the world, and your grading system is extremely accurate in most cases and your quality and price are great. It is my highest rated didge next to am516 and performers that way.
Joseph Carringer from USA This didge was rated 5 out of 5 on all the Didj Shop ratings. I actually own 2 other concert class D's (one medium and one high) and an additional 6 other didges that all play D. This didge out performs them all. Didj Shop is the best!! This didge is beautiful. Workmanship I know that I can fuly trust the craftsmanship and grading. It is the best D I own and plays with the same level of perfection as my all 5's C am507
Anonymously J'aime bien les harmonies!!! Très bon.    
Anonymous from Australia I love the natural timber and the sound it creates. Service was great! Very prompt emails and I was informed every step of purchase and postage! Very happy! It is a wonderful piece of workmanship. Low Price    
Anonymous from Germany This didj is absolutely great. Perfect Workmanship Last year when I bought the first didj from you service and everything was very good. This is my no. 1
Hanno from Cambodia O like everything: design, sound, shape Can't complain: had my didj after a week, and that in Cambodia. The couple of contacts I havd via e-mail were friendly and efficient.    
Daran Wallman from Canada I love everything about it. Service and workmanship are excellent Workmanship Totally satasfied with the other didj. Again I was intuitively guided. You guys have great energy. Al957 is absolutely amazing. It is perfect like the other didj I purchased from you.
Hector from Mexico It is good it was what I expected, the look is better, the sound is good and I am starting to get used to it. But I am happy, thank you very much. The service perfect, just it would be better if you put a cheaper value in the sending form so taxes are lowered when received cause I had to pay like 80 more dolars. The workmanship I think is good, I have still to get used to it. Reliable Trustworthy Business The site and recomendations gave me a good impression. An wanted to try an original didj. It is better but more expensive, the sound is a bit different, I like both but the look of this one is better.
Anonymously I love my didji it was exactly what I expected. Im was suprised with how well everything worked and how fast the delivery were. Workmanship It seemed like a real and honest websajt with a true passion for the instrument.  
Wilhelm from United Arab Emirates Sounds fantastic! Has that heavy organic feel to it, which I love. Service is absolutely wonderful! Workmanship is excellent! You can tell alot of care went into this didge. Can hear the didj before I buy Your commitment to Mother Earth and her precious resources! Doing your part to conserve these & being part of the soloution! Other didjes were cheaper, but as you say, I'd rather pay $150 for a fender guitar than $100 for a junk one! Sound, quality and value- well, lets say the other didjes I have are a bi-plane. They are still fun to fly, but will always get shot down by the AM349 fighter jet!
Anonymous from Australia A beautiful artefact, plays beautifully too. The artwork is stunning. If I could rate higher than 10 out of 10 for service, I would! For a first-time customer, I experienced great service from initial web order to delivery. The domestic freight tracking brought great peace of mind. Workmanship I felt very assured in my purchase after having read the glowing testimonials from so many satisfied customers around the world. Not applicable
Matthew from USA The didj was purchased for a Christmas present and everything was delivered as promised. The pictures did not do the beautiful instrument that was delivered justice. Amazing! The service was exceptional...the workmanship was beautiful and the quality was outstanding. Workmanship The customer service and the outstanding website made it an easy decision.  
James from United Kingdom I love the Didj. There is nothing I dislike. Service was excellent. Business Ethics No It is excellent.
Daran Wallman from Canada I love everthing about it. Far surpassed the grading. I use it primarly for sound healing and it is incredible. The results from those I am treating is greater than I expected. This didj is magical. I live in Canada, the other side of the world and the didj arrived five days after I ordered it, very well packaged and in perfect condition. The workmanship?.....You have to see it, hold it, play it, hear it and feel it personaly to have the true experience. It is beautiful.... magical. Thank you Workmanship I am an intuitve and your buisness feels very, very good. I was guided to purchase this didj without even hearing it. The web site is very informative. Thank you for your loving ethics. Am108 is in such a high class of its own there really is no comparison. I have played other didjs, but nothing like this one.
Anonymously Dislike: the raspy material in the mouthopening like: the rest Excellent service and very good workmanship Business Ethics You are the best in relation to the abov-named points No comparison!
Trent from Australia Easy to play and transport. not as deep of sound as expected. still happy. Excellent. recieved the diji in only a couple of days. Made in Australia    
Armen from Russia Inaccurate varnish covering inside Excellent service, but the quality of production is need to be higher, it will be better if you put the engraving number inside. Sound Quality The optimal ratio of price and quality, described detailed characteristics  
Stephen from Australia I'm pretty much a beginner but the sound is just so smooth, but not only that, the feeling and connection when breathing into the didj and creating the resonance within the didj is amazing. The service was great, I was kept informed of what was happening from purchase to arrival. And workmanship, the didj is really beautiful. Workmanship I was looking to buy something from a store in Sydney but couldn't find any Didj's that I felt any connected to and there were a number of them at didjshop that I just felt WOW with. The website has a great range of didj options and a lot of background information. So it seemed like the right place to buy and it was. Very comparable
David from USA Well made, looks great and sounds fantastic. Great customer service! Workmanship Because you guys seem to be the best! I have no other
Jutta from Germany Although its a short one (106 cm) it has a good and intensive sound (f) and its easy to play, ood backpressure Very fast service and very good information. Svargo played this didge at the telephone for me and didnt thought it would match, but it did Reliably graded I have two other nice didges yet bought in your shop, both wonderful instruments It has not the big sound of the other ones because its shorter and higher. I bought it as a travel didge and I think its much more than this.
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