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Joe from USA     Can hear the didj before I buy   My only two didges were purchased from Didjshop so I have no others to compare them too. The other Didjshop didge was DS-554AF and it was my first purchase. All my comments apply to it also.
Joe Mcmackins from USA I don't know if it was an intentional part of the design or not, being my didj was of the finished timber variety and not being painted, but there's a cool little mark/design that uses the natural features of the wood and it appears to make out the two front flippers, the head and shell of what appears to be a sea turtle, looking at it from the top down. The carrying case is nice to look at too with it's Aboriginal style artwork, the many dots that make up a picture. It's almost like you're carrying your baby when you have it slinged on your back, a very good feeling. Being my first didj, I didn't really know what to expect sound quality wise. The samples of the each didj you guys provided helped out greatly, without that I'd have been even more lost. So not really a problem but actually a plus, and when I could finally make a sound other then pffffft come out of the didj, such as just learning how to drone, I was hooked. Workmanship Your website design really stands out from the competition and has a user friendly feel to it, with many many MANY!, did I mention many? didjs to choose from.  
Gabriel Churray from USA I love it. I plan to purchase more in the future. Maybe an E and a B didg.   Reliably graded   Exceptionally higher quality and sound!
Diana from USA     Can hear the didj before I buy   Better
Donat from Belgium   About the workmanship: This didgeridoo had been cut too short at first. There is a neat mark of chainsaw (?) cut on the bark a few centimeters above the lower end. This does not impact on sound quality and is not visible to the public. But of course, one tends to know its instrument from head to tail... About the sound quality: I was disappointed with the sound I could get out of this didgeridoo the first time. It has a tendency to play a very flat and non musical drone if you don't know how to play it. This forced me to improve my lips usage and my overall playing abilities. It is however tiring to play because of the high note and tighter lips requirement. About the looks: I just love bark didges because they are unusual. But I systematically get remarks like "is this real wood?" because of the plastic effect due to the wax covering of the bark. People really have to touch this didgeridoo to believe it is a genuine wood one. Low Price   The other didges are bamboo ones and hand made (1 cardboard & 1 aluminium). the bamboo ones compare pretty well for a much cheaper price. but the sound quality of the genuine termite hollowed is much better by far.
Bryan from United Kingdom   No problems Workmanship Honest and well known people at Didgshop,phone call from your team, you will answer any questions Difficult to compare as all Didshop sticks are very well described before purchase, but much better than my other non didgshop sticks
Misty from USA I am grateful that I found this website first, to purchase my didj. I don't know that I would have had the quality or service from any another place. No problems at all... I love it! Workmanship Came highly recommended. Don't have any others, but I really love mine.
Jeff Nelson from USA Its a perfect instrument to take out hiking. Sitting off the side of the trail and playing makes for some interesting people interaction. It is a great way to make new friends. Alot of people don't know anything about it. So it is a great way to strike a conversation when they hear you playing it.   Business Ethics Main reason is Aboriginal built. I want authentic when I get an instrument.  
Charles from USA     Reliably graded   Make my own didjes,I am a much better player on a contemporary didj than a traditional didj.
Lars from Luxembourg     Can hear the didj before I buy   Much better than my others. Sound is absolutly great. Love this didj
Tim Garlinge from United Kingdom     Sound Quality Great service as always, Always know when I buy a didj from didjshop that it will be a great sounding, fantastic looking instrument Value of ad079 was great, quality and sound were also second to none as always
Peter Poor from USA     Sound Quality    
William from USA   None Workmanship   It is excellent
William from USA     Can hear the didj before I buy   I like it a lot.
Daniel from USA   Great! No problems. Can hear the didj before I buy Your site is the best. What other reasons can I give? Mine is the best. I got a great deal!
Tienne from USA   Had issues with DHL shipping but thats not really on your end, it was the office here. as far as the look of my Didje the sealent has very visible brushstrokes and just in my personal preference, somethinf a little bit less shiny might have accentuated the "natural look" of the wood, Being I have done some research on Aborigonal art I plan to design and paint mine so for me this isnt a huge issue Can hear the didj before I buy Your website is very well done, very much apreciated that you have a great grading system and that I could hear the didj before purchace Well excedes the quality of the didj I had purchaced previously but was purchaced in Perth by my godfather on a business trip so I had no visual or sound info before I recieved it, I first heard a Didj played when I was seven and allways really wanted one so I was just happy to have the oppertunity to get one that was fashioned in AUS by aborigonal artist
Brett Mccaughey from USA     Can hear the didj before I buy   Sounds so much better, no comparesion
Allan Klausen from Denmark     Reliably graded    
Arpad Toth from United Kingdom     Reliably graded This keeping in touch gives it more reason.. Other termite hollowed are better but were more expensive,and not glued inside so acoustics are better
Judy Echols from USA   My first three didjes came amazingly fast with no problems. I have had great help from people with buying the didjes. My last didj was hurt in transit and then held up by Trever's absence, so I can't give a 10 on this. But I am still very happy with the communication and as long as the didj returns well packed, I am still happy with the service. I would rather have an authentic aboriginal didj from an artist like Trevor, than an efficient quick sale from a company that has no personality. Workmanship The didjes, that I have bought from you, are the best that I have seen anywhere. I go to didj gatherings and camps and shows and see and play many didjes. Ae416 is the best didj that I have ever played. I am waiting to play my new one when it comes, as I have great hopes that it will be as good. I bought an aluminim and fiberglass didj last year, because it is light and easy to use for parades. I am not so careful with it as my "good didjes" and it comes in handy for leaving in hot cars and taking places that would be hard on the other didjes.
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