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Anonymous from Germany Unfortunately the big wax cone (which was needed to obtain a reasonable diameter) got soft and distorted when playing a long time. Fixed the problem by creating an epoxy copy of the orginal shape. Covered it with a thin wax layer. Plays great now and is my favorite instrument! Great and professional service. Very friendly. Short e-mail response times. Workmanship Easy to browse online shop.  
Roland Tso from USA Great sound Excellent Sound Quality Your company has integrity  
Michael Mitchell from Australia I like the spirit of the didj, I very much related to the story. Your service was fo a truely caring nature. Low Price Its important to be valued. Very good
Anonymous from Netherlands Simple clean look, impressive weight and sound. Fast delivery in good package Can hear the didj before I buy   No serious compare possible....
Douglas Vroonen from Belgium As I often said, this is a perfect didge you quote me in different newsletter, and even put in it a picture of Skyer (Bart Vranken) and I playing. beside that, this didge was use in a court case, the judge asked me to play it, it was a great moment! it is like a second part of myself Your services are perfect with good advises and really good quality of didges Workmanship Serious bisness with care for Aboriginal peoples and nature They are different and all perfect in sound quality and artcraft, every day I swap from one didge to another to don't make them jaleous of each others! They are like my children, and there is no value for this.
Anonymously I like very much the clear sound for a 1st didg quality, very nice painting and a iron bark eucalyptous heavy wood!!!very good! Congratulations guys! Can hear the didj before I buy Trustly site! The only didg I can compare the ad 030, is the other didg from didjshop I bought!
Anonymously I like the healing sounds but it would be better a little bit longer It has been very good and I feel very pleased with you. The healing sounds Very good
Julien from France I like the sound, the noise level, the look and the quality A very fast service with good quality at end. Speed answers to my questions about the delivery taxes. Nothing to add to the the quality of my didj... Workmanship Only few other is the best price/sound quality/look rapport site of te net A beautiful model, with a high quality, very sober, with a correct price
Gerry from USA To put it simply, everything. The workmanship is top notch, the sound quality is excellent. It is a delight to play and a work of art. The service has always been very good. I recommend all of my friends who are interested in buying a didj to this site. Business Ethics Nope, I was looking for a quality, aboriginally made didj... hardest part was choosing one.  
Bob Thomaschek from USA The fact that I still can't play it very well but I can clear a room when I try!!! Your service did exactly what you said you would. Didj looked as good or better than I expected...I was happy! Sound Quality   A bargain!
Anonymously It is the best sounding didj IÂ've come across so far. It has a really nice sound to it. Some friends of mine also play and everyone agrees about the sound-quality on this one. I donÂ't know if itÂ's because Australia is so far away from Sweden that itÂ's so hard to come across a good didj. IÂ'm very happy with it. And I think it looks very good too being just plain and no artwork on it. Well, the didj was delivered straight to my door. I remember also that you helped me by lowering the value in the papers to the custom so that I didnÂ't have to pay a crazy amount of import-taxes for it here in Sweden. Supergreat service! Can hear the didj before I buy I think the main reason was that I could listen to the didj beforehand and there was a good vibe on your webpage. It felt serious and honest. The one from you is the best sounding. The other one I bought from a friend.
Richard Peeler from Singapore Hello Svargo, Thanks so much for the great, authentic Didgeridoo. I've been a professional busker for fourteen years, and I bought it to play on the street. However, my wife Remedia fell in love with the Didg and now it's mostly hers. She plays it far better than I do anyway. Remedia is a life--long Shaman and psychic healer. When she does healing for others, the Didg helps her connect to them strongly. The Didg opens the Spirit World clearly and establishes Oneness with all beings very quickly for Remedia. After healing sessions she plays the Didg to cleanse herself of negative energies, heal all her bodies and reconnect her Spirit. Remedia says the Didg opens her mind and brings her "happy" back. When she plays for others, they get happy too.. Our Didg is far more than a musical instrument to make money with. It is Spiritually alive. It helps us be more alive Spiritually. Thank you so very much for sending us a great Didgeridoo that sounds so good and has the original, authentic, Aboriginal Spirit. Richard & Remedia Peeler Singapore I had trouble establishing communication, but after that all was very smoth and easy. Workmanship I liked all the info on your site.  
From USA Iolve my didj: Its the best thing I have ever done. The only thing I can say is YOU GUYS ARE GREAT. keep up the well deserved work. YOU TOLD IT LIKE IT IS NO LIES NO BULL S--T AND YOU GO THE EXTRA 100 YDS FOR YOUR CUST. I COULD GO ONE STEP HIGHER IN QUALITY. BUT I WANT TO GET SOME MORE TIME ON THIS ONE BEFOR I STEP UP.
Robert Yellin from USA Great sound, beautiful wood - mouthpiece feels right. I've seen many didjes while in Karanda and in other places in Australia. Clearly, these are selected for superior quality and authentic workmanship. I won't buy a didj anywhere else. I have 2 from didjshop. Workmanship My second purchase. High degree of trust. No comparison on all counts.
Anonymous from Germany The didj is great Everything fine Reliable Trustworthy Business No reason Price: more expensive sound quality & value: much better
Anonymously Like: shape, mouthpiece, sound dislike:bottom finition Service very good as for the shipping efficiency. Good workmanship Reliably graded Most complete website that sells didgeridoos on the web! great options to choose the right didge among a large range of prices and quality! Hearing the didge on-line is great but more sounds would be welcomed! Af019 is my best didge! Love playing it!
Robert from USA Great sound and craftmanship! Great on Shipments to USA. Can hear the didj before I buy   Ad019 is suprior to all my didjes.
Petr Kralik from Czech Republic Everything is ok. Ok Reliably graded No Ok
Thomas from USA Everything is wonderful Very nice Aboriginal Made No  
Anonymous from Sweden I love the size, the weight and the pure, clean sound. But sometimes I want a didji with deeper a sound You gave me your time and helped me choosing a didji. Workmanship You have a lot of different didgeridoos to choose from Af537 owns my other didges. One I made myself and one is a very cheap one..
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