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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Anonymously Didg-tastic! I love this didg!.. great overtones, resonances. Great service and communication, excellent workmanship Workmanship   Definitely a step above my other two didges
Anonymous from USA Excellent quality Fantastic Aboriginal Made Authentic Excellent
Gil Powell from USA I bought this Didgeridoo for my 7 year old son who plays this instrument like a champ. Although, he is not circular breathing he can maintain long and various drone sounds with this didgeridoo that blows me away every time. I love that this Didgeridoo represents a beautiful piece of Aboriginal history. Very exceptional and expdeint service and your workmanship is beautiful and very natural. Reliably graded Nothing better than going straight to the source. Ap 216pays a unique drone key F and when comparing value and price. Money well spent.
Anonymously I am satisfied with it as a beginners didgeridoo. It was created by aboriginals an decorated in a manner appropriate to their beliefs and not two expensive Service quite satisfactory and professional. Workmanship of the Peckams up to expectations Workmanship Seemed to be a reliable and professional company Satisfactory based on expectations
Michael from Austria The sound is very satisfying and it's quite easy to play, but not too easy, just perfect in my opinion:) What I don't like that much, is the finish of the skin/bark. It starts to loose layers and some parts look like I hit a wall with it or something. I've never seen this Material and maybe it's just a matter of getting familiar with it. Another little thing I dislike a bit is the mouthpiece-side. It's cut very straight, so there isn't much room for the nose on some angles. But that's not too bad, just nasty:o All in all a really great Didge. Top, professionel, friendly and helpful! Low Price Sometimes I have really weird questions, but I got very satisfying and honest answers from the service team, that's quite unique too! I had luck and got a very good didge (painted by Karl Hardy) with 2 additional deco-didges for 90€!!! The sound is nearly as good as ironbarks sound, just the volume is a bit weak <3 And another great deal I made was a spiral/snake didge with a bamboo didge for 80€. The spiral has a damn great sound, that was a real surprise. But nothing really compares to the wavespectrum of the ironbark. Everytime I play, I discover another great frequency overlap... hard to explain, I love it!
Christopher from USA I got this didg for my girlfriend for Xmas and we love it! The artwork is beautiful and it sounds great! We are both enjoying learning how to play it. Service was excellent! I was informed and received it faster than expected. The workmanship is great! Seemed like an authentic, trustworthy company. Don't know.
Tom Verweij from Netherlands It is a bit heavy to carry around, but hey... it has a great great sound, is tremendously beautiful and a new chapter in my didgelife. I just love that low G# tone and the extreme richness of the overtones. The shipment was really fast and the didge was more than properly sealed and wrapped. The craftsmanship is visible in every detail Reliably graded Most of all the fact that the native australians are involved/do benefit, as I hope they do. I have no comparison material but comparing the sound through recordings that I find on internet, which favours my didge at all times.
Grenzpaket Stöckli from Germany I like the sound. It is maybe a bit too heavy, but this is OK. Very professional and very quick in replying me. Thanks! Workmanship Your web-site is fantastic and I've appreciated also the translation in my mother language (italian) I've purchased time ago a low-price didj on Amazon. The sound of my AP222 cannot be compared with that (much, much better, of course)
Anonymous from Australia It's a beautiful piece, we are impressed with the quality. Nothing to dislike. Service and workmanship are excellent. Business Ethics From what I could tell from research, your company looked to be authentic which was important tom us.  
Simon from Australia Looks nice, plays nice Service was very fast and very nice. Workmanship seems excellent (I don’t really know anything about didges) Made in Australia Seemed the most authentic and reliable from web searching  
Anonymously This is an amazing didj looks great sounds great, now I just have to practice more The service was great I interupted the process by adding stuff to my order and they were great aboutit Workmanship Most profesional attitude and ethics Better no comparison
Pius from Switzerland Beautiful sound, amazing! The service was absolutely perfect, very friendly, fast, sympathetic, competent, it could not be better Sound Quality I was very impressed by your website and it was important to me to play an authentic didj  
Zak from USA It is a beautiful piece of wood. No complaints! Everything has been first class. Workmanship Nope.  
Seth Greene from USA Large, heavy, low key of A# and able to be played as fast or slow as I want. Deep drone. Such high backpressure, after warming up, that it requires only tiny sniffs of air to keep going. Clear separation of overtones from drone note. Vocals have rich texture and high clarity. The size and weight of the didj gives it excellent resonance and is LOUD!! Once the didj is warmed up, it responds to input at the speed of light. Did not split within hours like my other eucalyptus from another online retailer. Smells pleasing after 10 minutes of warming up. Absolutely no dislikes. My neighbors wholly disagree, though. The entire surface is well sealed on the outside. The brown sealant on the bark-to-wood transition is a nice touch. Only a couple of rough spots on this area. I did manage to get a small splinter when handling the bark portion. I highly use my didjes and hope this one stand up to all the moisture abuse. I wish there were high quality sound clips available for each didj. I purchased without hearing but am well satisfied. Workmanship I could not find such a low key anywhere else. All other retailers had questionable products with generic and misspelled descriptions. Price was fair, given what I had paid for my other eucalyptus didj.
Adrian from Australia Love everything about it Love everything about the didg Sound Quality Reputation on facebook community and my friends david cook and hoolia Heaps better
Garry from Australia The artwork and finish is amazing. The termite degradation to the inner walls provides a sound far superior to any artificial didj. Not so happy with the ease of playing as I'm not experienced in circular breathing and should have selected a didj requiring less air volume. Overall very happy. A piece of artwork that goes further and creates an artwork of sound. Workmanship The quality of your previous Didj's Price- comparable to others. Sound quality - comparable to others. Artwork - comparable to others. Value - comparable to others. Website far exceeds others.
Anonymously I love how low and resonate this didg is. The beewax mouthpiece is sealed and molded well for creating a good sound. Overall it worked out but there was of confusion for me about when my didg was being shipped. Since it got delayed they did one day shipping but I was not notified of this change in shipping until I asked and was not home to receive the package. Luckily a roommate was able to pick up the package for me Workmanship The "hear the didg before I buy" feature could be improved. I feel that audio over phone is already fuzzy so I wouldn't want to call in and hear the didg of a phone. It would be great if they were all online. One possibility I appreciated on other didg sites is simply a link to a youtube demonstration of each didj. Having a didg > not having a didg
John from New Zealand As a person new to didj playing I am very happy with my didj, very easy to get good sound from day one. Service and workmanship was fantastic. when you get to see the real thing, the fakes in some shops are so easy to pick. Can hear the didj before I buy Was very happy to be able to visit and meet Svargo and pick my didj before returning to NZ.  
Orli from Israel Wonderful resonance and playability. Sealed surfaces and finish are excellent. Friendly and helpful at every step of communication and delivery. Sound Quality Well known and respected shop  
Anthony from United Kingdom A great instrument produced by aboriginal folk Very pleased with quality of didge and artwork. A natural shape complete with a few bumps and twists as nature intended. Very pleased all round. Visited Svargo whilst on holiday from the UK. He was very accommodating and gave helpful advice. Got to try a number of didges and ap022 found me! He gave us a lift back to Kuranda - thank you! Your website states that a free Tee shirt would be included, however you were out of stock. Would be great to receive a black one in size 'Large' when you have re-stocked. Reliably graded Reviews on your website from previous customers Both are on a par
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