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Barney from USA After reshaping the wax, I was able to play it quite well. The finish is a little rough and some of the putty holes are either not filled in or are a little high. Some of the finish is uneven and streaked. The thought did come to me that I could refinish it. My first didj (not from you) I striped down, sanded smother and refinished it. Doing this might not improve my playing; however, I feel a greater connection to my instrument for the care and personal work I put into it. Hope that made sense. Your service has always been of the highest caliber. This time, Shiralee called me at home to leave a message that there had been a problem with your fax recently. Just incase I had faxed my credit card info. Then my didj was sent as quickly as promised, that Friday and I received it the following Wednsday. Sound Quality This didj fit what my need. For price, perhaps the same. For sound and ease of play better. Fair for value.
Anonymously Nice warm tone, beautiful vocal Sounds. The art work is fantastic. Overtones could be crisper. Great fast service, very easy to work with. Workmanship   Sound is much better on this didj than on my other ones. It cost more, but I must say that it is well worth the price, overall value is excellent.
Laura from Italy First of all I like it because of its sound, then because it is really good looking. i like it also because it is very strong, well done, and not too long. i have some difficulties to play it quickly, but I think that's my fault, I have to learn a lot. You provide a very professional and fast service. about the workmanship, I'm not an expert, but I think that you'r didjs are the best we can buy in italy for low prices. about my didj, I'm sure it is really well done. Reliable Trustworthy Business   I didn't pay the others didjs, but about the sound quality and value didj al372 is the best.
Barry from United Kingdom Sound quality is excellent, artwork is good. What I do not like about this didge is that it has a large mouthpiece insert to make it playable, and a large repair clearly visible inside the bell. This does not seem to have had a detrimental effect on the sound, however, if I had been aware of this I would not have purchased the didge as, from previous experience I know that at some point in the future, further fixative or repair work will be required. Service is good as ever, workmanship scores low because there is so much workmanship evident. If I purchase another didge from Didjshop I will have to ask alot of questions before I proceed. Low Price Previous purchases good quality - good workmanship. Not so impressed this time. Good sound comparison, price reasonable after reduction.
Anonymous from Italy The didj was great. it has a high cultural and musical value, impossible to find anywhere else Absolutely perfect Business Ethics The website seemed to be really serious and professional  
Very very good! Ou very nice! Low Price    
Roberto Mojica from Puerto Rico Compare to other didji's I need to say ofcurse, the sound quality it's beyoun my expectations, the aparience is perfect too. nothing that I don't like. Service was faster than I expected. the workmanship is nice but the coating on the natural skin is a little withe Can hear the didj before I buy Good reference and very honest website My others are not even a close match they are very far behind
Thomas Ryan from USA This didj vibrates my entire house. I enjoy lower pitched didjes and playing fast. I think this didj is great for both. I love to show this didj off to other didj players. They've never seen anything like it! I wish the serial number could be somewhere less obvious:( I feel how a proper mouthpiece feels. I like how I can knock on it with my knuckles, it just standing there, and it vibrates. I'm not sure where didjshop's workmanship comes through on the didj; perhaps the varnish? If so, its great. As well, your service rocks. I called and asked Svargo his opinion on which of two Didjes I should buy. He walked me through both didjes, played them, and we decided on the one I have. And I'm super happy with the process I went through -- from start to finish. Only thing, the website could be organized a little better. Workmanship Your homepage described the exact instrument that I was looking for. This is something I'm looking forward to living a long life with, mastering over time. For that, I need the absolute best. It is as described. Well, I have a Yucca didj that is low and has good sound, but not the volume. Honestly, it sounds really good, but not nearly as good as your didjes. Only thing, I payed 80$ for it. The price I paid for your didj was about 650$, and definitely does not sound "8" times better, maybe three. But that wasn't necessarily expected and is really only half the point of owning a didjeridoo like this. Its the aesthetics of the entire experience; the sound; the history; the look; and the oneness you can feel with a didjeridoo like this. To me, I see this like a baby, and is beyond the value of money.
Bart from Belgium I like almost everything about it, it plays very easy, great backpressure, loud and clear sound + resonance, I dealt now twice with you, and the service was always very friendly, fast and correct. So I'll come back for more if I need some:) Workmanship   From my eucalyptus didges, is this definitely the best one.
Anonymous from Portugal Dislike: A little bit heavy. Despite that sometimes seems too fragile. Like: Everything else. It's a great didge. almost plays by itself. Circular breathe is now easy for me. Your servive is stunning. Everytime I had a doubt you gave me 100% godd quality information. Low Price Feedback from other users Much better
Anonymously Their isn"t anything I dislike about this didj even if I have trouble mastering the art of playing it I will always take great pleasure in just looking at the workmanship & quality of it. As above Workmanship Yes,because you answered all my emails quickley& with genuine concern about my questions followed up with extremly helpful advice,will certainly recommend you to other people EXCELLENT & in some cases much much BETTER
Daniel from Canada Ah188 was unfortunately damaged during the initial shipping but has been replaced with ah371 free of charge (Thank you Svargo!) I have received tips on how to attempt to repair ah188 and am currently in the process of doing so. ah371 is a dream... it plays very well both fast and slow. its sound is so soothing. I feel blessed to have a Didj of such quality. (thank you to the Peckham family for such artisanship) I could not ask for better service. I will purchase from didjshop again. As for the workmanship... it is phenomenal. The paint work is truly amazing and the quality of the didj is elite. Workmanship No other can truly compare. It is impossible to compare apples to oranges.
Ronald from USA I love my new didj! The tone is excellent, the natural coloring of the wood is amazing. I am very very pleased. Communication with customer service was very good. My new didj is finish superbly. Can hear the didj before I buy   N/a
Anonymously I like the sound(s), the full, clear sound, the hightones and the look of it very much. I had a problem with the mouthpiece and had to change it. Thats the reason, why I answer so late (sorry). I got an email, that told me, the didj would be send in 5 until 14 days, but I came already after 3 days. I got it one week later, because I was not at home, when the postmen was there the first time. Reliably graded   It is much better than the other euca (price 269 Euro). it has mor volume and clerance
Anonymously I like the design and artwork on iy Workmanship is very good and service was excellent Website was well set up  
Oren from Israel Very nice didj Very good serviice and workmanship a lot of forms to fill... Reliably graded   Much much better....
Martin from USA I love the didj! Service was excellent Shiralee was great! Reliably graded    
Anonymous from Belgium I like: the fork; the sound; the paintings; the colour I m very happy: very efficient n professionnal n quick n good packing, lovely product Aboriginal Made I dont know other places and, since I am happy with it (bought one b4 already), why go search elsewhere? In the top 3, difficult to be more precise
Yohann from New Caledonia I don t like the number engraved on the outside of the wood Very friendly and patient,I liked that you don t send the commercial invoice in the box,it avoid to be over taxed at the border. Sound Quality You have a good reputation everywhere on the web This is definitly the best didge I have,the more expensive too but it worth it,I'm glad.
Brandi from USA The sound is amazing, the didj was a birthday gift for my significant other, and I get to hear it played a lot and I love it. I also, love the artwork on it, its what drew me to it. Your service is amazing! Any questions I had were answered immediately and the workmanship was a 10 def. No doubt about it. Made in Australia After learning how many imitations there are out there, I would never purchase from any other site. We only own one from this site, and because of its greatness, would go no where else.
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