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Cory from USA I like that it is fairly small and compact- also the aboriginal art is top-notch. I don't like the key- would prefer D or G. The didj is definitely hollowed out by termites. As far as the fit and finish, it's excellent. I'm don't know how didj's are found or made, but I enjoy my didj. As for service, I bought my didj awhile ago, so I can't really remember- but I imagine that it was shipped quickly and my didj wasn't damaged upon arrival, so great job. Reliably graded Excellent explanations of your products, great links, as stated above, I could hear the didj before I bought it. I really do not know, I haven't tried a lot of other didj's. I am certainly happy with my purchase though.
Michael Nelson from USA It surpassed all expectations. 1st rate. The instrument well crafted and the decoration is stunning. Workmanship I had traveled to Australia performing with Prince in the early 90s and the one thing I regretted was not purchasing a authentic Didgi. As a trombone player, I could already circular breath, so I knew it would be an instrument that I could pick up with relative easily. I was pleased to find you site and even more thrilled when I received my 1st didgi from you.  
Michael Nelson from USA It is a spectacular work of art and a wonderful instrument. Both of my didgis are displayed in my living room on a wall mount that allows me easy access to play them. This is one of the most amazing instruments I've ever seen. Workmanship After purchasing my 1st didgi from you, I would occasionally check the site for new products. When Brad started making the didgis with the carved lizards, I decided I needed to get one.  
Steve Meek from USA I like the speed and toon and pitch and but the vocals are a little mutted They are the best I have seen and your services and workshop and prices are all I talk about Sound Quality The veriety and reasons for making the company and helping me understand mroe about the aboriginal culture with all in the info Blows them out of the water
Anonymous from USA Great volume and tone, very responsive rhythmically. Only complaint is vocals are more limited than I would like. To be fair, this was the only higher end didge I have purchased and, so, did not really know what to expect. As I recall, this didge was classified as low or medium concert. I am, therefore, very intrigued to learn what one of your high concert models might be like! Service was very quick and responsive. Workmanship of the didge was, as I indicated above, excellent. The didge did develope a severe crack a month or so after receiving. Hard to say what caused it. I live in the high, dry deserts of Northern New Mexico. I sealed the cracks with glue, which worked fine, and have never looked back. Really, folks, I love this didge. Its my go-to choice for the ceremonies I do. Sound Quality A friend I love and respect has purchased didges from your business and recommended you. No comparison. ah794 is my first choice.
Darin from USA There isn't much I don't like. It plays well and has a really beautiful sound. I don't play this didj too often, since I now like a bit faster style. But when I want to mellow out and relax, I switch to this didj. It has the most amazing sound of all my didjeridus. Service was very helpful, responsive and friendly. Workmanship is to-notch, as I've had no problems with my didj in my previous very dry climate nor in my current very damp climate. Reliably graded Customer testimonials, helpful service. It's the most expensive, but also the most interesting and unique sound quality.
Anonymous from France I really like the sound and the easiness to play this didj. Alos, and it is also for that I chose this one, I really like its look. There was problem with your service and the product is really good. Sound Quality The didjes looked very good and a society trustworthy Very much better!!!
Jason Kitching from Canada This didj is amazing! I love it. The service I received was outstanding. My didj arrived much soon than expected. As for the workmanship, also outstanding. My didj is a work of art. Workmanship My main reason was that your didjes are aboriginal made so I knew the money was going to the right people. Second, your website is awesome. Right at the top!
Sergey from Russia I like it sound. It is complex because of termite non-uniform inner structure. I feel it native. I prefer longer didjes with low tone, but they are more expensive. Markmanship is not very complicated as I understand. Searching trees is harder, I think. Service is good, all I can say. Reliably graded Most reliable place to buy aboriginal didj. My other didj is long and low. It is not termite hollowed and have very good workmanship. But I feel your didj sound more native.
Anonymously I like its simplicity, its small decorative tortoise, its resonance and its solid structure Very good Workmanship N/A Miles better
Anonymous from Belgium I most like the fact that this didj gives an easy way on how to learn to play it Good Can hear the didj before I buy    
Brian James from United Kingdom I love the sound and the fact that the didge is small enough to carry around without problem, I use it mainly for healing Didge arrived in good time and looks great it needs no maintainance and came with a nice carry bag Sound Quality I want to support aboriginal artists, you can only get the original spirit through a real didge, just holding the imitation ones gives me a bad vibe It compares very well in all aspects
Martin from Austria It has a crisp, clear sound and phantastic backpressure. Fast, nice and personal service. Some small splinters on the inside and a few dried varnish drops on the bell bottom but otherwise well made. Workmanship Appealing website, personal contact Equal to other didjshop didj and superior to all others (especially in sound)
Anonymously Business Ethics Because I can hear the digj on the homepage  
Anonymous from United Kingdom Great sound, nice spedd and backpressure I bought this didge for its sound, not the looks. (It is not a painted didge.) Sound Quality I am a long time fan of Didjshop. Equal with the best that I have
Dervin from France I appreciate all its qualities, its weight, its length and its mouth and mainly its grave and deep sound The service is serious and professional, the correctly packed parcel, the respected delivery deadlines but the follow-up of the delivery was little effective Reliably graded Instrument of traditional quality Al118 est meilleur en tous points: embout Al118 is better in all respects: wax tip of bee of very good quality, the instrument warms faster, the sound is appropriate(clean) and clear and the easy handling
Pamela from USA This was our first didj. I gave it to my husband for Christmas, 2008. He went wild. He learned to play as best he could and the inspiration he received from the instrument itself helped him write a song, which he named "Aborigines G'day." He sang this song at the Williamson County Fair in Tennessee this past summer. He entertains children and adults with the didj in his office where he works as an Ear, Nose, and Throat surgeon. The didj is like a living entity to us it is almost like a pet. The service from the Didjshop is excellent. The shipping was fast and the packaging was perfect. It was as if we bought it from next door. I am usually amazed at the speed with which things come from Australia, but this was very fast. Shop personnel seem very friendly and helpful. Business Ethics   Compares very nicely.
Martin Sørensen from Denmark I like the vibrations of this didge. Its very easy to play. The didge is very heavy to carry Your service is great. no problems with my order at all and I live in denmark, thats far away. The didge is really good crafted but I would like some paintings on it, but I couldnt afford one with paintings on it. Workmanship Big selection of didgeridoos and different gear. This is a great didge but I wouldnt say its better than my other didge because its a different key. both sound great
Anonymously Simple, elegant, charming Kind, efficient people at Didjshop! Workmanship Nice website, serious people Excellent
Jonathan Monument from United Kingdom Like about it? Everything really. It sounds just incredible, it looks and feels awesome. My little girl (aged 5 months) loves listening to it as well. It's a right bugger to play, though, you need lungs the size of Trevor's (he did the sound recording I think!) and some awesome embouchure. It's a fabulous challenge though, and I am loving it. How can I comment on workmanship. It is basically a fabulous instrument (I'm a lifelong musician, so I know!) which is just fabulous. Sounds cheesey, but it is stunning in every way. Nature gre a fine tree, the termites did a splendid job, and the finishing is superlative. Tuneful, versatile, wonderful thing. I'm rather glad I bought it! Workmanship The recordings of the didjes are very honest. You can hear everything, so there is no hiding anything. I appreciate this, and it really helped me, as I was stuck between two didjes from your site. The sound grading and sound recording swung it for me, and I am so happy with my didj. Ah184 (or The King, as I lovingly call him) beats myother didj hands down. I bought the other didj to learn on and then graduated to your ones.
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