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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Artur Domin from Poland Lightweight, easy to play, even for beginner Excellent, It was great to get such an instrument so fast. Workmanship You gather great people around common ideas. Meditation.  
Jeff Myers from USA Wish it was a little longer Answered all my questions. Reliably graded   Nicer sound. I don't care for all the extra coatings on the inside and outside of the didge. Would of liked it more authentic
Andrew Hodge from Canada I lOVE IT!! I am very happy with the resonance, the sound is clear and crisp. Any questioned I had about quality and shipping were answered immediately. The workman ship is nice, simple and that's what I like, so I am very happy w/ it. I received my didj in two days! It went half way around the world and at my door step in TWO DAYS! I was very immpressed and excited. Sound Quality Mainly the excellent workmanship and the focus on aboriginal rights and culture. The sound blows the others out of the water. The price is a lot more then what I paid but the quality is well worth it.
Anonymous from United Kingdom I selcted it because of its natural shape and varaition in colour. It was agift so I don't have not seen it in the flesh and have no any technical comments. I have answered about quality appearance and actual sound based upon general comments from my brother in law. I have no dijes myself. Website good and clear, service to arrange purchase and delivery very good. Nice clear photographs  
Eric from Belgium Absolutely nothing, nothing wrong! It looks really simple but it has a soul. It's a really simple looking, pretty small didj but but it has charism(personnality) and a perfect voice. This wood is really beautiful (from brown to really clear on its bell). The advise from Shiralee was really good! Workmanship   Better
Mike from USA I like the weight, length, sound and art work Very satisfied with both Reliable Trustworthy Business Your web site is very comprehensive and Shirlee is very responsive and helpful.  
David De Lucena from Brazil Its a beautiful bark didje with a powerfull sound. Light in weight, can be moved from place to place easily The best online service that I ever seen. Special thanks for Sheralee! Reliably graded Just love your store! Its much more expensive, but its a High class didje, with an increadible sound!
Anonymous from Australia The sound is lovely and it's also a great piece of art. The service was very professional and I'm very impressed with the workmanship. Sound Quality    
Matteo from Switzerland I'm totaly happy with my didj... Again here nothing to say... I'm very impressed by your service... Sound Quality Your website in general has trasmitted to me a very positive wibe... My friend are amazed by the sound quality...
Romano from Italy The sound is gorgeous! My skill has already improved in less than 1 week. And, although it is harder to play, performance on my previous didj al600 in C are now better!!! The colour shades of the red stingy eucal are simply fantastic! Service great, you did nothing to spoil what was already naturally beautiful!!! Sound Quality Your web page is addictive!!! On the same level, just easier to play (because of smaller mouthpiece and higher key)
Chuck Laughlin from USA Wonderful sound, great artwork I have bought several didgeridoos from you all, and keep coming back... that tells you how much I believe in your service and workmanship Workmanship Your support of the aborigine culture Sound is great, better than a couple of the other didj's and artwork is the best
Anonymous from Netherlands I like price versus quality No comment No Good
Joachim from Belgium I just love my didj, i't a real one from australia, it's a dream to play:) I'm just verry verry happy:) and I am happy to support the real aboriginal culture. honour to who.. dislike? nothing. Well, I was scared.. I touth I would waith for weeks with the delivery.. but it was 4 days:) great. its a verry verry nice didj, I love it. I'm happy.; really really happy.. thanks:) Workmanship Its real... I'm just happy ro have a real australian didj:) (i am) and im happy it's from aboriginals:).. I have looked for the location on google maps, to the location of the store:) loved it.. I'm just happy:) Oh yes, it's great, I compared it with the sound I have saved on my computer.. its the same, im verrt satisfied with this:) I love this site, i've told it to all my friends and showed the site when they visited:) the al771 is the best.. I love my didj:)
Anonymous from USA Everything incredible sound beauty The quality of your website made me more willing to take a chance on a web purchase. I am so happy I did. Beautiful workmanship and fast delivery. Reliably graded No More expensive but well worth it.
Ayse from Turkey The quality of the wood ıs really good. The over tones and the other tones are amazing. There s nothing that I dislike about my didj. Your servıce had been really helpfull.Thanks. The orıgın of the dıdj is from aborgin people. Thats why I wanted the orıgınal also the best pıece.  
Steven from USA I was surprised how heavy it is. I guess I should have paid more attention. I do not believe Very Good is a high enough rating for responsiveness and overtones for concert quality, but then, what do I know? Service was outstanding. Workmanship was difficult to comment on, since this is my first didj and I have no base for comparison. Workmanship   NA
Wayne from Australia Im a complete amatuer but so far it sounds great! The service I have received from you has been excellent, I yould certainly recommend you to anyone! Can hear the didj before I buy   Thats a hard question to answer as my first didj was a present so the price I am unaware of but as to the sound there is no comparison...yours leaves it for dead but my other didj is much smaller.
David Freitas De Lucena from Brazil The didg is increadible!!! beautiful and the sound? Wow!! dark and strong. Just one point: the external vernish could be better, to match with the sound quality A special thanks to Shiralee! she was the best on line seller that I ever talked. Reliably graded I just loved your store... your respect with aboriginal I cant do such thing. Is like comparing a bird and a dog.. hehehe
Adam Adam Chambers from USA I love the ease of playing the backpressure is perfect I can teach all of my friends to play. Its a beautiful peice of art and the the drone is in perfect key! The delivery time was amazingly fast I even had a change of address and it was changed and delivered sooner than expected is was packaged very well. The workmanship was awesome I get great comments on the beauty of the instrument I love the slight bell at the end and found a knot the is shaped and resembles a ying-yang which I found really neat. I did so much searching for great prices, variety, and availability and your site surpassed all others Low Price   Overall it far surpasses any of the other didj I have in sound and looks and craftsmanship
Jacopo from Italy An excelent backpressure but a little bit difficult the overtones Shipment very fast and you're very kind and helpful in the choice Sound Quality Picture about didjes, and very good website that means professionalism. There's no comparison! The sound qulity is higer higer and higer in comparison of the price of other didjes! The sound intensity is complitly different...
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