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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Anonymous from USA Love it. Now he just needs to learn to use it. Fast service, packaged well. Love the design. There was some overspray on the end, but we can live with it. Workmanship   Much more consistent sound than ones I saw in stores.
Barbara from USA It's beautiful, better than it looked and sounded on the web site. WOW You are great, not only do I get to buy a REAL didj, but your web site is wonderful, easy to use and complete with sound track. Delivery was really fast and the didj is more than I expected. Workmanship I really wanted an Aboriginal product, everything else you provide is bonus  
James Word from Australia This is the 1st didj I have ever been able to play. I've tried with other didjs but had difficulty even making a drone. It took just 3 hours to to get excellent 30 second drones. The next day I was playing great rythyms and really having a blast experimenting with sound. So what I most like about this didj is that I can play it! Sound. Damn I love the sound. I elected to get an unpainted didj as sound quality was very important. Even though my didje is "plain" I like very much the finish and natural colors of the wood. It is extremely nice. Workmanship Basically I was confident I would receive exactly what you said I would. With the sounds clips and grading and commitment to ethical business practice I knew I'd be happy. Although I do not own another didj, the other didjs I have met do not compare.
Jaimo from USA Like Excellent Aboriginal Made No  
Barry Shrimpton from New Zealand What I like about this Didj is that it sounds very Clear,with great Resonance and wonderfull Overtones,and,not surprisingly to me,exactly as described. Not only that,but it looks brilliant,with a very high level of finish and Oh that Artwork!! Can't fault the service!!.. Was despatched immediately after purchace and arrived within six days, well packaged!! Reliably graded Apart from the fact that I have already bought a didj from you and was very happy with that transaction, your Brilliant Customer Sales Feedback ses it all!! Ah528 compares well with ah194,both in price and sound quality,but much better in sound quality than my other Non-Didjshop Didj or the other three PVC Didjs.
Fred Ashplant from USA I very much like the art work and the sound quality is excellent As I have said before many times, your service and workmanship is truly excellent Reliable Trustworthy Business Have come to know the quality of your merchandise and I just enjoy doing business with you In all respects it is a top value
From USA I love the fact that it is authentic, termite hollowed out, and painted by an aboriginal person. I like the sound as well. My order was handled in every way excellent. Workmanship I bought from you because I enjoyed your shop and I felt you were a trustworthy company.  
Daniel from USA Ah371 is, by far, the best didj I have ever played in my life. The sound quality is unmatched by any other didj I have ever played (I have played many). The back pressure is perfect. The amount of different calls and droans I can make with this new, authentic didj is limitless. Thank-you so much for providing me with this masterpeice Thank-you all for everything. I am very satisfied with this didj. Extra thanks to Svargo Freitag. Workmanship I especially like how a portion of your profits goes to re-planting trees. Ah371 is more expensive by far than all my other yidaki, however, the sound quality and value are unmatched by a long shot.
Sabine from Netherlands I like it!! The natural coloring is beautiful. We can see many animals in it. The vibration of the sound is incredible. The didj is beautiful and what a sound capability. The didj decides how it wants to be played and then everything goes naturally. Can hear the didj before I buy It was a birthday present for my friend and he did not have to pay for it:0) Much better
Gyan from USA Great sound, great feeling mouthpiece. It would have been nice to have been able to enter the additional CC information when I placed the order rather than having to wait the extra time to receive the email and then send the email back... The phone call to let me know the didj was on it's way was great!! Sound Quality Highly recommended shop. N/A
Stane Andolšek from Slovenia It could be more loud and little longer.. My didj is plain and bark and for this rang it is beautiful and has as good sound as I expect.. Reliably graded Because you have very good selection of didjs, I can hear the sound, it is aboriginal made and I think you are trustworth... This didj is on D sound - another I have on C - I can't compare. Bouth are good for special occasions and almost the same price.. but I think I have not get the top didj yet - I hope I could get it in the future... I am specialy search for exelent sound...
Anonymous from USA The didj has great sound qualities and the painting is outstanding. It is quite heavy though and I would have liked a thinner outside, maybe it could have been made so while still keeping the great sound quality. Excellent!! In fact, receiving this didge is what made me want to join your community email list and I plan to buy more items. Can hear the didj before I buy   Ah 291 was more expensive but the sound is much better then my other didj.
Gary From Nice overall instrument. Takes a little more air than I would have thought with a back pressure rateing of 4. I have an inexpensive Didj that I have had for for a while which takes much less air, (but then it souds like crap). Nothing that I can not overcome with a little more practice. Workmanship took a hit due to a crack in the Didj. It could have come from shipping but I feel it was not. The crack looks to me to go all the way through and to have been painted over on the outside. With out the crack, I would have scorded this a 10 for workmanship, and rated it overall, "just what I expected". Workmanship Due to the satisfactory outcome and great after the sale service from Svargo, I will most likely buy another Didj in the next few months. I don't consider the other instruments as Didjs. One is glass that I made myself, it has a unique sound. The other while termite hollowed, may not be of Aboriginal origin and is not a high quality item.
Maeve from Canada We love the design and sound Excellent service - fast, efficient. The diji arrived to my door, trouble free. I had to pay an extra fee (customs fee) but it wasn't too much so that was ok Workmanship Good website. A community of practice not just a store for profit. This matters. Very professional and credible. Authentic. Trust and good feeling about it. Don't have enough experience to know this yet
Anonymously This didj is amazing.Its everything I expected and more.I like its weight,sound and appearance The service was great.I got the didj realy fast and got good feedback from you guys Reliably graded The best site I found.lots of info.Felt like you guys cared Alot better
Jeffrey Mahoney from USA Well at first I thought it was the wrong didj, until I played it.. it has a different sound than my others, but I love it... The paint job is amazing.. Workmanship The main reason was the reviews by other customers This was the most expensive, but shortest didje I have.. the sound is very different..
Anonymous from Germany I receive good vibes from the sound and from the look of the Didj.It has a warm,"earthy" sound! It seems to be a pretty good workmanship and you're very,very kind! Workmanship You just seemed to be very reliable and honest in my eyes and do the sale with love! I can't compare it with other Didjes because it's my first one,but compared to other MP3-examples that was the Didj which "called" me!
Susan from USA The fact that it is a lightweight, healing didj was very important to me. Also that it have authentic Aboriginal artwork was important as my first didj from didjshop was plain. My plain didj has a better sound though and if I were to do healing work, I most likely would choose it over the ah260 Your service is extremely fast and efficient not to mention the care with which the didje was wrapped and shipped. Workmanship You are one of the very few websites that care about Aboriginal issues The sound quality isn't exactly what I expected for a medium concert didj but that may be due to the fact that it is in the key of A and I'm used to lower keys with deeper, richer sounds. The value in this didj is increased by the Aboriginal artwork.
Bryan Blair from USA It is bigger than I imagined it to be - that's good! I like the smooth texture This it my first didj and it is just as well made as I could have imagined. The service was excellent - since this was my first, I had a lot of questions and any questions I had were addressed right away. I liked that you recognized and promote the healing aspect of the instruments N/A
Anonymously Everything is very good on price sound etc... but want for more thick coating. specially, it has a wide range of sound. All is good. I just felt good and trust when I looking around your website.  
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