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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Garcia Alonso from Spain I like all but and I havent no much idea because is my first didj The service was very well. I feel support in all the process and the workmanship it was very well, Business Ethics Direct form the country where do it No idea
Brock from USA I previously bought a didj to learn on from a local person. I could not learn to circular breath on it and within 2 months it cracked. The didj I bought from you was the same price and I immediately was able to play. The quality, finishing and art work are fabulous. The workmanship is fantastic. I checked other websites that had much higher prices. I was amazed and pleased that I got a phone call from a pvery pleasant woman telling me the status of my order. Reliable Trustworthy Business The musical group "Kannal" recommends you on thier website. There is no comparison. The ah257 was far superior for the same price paid for the other one.
From USA There is no dislike about my didj. its very easy to play, not to mention the fun and enjoyment I get playing for my family and friends. I plan on buying another didj when I save enough money.hope to be soon! The service was very good, I received my didj with in a week of ordering it. as for the workmanship. first class. My new e-mail Low Price You have the best selection one could ask for. being able to hear the didj prior to buying it is the best selling point. Didj ac 804 was a replacement ac032 which cracked while was playing it. i would call ac804 adefinate upgrade.
Anonymous from Italy I like his overtones and his backpressure because if I play strongly or slowly the quality of sound is good even; i dislike the bell because is too small and I can't play it for busking,but for massages it's wonderful. Your service is the best in the world for clarity and information of instruments and their aboriginal culture, that is going to finish because aboriginal people drink alcool too. Sound Quality You put high the workmanship and the culture of aboriginal people and this is very very important!! The first in all
John Mason from Canada I really enjoy the didj. the sound and tone is awesome and I can now play it pretty well. I have absolutely no dislikes whatsoever. I have had lots of complements on it and I referred everyone to your site to check it out Service was awesome, workmanship was excellent. you were great in helping me pick out the right didj for me. Workmanship Your site is the most informitave on the net and after a few emails back and forth I got the help I needed to pick out the right one for me and my ability (then beginner) No comparision - my didj is superior
Aaron from USA This didge is easy to play. Maybe I just am not too fond of the key of F#. Best service possible, great connection and personal. A sold didge, no worries about cracking, (and my didges take a lot of abuse.) Reliably graded We worked out a sponsorship exchange for discount and publicity.  
Aaron from USA This didge is easy to play, and sounds amazing. You guys rock! Solid didges and great service. Low Price The sponsorship exchange for discount. This is my second favorite didge.
Aaron from USA THis is the best didge I have ever played. You have the best of both. Workmanship The sponsorship arraingement I have with you for a discount. The best didge I have ever owned or played.
Jesus from USA I had a pvc before this one and thought I would never be able to cb. I was very happy when I figured it out just two days after receiving my didj. What a quality intrument. I was very excited when I received a phone call from Nancy letting me know my didj was being shipped. Reliable Trustworthy Business Selection Good
Eric from USA Beautifull instruments that plays just as well. the only thing I can say I dislike is how delicate they are. Great service and workmanship. My didj developed some cracks fairly easy and it broke my heart but I filled them in with your help and we are rockin and rollin again! Workmanship    
Todd from USA I love the big bell, the crook, the art and the feelings I get when playing this instrument. But most of all, I like the way I am transported to another place and time when I ponder the evolution of the Aborgional culture... the tree... the termite... the artist... and the privelige I have to be holding some of that history in my hands. I could not believe how quickly and affordably the digi arrived. Your communications were very clear and I felt comfortable dealing with the Didjshop. Workmanship Your website sold me on the quality and authenticity of the instrument. NA
Gabe from USA Amazing sound quality! It is my favorite didj to play. Seamless. Everything was well understood during the process. Alot of things could go wrong when shipping something from Australia to the States....but you guys made it seem effortless. Workmanship   No Comparison.
Josef from New Zealand I play it often, a much loved instrument. I,m in businesse my self and I know how much comitment and entusiastic is needed to run a businesse on that high level. Workmanship A " good feeling " about the web-page It is by fare the best one, in all aspects
Dale from USA Depth of sound, good back pressure, good looks Quick delivery, just as promised Sound Quality I just had a hunch and it was on sale One is a home made pvc didj and the other is a cheap malaysian knockoff. Neither compare at all.
Mark from United Kingdom Like: the beauty of the grain; the massiveness; the richness of the sound; the depth; the weight; the solidity. Dislike: not much! Higher back pressure would have been nice but I can manage it. Service very friendly & responsive. Workmanship lovely - a living piece of wood made into a living instrument. Very well made & finished. Low Price It was in the sale & therefore affordable. I bought the others a long time ago so it's difficult to compare price for price but on the whole, better on all counts.
Joop from Netherlands Easy to play, sufficient backpressure, clean penetrating sound. mouthpiece wax slightly damaged at delivery The didge had a slightly damaged mouthpiece at delivery. Delivery was fast en for the rest ok Aboriginal Made   Relative expensive. Had all my lessons and teaching on own made bamboo. Price was only 10 Euro. Thought original was a must.
Paul Bishop from USA I was surprised by its weight, but it was the first eucalytus didj I had held, so all I was used to was PVC. It is a nice sounding didj, now that I have learned to play. It was a mistake for me, as a beginner, to order a didj with poor back pressure for a first didj. I have never experienced customer service equal to that received from Didjshop. The workmanship on the didj is very good. Can hear the didj before I buy After looking at your website and reading some of your philosophies and ethical concerns I thought your company would be an excellent one to do business with. All the other didjs are hand-made by me. Some of them sound pretty good and have decent backprressure but, other than the time they took me to make them, they cost me me nothing.
Jesus from USA I often get good comments about the art work on my didj. I liked the bark at the end when I first saw it but now it's too heavy. I was very concern when I felt a vibration near the mouthpiece on certain sounds. I noticed a small crack concealed by the aboriginal flag near the top. Reliably graded My first didj from you guys was awesome.  
Åsa from Sweden I'm extremely pleased with my didj and I really like the artwork by Brad Gosam.   Workmanship Excellent choice of didjes - easy to find one which I really liked  
Mario Alleyne from Canada The quality of construction and finish are amazing and the sound quality is out standing I wouldn't change a thing! The shipping was by DHL and it was lightning fast, Your service was top notch. You even had a custom bag made for my Didji and it came incredibly fast as well Good job! Workmanship The web site even back in 2001 was very well put togeather and the amount of information on the site was very helpfull Fom every Didji I have ever seen mine is by far the best. I have had many people admire it!
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