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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Anonymous from USA The didj is great, has wonderful harmonics and back pressure, it is very responsive and has a clear hoot. Fits the description perfectly. The only small dislike I have is that the finish builds up in certain areas, perhaps because it is a bark didj, and looks cloudy in areas. The service is excellent. I had quick and helpful email feedback and the extensive guides and references on the website were extremely helpful. The didj is well designed and plays beautifully especially for the price. I’ve recommended your website to friends. Excellent service and product! Reliably graded No other reason but I do want to emphasize how important the ethics are in my decision. I can tell you care about the community. N/A
Anonymous from USA Lovely looking, lovely smooth feel, solid The personal service was great, the computer systems are not as great Aboriginal Made Had been up in that area on a trip a few years ago. This is a Christmas gift, so nobody has played it yet.  
Colin from USA I really like the sound quality, the craftsmanship and the artwork. Was fantastic. Workmanship Quality, Aborginal Made, and Trustworthy.  
Dean from Australia The sound is perfect! No complaints Service was really good, workmanship was good too but there is a couple of runs in the finish. But I am a cabinet maker... So I'm fussy Low Price   Excellent
James Tilotta from USA I love this didj, the paint, sound, shape, bark, the curve in the wood it's not a mass produced, but unique from all the rest... I dislike I can't easily make a few sounds out of it.. But that might be me unable to play the sounds.. I can play a lot of sounds.. A lot of others notice the healing effects, I love the healing didj just what I wanted!!!! Would have given a ten but service is slow.... The service I got was excellent though when they got back to me.. It was the time lapse that was bad, I searched a few web sites before o found this.. I read the high quality and original aboriginal workmanship and support of locals and said he'll yeah I'm buying from yall all the way from the land down under here in TEXAS! Low Price Aboriginal made, I want to know how these people bennifit from my purchase and if there living situations are good quality though... I'm not entirely convinced they are supported through his website Wow.. I don't know have not compared.. But compared to a pvc didj I'd throw the pic one away!
Tim from Australia Beautiful workmanship and artwork. Sound quality is amazing. Svargo and Shiralee were very helpful with all questions I had before purchase. Extremely impressed with the quality of the Didj. Workmanship Fast response to enquiries. Excellent website with large amount of information making it easy to purchase and learn the basics before it Didj arrived.  
Stanislav from Czech Republic I just like his tone of the king. Monumental and gentle too. Wrong documents you have provided fed ex caused delay and I had to solve it with you and fedex too by sending emails. It was not comfortable. Reliably graded Good previous experience Member of aboriginal family
Anonymous from USA The craftsmanship is very nice and it sounds great! I believe her name was Sharilee(?) she was very helpful and provided excellent info! I was wanting more quality than the other sites I have purchased from. Got it! Not as loud as others but the finish is much better. Sound is cleaner as well.
Charlie from Australia It is beautifully crafted, has incredible sound, looks great with the bark left on around the base, great art work and has an excellent beeswax mouthpiece. It is just generally amazing! Great job guys, thank you! Your service was good. I was initially concerned about providing additional information relating to the payment details. It would be good to tell us that is part of your process up front. The workmanship is amazing! Reliable Trustworthy Business The website was good, I liked being able to see and hear the didj first. The range of Didjs was good. It is great that the didjs are graded by sound. NA
Jussi Ristonmaa from Finland As always. DidjShop didjeridu is high quality. When you look at a rating, you can trust it. Shiralee is a great person. Thank you! DidjShop didj are high quality. Great thanks to everyone! Workmanship Because DidjShop is the best didj shop! One winner is this didj!
Anonymous from Mexico Mega like! Super Low Price Ok Is much better
Charles from USA The art work is just beautiful and the sound is even better Service is as good as it gets. I am totally loving the workmanship. It is beautiful. Workmanship I wanted an Aboriginal made termite hollowed Didj. No comparison
Sam from United Kingdom Awesome didg! many thanks Lovely artwork and great service from Shiralee! Reliably graded Authenticity. Guaranteed Aboriginal with some of the purchase funds going backing the Aboriginal Community WAY BETTER!!
Anonymous from Cyprus I like everything about the didj. I hane no comment, everything is great!! Workmanship Great communication and service.  
Anonymously Craftmanship Instrumental quality Great Workmanship Ihave known you and your business for many years Similar to other didjshop didjes, maybe one of the best. Price is high though, but the quality is here
Anonymously I like the looks and the sound. At the beginning it was a bit hard to play. I had to find out how to play it. But now I can manage it. Fast delivery / good communiction Workmanship   Both didjs I bought from you are incomparable.
Anonymously Good, sound quality, workmanship & ethics. Workmanship was excellent, appreciate secure transaction, but added 48hr confirmation, meant an extra 48hr wait for the didj. However was happy overall with service. Low Price No  
Andrew from United Kingdom I love it - it has a lovely natural shape and is easy to hold. First class service. Shiralee has been so helpful and so quick to respond to my questions, always provided great tips. Low Price    
Thomas from USA It looks and plays nicely. My work was very busy for the month of march so I didn't get to play it much. I bought some beeswax to learn to make the mouth piece. Can't make more than a toot without a good mouthpiece. I'm still learning and am planning to make some molds to cast beeswax into a useful repeatable shape. I also found a good used didj with an old petrified wax mouthpiece which allowed me to have a second didj to practice making a mouthpiece and playing. It's all part of the process of learning and I am enjoying it. I'm sure it'll take a good long while to learn all the sounds and get good at the circular breathing, but I like working and focusing on my breath. Responsive and helpfull. I never would have just sent money to some anonymous website halfway around the world without being able to find that there was a real person there. The didj is really nice. Sound Quality It was important that I was able to communicate with the company. Wouldn't have felt comfortable sending money halfway around the world without knowing there was a reliable person on the other end. I lucked out and found a nice used didj in my community. A used didj
Jared Reynolds from USA I love it Absolutely beautiful Great that it is family owned business Way better
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