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Aaron Davenport from Australia This Didj is well crafted, graded and tuned. A quality product from a reputable supplier of authentic, Aboriginal crafted, termite hollowed didjes. Timbre is rich; clarity is pure; play-ability is on target for a didj of this grading. This Didj is well treated for durability and finished in a manner that complements the original craftsman's aesthetic. Well done Both service and workmanship are a credit to Communication was good - particularly regarding organisation of delivery. Didj was well packed for transport and received in good order as expected. Workmanship is a credit too. Very happy. Workmanship Craftmanship, quality, authenticity, integrity, reputation. I'll add - that prior to purchase, this was only perceived from collated research and gut feeling. I am very happy to say that the above attributes are now substantiated: by both genuine product quality and service. Thanks The an906 is a fine instrument and well crafted; tuned well; accurately graded. A fine addition to the didj tool set.
James Leavy from USA Very great tone, especially after I adjusted the mouthpiece. Once I got the mouthpiece right, the tone graduated to a level higher than that I hear on most recordings, exceeded only by a select few didges, most of them being Yolgnu Yidaki. Grain is beautiful. Though I do wish that it was carved a bit thinner so that it would be a bit lighter. Awesome shape and great finish. I feel that it was carved a bit thick in comparison to other aboriginal didges. Workmanship Nope I've made a few didjes by bending PVC and one by applying plaster inside and out on bent PVC. Plasterized PVC sounded quite a lot nicer than plain PVC. I've only bought one other didj, which was from amazon. The mouthpiece was only dipped in melted beeswax and it played like garbage.
John from USA I got if for my wife for Christmas. She loves it. No problems with it. Your service was great. As for workmanship, since I've never seen a real didj I have no idea, but we are really happy with it. Reliably graded Reviews I read said you had a reliable company. Don't know.
Anonymously I like the tone. Don't like the weight, but that's to be expected. Service was great. Workmanship was a 9. Low Price Your rating system for each didj was what made me buy from you. Don't know
Isaac from Australia Great service. Delivery was quite fast as well. Great service. The workmanship is absolutely amazing. Workmanship I have been looking online for a long time and have been looking for the right one. You have such a good range and the website makes the process nice and easy.  
Anonymous from Sweden Like: It's beautiful. A true piece of art! Sounds great.:) Dislike: It's heavy! Though actually I like that it's heavy. It didn't automatically make me an amazing didgeridoo player.:( It arrived to Sweden within a week in mint condition, looking amazing. At first, the payment didn't go through (my fault) - The service around resolving that was great, huge thank you for your patience while I figured out why my bank was rejecting the transfer. For the workmanship, I couldn't be happier! It's absolutely beautiful. The bag is great as well. Workmanship As a drummer and guitarist, the highest quality / top worksmanship instruments have always been out of reach for me. When I got into playing didgeridoos and discovered that I could get an Aboriginal made, concert-grade instrument for less than 1500 AUD, I was pretty much determined to buy one. So the price was certainly a major factor. There's no comparison! It's on a different level.
Anonymously Sounds good, nicely painted, feels like quality Did arrived in time for husband's birthday - thank you! Reliably graded Seemed like reputable source Only have the one
Anonymously I like the sound, and the appearance, including the painted artwork. Shipping was prompt, Didj was packed properly and arrived undamaged. Business Ethics   An870 has much better sound quality
Bruce from USA I like it looks It plays well great sound I have no complaints. The service was fast, the didj was carefully wrapped The workman strikes me as being excellent Workmanship   Of the 4 this the an651 is most expensive, but it isalso the only one that is traditionally made
Anthony Hollis from Hong Kong I love the sound, the feel, the painting, the size, the weight. There is nothing I dislike about it. The service was super fast. Also I had nice email contact, very polite, very good service. Aboriginal Made No other reason  
Anonymously It is a work of art, beautifully unique, and I love the sound. Great service, great workmanship Reliably graded The fact that my purchase helps support Aborigine people.  
Richard Hodge from Jersey The tone, the shape, the paintwork and the size are all good. No dislikes. Superb service, though the spare wax mouthpiece was not received. Arrived in five days-amazing!!!! Well packaged. Workmanship An awesome amount of information on each didgeridoo offered for sale, very important to a beginner, especially on the other side of the planet. Only have the an804--at the moment.
Anonymous from Canada It was very easy to learn to circular breath on it. Learning new techniques on it is very easy. It is lightweight. The sound is wonderful. I struggle to get the toot note on it but I don't practice toots very much. There are a few rough spots on the exterior that could have been smoother but I am unaware of these unless asked. The service was excellent and I was given sufficient information to know exactly what I was getting and I am very happy with it. Sound Quality I would have liked to hear the didj before I bought it but mp3 files were not posted and that is the way I wanted to do it. The information on the website seemed really solid. An935 is the only didj over $100. an935 is far superior in all respects to any of the others.
Mark from USA Beautiful artwork, fantastic sounds and vibration So far I have found only 1 sweet spot on the mouthpiece to make the didj sound and the product is much heavier than I expected Fastest shipment I ever experienced. Customer service was excellent and personable Aboriginal Made   Far Far superior
Clayton Lucey from USA Nice and light weight, easy to carry and can easily hold and play without resting it on the ground. The artwork makes it look nicer as well. Very fast delivery to the US, Australia Post never showed it in their tracking, couple days later got notice posted on my door. Made in Australia I like the wide selection of didjes that are available on the site.  
Lean from New Zealand I really like the artwork and the sound quality of the didge, the harmonics are crystal clear and drone volume is unexpectedly loud - a very pleasant surprise. The only negative part is the didge is heavier than expected, but that is a minor issue The workmanship is very good, especially the art work and the shape of the mouthpiece. The service was excellent, especially when the didge did not arrive on time, I was very happy with the prompt and thorough response. Reliably graded Your website had a decent listing of beautiful, authentic didgeridoos at a reasonable price, with a sound quality grading which was easy to understand. I really like didgeridoos that are not just an instrument, but a work of art as well. Your website ticked all those boxes Much better sound quality than my pvc (self made) didge.
Chris Reeve from USA The sound quality is superb and graded accurately. I appreciate the beeswax mouthpiece and the light and clear varnish coating on the outside. The workmanship was excellent, without blemish. The service provided was also excellent. Shiralee was very helpful and went above and beyond. Workmanship Large selection. Better sound and quality.
Edd Horrocks from United Kingdom I absolutely love the sound, weight and beastly natural tree look..!!. Fantastic from start to finish, I wouldn't buy a didge anywhere else..!! Workmanship Authentic termite eaten didgeridoos and natural look...I like the whole earth connection and the story involveing the ants as stars... Would not buy a split didge Outstanding, they all are,apart from my first ever $60 do it urself termite eaten branch
Paul from United Kingdom Nice clear sound lots of resonance. Didj a bit heavy but not a big problem Apart from the glitches of ordering and corresponding via email I found the order process and choice of didges quite good. I especially found the quality rating helpful. Shiralee was very friendly and helpful throughout the whole ordering process from choosing to getting it shipped Reliable Trustworthy Business The Grading system helped me choose a didje suitable for my needs Far better sound and quality
Kristopher Knox from USA I love my didj, the aesthetics of the heavy bark are so satisfying to hold (also my 9month old son loves it too! I play for him everyday!) I only wish I had a case for it! You all bring the best customer service imaginable! I arrived at the site with little to no knowledge and left not only purchasing a didj but knowing how to play! I am still impressed at how quickly I received the didj, exceptional performance. Workmanship I got really good energy from your company, intuition is very important to me. N/A
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