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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Nick from Australia Love the light natural timber colour. love the simple engraved design. love the sound, it is easy to get a good sound out of this didge. Very satisfied with your communication and efficient service. it shows in the quality of your website. Sound Quality Website user friendly More expensive,much better,better value.
Ravi from USA I like everrything about the DidJ - the design, paintings, the sound, and particularly its authenticity. Very responsove service. I would have liked to see more color, but I guess I got the best workmanship for my money. Workmanship Made by australian natives and proceeds / funds goes to the natives. I believe in preserving ancient cultures and practices and this is a small yet notewrothy way of doing it, from my perspective. From the sound files I heard on your site, it plays well. I bet I can do a whole lot more with it once I learn how to play well.
Roberto from Italy The vibrations Very good Aboriginal made Sound
Vincent from Canada I like unpainted wood. This didj is relatively short and straight, with a clear sound. It's a perfect size, so I can take it along when I'm traveling. Svargo was very kind. The shipping to Québec was unexpectedly fast too! Business Ethics   They are not even comparable. I only own some PVC pipe didjes and my great dijdshop one.
Richard from Czech Republic Love the painting, the workmanship, the origin. Last but not least, I spent some time in Australia and couldn't take any didj home with me, so this is my memory of downunder! Excellent service, first I was a bit worried about the packaging during the very long transport but later I realized YOU are truly profesional! Business Ethics As I mentioned above, the aboriginal made & made in Australia were reasons Nr 1. Moreover I didn't find any better didj shop on the internet.  
Romey from Canada Its beautiful, but I have to admit it is a birthday gift for my daughter on April 27, 2008. I can't believe how fast it got here, and it is a beautiful instrument as well as work of art. I expect Raven to hang onto this for the rest of her life and possibly even pass it on. Workmanship Your website was frank, honest and trustworthy. I learned tons about the didge market and wanted to show my appreciation for your strong moral ethics and quality of workmanship and presentation. There's no comparison, she's using a large upholstry cardboard tube and my jembe for now.
Anonymously The sound quality is excellent, however I am a little disappointed with the vocals, but it may just be my lack of experience. I still need to practice. My other didge is very different from this one and so I have to change my playing style a little. The didge looks just like I expected it to, I did not want one that was really elaborate. THe service was great, I was actually surprised at how quickly it arrived. Workmanship No Much more expensive because I made them out of PVC. Howeever, al205 looks much better and the sound quality is obviously better.
Peter from Belgium It has a unique sound, never heard such sound before. It has a real high, clear tone. Just as I've ordered A very quick delivery and at a point where I had some questions about fees, I had a real quick answer. So keep up the good work over there!!! Workmanship It was the first time. When I sent in a search query for didjeridus, I had a satisfying answer from you, with lots of options going from cheap to medium expensive. Overall, I choose for good service It sounds much better, as far as it can be compared, because it's a totaly different tone, and it's much smaller than my other didjeridus
Ian from USA This is my first didj and I am very pleased with the way it sounds, looks, and feels. It took me a long time to find the didj I wanted. After looking on the site for a little while I saw the one and ordered it. I couldn't be happier with my didj, and the phone call I received telling me when I could expect it was very comforting. Sound Quality I knew what I was getting and how it would sound. That made me comfortable with buying from your company. There weren't any surprises.  
Paul from Canada I like the sound, attractive didj; I find the mouthpiece a bit big for a beginner Thought the service was very good - rec'd the didj on the date expected; workmanship seems excellent Workmanship Checked other websites and your site appeared to offer the best product and contained much valuable information about the didj This is difficult for me to answer as I am a beginner, I do believe that al162 has better sound and it was cheaper in price
Sean from USA This is the most awesome didj I have ever made contact with! The artwork is incredible and the sound is out of this world! The workmanship is superb! Obviously great care was taken in its creation. Workmanship Your commitment to supporting aboriginies and their culture This didj is way off the scale - it was the most expensive instument i've bought other than a car.:)
Anonymously Good: sound, painting less good: the mouthpiece is a little uneven. Fine Good selection and presentation of didges in your store in Kuranda I cannot compare
Matthew from USA Earthy feel, beautiful eucalyptus, deep sound The person who contacted me to verify the order was very nice. The emails kept me informed of the shipping status of my didj. Reliably graded Great selection, grade scale of sound quality Ah648 was more expensive but was worth the extra $ when it comes to sound quality and sentimental value
Hardy Keller from Germany I love everthing about my new didge! great paintings, a rare shape and a brilliant sound! Professional, bright, fast,.. high quality, proper packing,.. Workmanship A wide range of didges, good pictures, story about the painting and an user-friendly homepage It's the best of all;-)) for an appropriate price
Anonymously I like the workman ship and the uniqueness.. Everything was good. Workmanship No  
Matthias from Switzerland I like the sound of my new didji as well as the feeling when I am playing. It is very beautiful, I have never seen such a nice Didji. Can hear the didj before I buy The site is very Familiar. Very nice! I feel like at home:) It was much more expensiv, but it is from a other World:) I love both Didjies I have.
James from USA It was much better than expected, especially the harmonics. I am now learning about sound healing, thanks to this didj, and many people comment on how it makes them feel. Service is perfect - fast, responsive, and all that one could desire. Workmanship was clearly equal to the picture, if not better. Nope - first time buyer of a didj, so the whole experience was new. Dramatically better.
Anonymously ??? ??? Business Ethics    
Ales from Czech Republic Didj is generaly great. Especialy I like the vibrations on it. The tone is maybe too low, but it's nothing to be worried about. Very proffesional. Everything went on track and very fast. Sound Quality Very well arranged rating of didjeridu sound  
Beat from Switzerland I like the deep sound, its curved form and paintings with story about it. I dislike wax mouthpieces, relatively low bachpressure. Good presentation at the didjshop, good billing siystem, feedback is fast and delivery very fast. Workmanship: fine paintings, nice carving, wax mouthpiece a bit uneven, lack and inside treating hard to tell; I like the original bore when it is not worsening sound qualities. Can hear the didj before I buy From first and following contacts with You, especially Svargo's support. Some are a little bit better, but there are not many to compare really on the same level (low G!), some didges were even more expensive, others have a fuller sound and allow faster playing and strong blows
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