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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Kristin Kin G. Oedegaard from Norway I love the sound, the feeling and smell of my new didjeridu, and the maouthpiece was just perfect. Very good service, quick delivery and very high quality indeed Sound Quality This is a healing didj - I would not have bought without this I have a plastic didj. The am 597 costs more, of course, but sounds, feels, smells nicer and give a warmth an debth that I cannot achieve on my plastic one
Anonymous from Canada Everything is awesome! The art work is unique making it a one of a kind artifact. a great selection of timber. Payment processing and delivery was quick as well. Workmanship    
Michael from Germany Great didge with a great sound. Perfekt service! Great website. Can hear the didj before I buy Perfect Website with lot of interesting background information. Much better.
Chris Ostrowski from USA It sounds amazing, feels amazing, and looks amazing. Didgshop is really built on trust and quality. The universal prime force runs through your work and is evident n your service. Workmanship Universal Prime Force flows through you. No comparison.
Anonymous from Sweden I like the didj very much and so far I don't have anything I dislike of it. I cannot rate the sound quality or workmanship as I am new to didjes but to me it seem very very good! Very fast service, also no problem with the shipping, the didj was well packed Can hear the didj before I buy Apart from already hearing from a former customer that you were reliable and sold good didjes a very important reason was to be able to listen to the didj before. I might have bought a cheaper as I am learning, but there were no audio files.  
Anonymous from Austria I like the naturalness! The service was excellent. The look of the didj is straightforward. I am happy! Reliably graded   Much better!
Mark from United Arab Emirates Nice design and makes a great sound The didj is very well made with great decoration. It was quickly an safely delivered and the information from the office was excellent Aboriginal Made The website was informative and helpful and instilled a sense of trust that what I was going to get would be good quality and the genuine article  
Christian from Denmark The design was absolutely gorgeous for the price being. The sound was not completely as expected, but perhaps I still just have to learn to play it properly. Great communication and very professional e-shop overall. There are really no negative things to mention. Low Price You seemed like the most true and professional didge shop online.  
Anonymous from Sweden I am very happy with my didgeridoo, the real thing! It is not just a musical instrument, but also a piece of art that I love and practice every day. I have learned circulation breathing for a few days only, now it feels wonderful to continue playing! The delivery was very good and fast and the supplier wanted to make sure that the card owner / buyer was right, it was great! Workmanship Didgeridoon is the real thing, painted by aborriginer, which was important to me!  
James from Canada I loved the size and the engraved burnt wood artwork and it had nice back pressure. It didn't bother me but I found a huge ( by Canadian standards) spider in my didj. It was dead but still fresh so I assume it died in shipping. Honestly it didn't bother me but wanted to let you know as someone else may have been freaked by it. Can hear the didj before I buy Your website really presented you as honest, reliable and ethical. My other didj is a plastic practice disk so there is really no comparison. I wanted my first real one to be a good one which is why I bought from you.
Chris from Australia The Didj is great sounds much like the mp3, I don't really have any complaints at all. The didj bag was quite mouldy when it arrived but I just popped it in the laundry and it's fine. The service was exactly what I expected and everything arrived as expected so no complaints. I hope that I have helped support a truly indigenous Australian business and I am happy because I love playing the Didj! The artwork is amazing everyone comments on it and I'm glad it is not a foreign knockoff like most tourist shops have. Keep up the good work! Sound Quality Your website really emphasizes the importance of quality products and great service. I appreciate that my money went to support a great group of individuals. A bit more expensive as I found and cut/painted my own didjs but the sound quality is much superior.
Catherine from USA I love everything Workmanship great. It would have been helpful to be able to talk to someone. I never got my T-shirt that was supposed to come with it. Workmanship   Na
Stephen from USA Tone, clarity resonance are great. Trumpets very difficult to grab. I know the style of this didge is not made for trumpets Very well made, service great, some runs in finish - I am confident this instrument will last and not crack even in my dry climate Workmanship Web site very clear and informative, helped me understand the instrument and the construction Price similar, sound quality is very high, value is good
Angela from USA The quality is absolutely fantastic! I visited Australia and did not find such beautiful natural pieces as these. The customer service and integrity of the company has me extremely impressed. It's not about the sale, it's all about quality and happy customers. Above and beyond Reliably graded Felt ver comfortable with the honesty I'm going to shrink the wax hole and should be good to go!
James from USA Exactly the size I was looking for. The harmonics are great!! The finish is beautiful and Customer Service is awesome. I had a problem with the last didge I purchased and Svargo and his team were so helpful. Thank You! Workmanship I have been a long time customer and have always been satisfied. The an004 and my other new didge from Didgshop are the best ones I have ever owned.
Richard from Canada I like the sound, I also like the finish smooth wood and near the bell the bark finish. I did not think it would be so heavy but I can do with that. The workamanship is very professional you can feel the sense of conscient attention. The service was as promissed. The amount of information provided on your website inspires a trust in your company. You also share info that others would have you pay for. The am916 is a lot superior to the bamboo didj I have.
Anonymously The sound and shape of this didg is outstanding Fast delivery, good packing Reliably graded Good consensus  
Tim from Sweden Beutiful and sounds great. Good communication and great instrument Workmanship I wanted a didge with the best possible sound quality. Better in every way
David De Rijke from Thailand No dislikes never knew about the engraving, still exploring the sounds and breathing part. to get the sounds no problem to get the breathing part right....not yet. Absolutely correct service great ideas about what didj I would have to cgoose. workmanship yeah I really like te didj although I have not much to compare to. Reliably graded Friendliness of your replies to my emails Nothing to compare
Anonymous from USA The artist design is great and the tonality is awesome! The service and workmanship are impeccable! Workmanship I feel that you are trustworthy and you are trying your best to keep the authenticity of aboriginal art genuine. Beyond compare!
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