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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Gary from United Kingdom I like everything about it Your service was excellent all the way through from start to finish. and the workmanship is good Workmanship Authenticity and that fact that it supports Aboriginal issues and culture My other didj I made myself from English oak and it sounds great I would love to have it played by an expert.
Reece Learmouth from United Kingdom It's gorgous. I love the patterns, I love the smell, the looks, the care put into it, its amazing. You can feel the time and attention put into it. The love and care really shows through Workmanship If you want the best and the most original, you have to go to the professionals It's in a completly different league
Ruben Dewulf from Belgium His so little and light that's so nice to play. Normally, I played with the right corner of my mouth. Now with this didg he offer me to play in the center, mutch more harmonist like on this way... What I dislake, I thaught first he's just plastic with all the oil, wax arround for protecting I had first reservated the didg by typing that I would pay with belgium bank account. Afterwarse It looks that there came a lot of transfer costs So I wanted to pay with visa and I did. But this was really complicated. Sound Quality It was a healing didg, light, and you seem to me a professional good organisation that I can trust The other one is super best but You can't put compare them with eatch other. My other one is huge, and very low grounded deep bas
George Brock from USA Not hearing the overtones I was expecting from such a high rated instrument good key intonation Good communications prompt service surface of didgeridoo thick and gloppy the inside is worked Workmanship Well designed web site Favorably for the most part sound to my notion is over-rated price okay
The Same On The Top from Spain Sound, easy to play, shape Can hear the didj before I buy Easy to pay, Sound, This particular didj, Australian origins No possible to compare it
Anonymous from Us Minor Outlying Islands It's a Didj that looks great and it seems easy to play. I also like that its authentic, it has a history. I have very little to compare it with, this is was a gift for my husband, a musician who loves the didj sound and would love to learn it some day, but does not know much about it. I wanted to be a nice one that he will be able to use as he learns but also may use in performances in the future. I'm very satisfied with the product and the transaction, but had no clear expectations and have little basis to compare workmanship, sound or quality. Reliable Trustworthy Business Web site, how it explained the business policies and the level of detail in the description of the didjs. None to compare
I love its authenticity (eucalyptus wood, termite made, harvested by aboriginal people) Very good service: clear, fast and efficient Business Ethics I just wanted the real deal and was willing to pay a bit more (within reason) to have a quality genuine instrument. The real plus for me is the fact that it's harvest and produced by aboriginal athat are solar powered (I work in PV pnael business:) )  
Robert from USA I love my didj. Back pressure is absolutely incredible and was easy for me to learn to circular breath, took about 2 hours of trying. The sound quality is higher than expected, even my teacher John Groves was very impressed. The service is awesome, I spoke to people for a few days about didgeridoos before purchasing one. I gave them my back ground, what I was looking for and came back with a lot of didgeridoos in my range to look at, with a couple recommendations. One of which was one I had the most interest in to begin with. Sound Quality Your service sold me. Also the fact it is Aboriginal made, money goes back to planing trees. You care. My bloodwood and your didgeridoo I bet are very close to the same quality sound, but the bloodwood cost 4 times as much. The looks are equal, both are gorgeous pieces of nature. But your price hands down is fantastic and very hard to find anyone able to match prices and quality.
Kerry from USA I like the sound quality and ease of playing. It is easy to reach the first overtone (tone). I also like the eucalyptus wood, which is heavy. I like the power/volume, and the good articulation. You have excellent customer service, at least from my experience. Shiralee is a very good person for customer service, I think. The only thing that I didn't really like as far as workmanship is that the bark section near the distal end of the didj has some rough surfaces on it that feel like sandpaper. It looks as if there may have been a reaction with the bark and the varnish, as the plain wood areas near the bark do not have that texture, but are smooth. No really big deal, but my other four didj's from the Didjshop are smoothly finished on the bark area. Workmanship I bought this didj because I was happy with the previous four didj's that I had boughten from the Didjshop, and the great service. The 619 is a unique didj, being an original authentic didj. My other didj's have their own personalities that make them unique, also. Two of them are are excellent didj's made by world renouned craftsman Chad Butler. The other three fill a different didj role, in that they are extremely short for a didj, called a "Didjbox" and "Didjflute".
Lee from United Kingdom She's an all round bute, no dislikes apart from no sound recording for this didge on site. however, not a biggie as trusted your rating Top marks all round Workmanship Own 2 other didges from yourself, both excellent. I wanted one in the key of A and they dont seem to be that many about. I trust your grading system and like your business ethos. my faith was not misplaced, thank you. Am651 compares very well on all counts,
Anonymous from Czech Republic Great picture and spirit. for now the sound is not clear enough but we have to used to each is quite heavy.... Very polite and useful communication. Workmanship is very authentic. Can hear the didj before I buy Good experience from previous didj and cooperation It is tune
Anonymously Its fantastic I like every thing about it. The service was straight forward and the workman ship was much better than the photo. Sound Quality You support the indigenous people of Australia and their artists.  
Patrick Chartier from France Beautiful instrument. Very good sound. Perfect Workmanship No. Incomparable
Jose Antonio from Spain I like the sound of this didj. I connected with this sound when I heared in your web. All was very fast to receive my didj. Five days to delivery Australia to Spain, fast very fast. All information about it was ok. Low Price I bought other didj four years ago. The experience was perfect. Thanks. The al777 is my best didj.
Kerry from USA I like the feel of this one. I like the narrow shaft and length of it, and the far end of it (bell end) has a unique shape. I really like the tone and articulation. I do wish that the mouthpiece end was a little bigger in diameter, but I like most everything about it. It is maybe my favorite didj. The service is excellent...Shiralee does a great job. Packaging is excellent, as the didj arrived in tip-top shape. As far as workmanship, I am happy with it. However, there are very tiny marks perpendicular to the shaft near the mothpiece end, that maybe were part of the finishing process. They appear to be in the varnish. Workmanship I had bought a didj from you before, and was happy with it and the service. The am532 is one of my favorites, if not the favorite, of all the didj's that I have, including from you or others.
Kerry from USA I like the lighter weight of this didj, and also the wider diameter of the shaft. I really like the articulation and voice of it. I like the shape of it, very ergonomic. There are some cool figures in the wood, also. One looks like a mother rabbit holding up a baby! No dislikes about this one. Service was excellent...thanks, Shiralee, and whoever packages them to be shipped! As far as workmanship, I am happy. There are some very tiny marks from what might the finishing process near the mouthpiece end that run perpendicular to the shaft. Looks to be in the varnish only. Workmanship I had bought another didj from you, and was happy with it. This didj is in a class by itself. The price is higher, but then so is the sound quality and value.
Kerry from USA I like the ergonomics of it. It is easy to hold in spite of it's longer length and weight. I like the deep tone and resonance, and also the articulation and volume. It is a great didj. There isn't anything that I dislike about it. Service was have a great staff! Communication was excellent. Last minute changes in ordering were handled very well. The workmanship was very, very good. No problems with that at all. Workmanship Just that previous didj's from you were excellent, along with the service. Didjshop didj's are in their own class. A little bit more expensive, but the quality of sound and workmanship, along with service, is there.
Damien from Australia My first didj! The right size, good looking and hopefully will be forgiving to learn on.:o) Excellent communication and delivery, well run business. Workmanship Professional look to the website and information, hoping that would translate to trustworthy business, it did! Not really sure as this is my first.
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