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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Sauli from Finland I like the soud of it. and it looks and feel like a real didge becouse it is a real didge. Your service was realy friendly and quick. and delivery to other side of the world just 2 weeks:) Workmanship From your websites I got feeling that this is a good place to buy didge. The othre didge is made of plastic pipe by my self so the difference is big.
Davide from Italy I like so much the armonic sound The service is very good and "clever" for the payment...a very special organization Business Ethics You are pretty nice  
Bart Vrancken from Netherlands I like the fact it's really and portable and light. I like the fact it produces a soft natural tone, most coated didges sound "harsh" and this one has a very pleasant mild and natural sound. It also the perfect amount of backpresure and very clear vocals with a wide tone reach. I dislike the fact that the natural mouthpiece (i removed the wax) isn't smooth, it's jagged and rather painful if you play hard and long. And I think it's a shame some of the bark came loose at the end of my didge. Shipping was perfect, it was packed very well and delivered very quickly. Reliably graded I had friends who own didjshop didges. It's far better in my eyes.
From United Kingdom I love everything about the didj, it is exactly wht I wanted.Its beauty, sound and touch is the world to me. Right from the start I was treated as though I was the only client, I felt I was in the shop and talking to the staff even though I was liaising on the phone and email. Your staff were friendly and willing to help with choosing the perfect didg for me, by using their knowledge, expertise and customer care skills I was able to purchase the exact didj I was looking for. I can not praise the staff or the shop enough. Well done. Reliably graded Outstanding staff and detailed website with all the information one could wish for. Deeper and slower which is what I wanted in my first didj
Philip from Belgium Sound and feel Very solidly crafted didj. I was amazed to see it arrive at the other end of the globe in a mere 5 days time Workmanship Overall feel of website: not the most stunning graphics, but a lot of effort clearly went into providing good info The other two are PVC pipes of variable diameter, which help me learning circular breathing without drowning your didge in saliva
Bart Vrancken from Netherlands The looks are great, nicely colored wood, very detailed painting. Simply a beautifully didge. Very rich sound suitable for quick or slow play. Very versatile I dislike the mouthpiece, again it was not as nice to play one once I removed the wax (and I really prefer natural mouthpieces) No comment. Reliably graded I already owned a didjshop didgeridoo which was very satisfactory. For the price I did expect a bit more. I already owned a didjshop didge for roughly half of what I payed for this one and the increase in price just didn't match the increase in quality.
Anonymously Its fantastic every thing I hoped for and more. looks great and sounds even better. Top notch service and craftmanship. the didj got lost on the way but that was a courier issue Can hear the didj before I buy Not realy There is no comparison my ad914 is superia in every way
James Lewis from United Kingdom I love this didge, I have two expensive didgeridoos, this being one of them. I love the deep key it has that just send the vibrations right down your bone and the calls sound completely sensational. It was thanks to this didge that I learned to circular breathe! The service was brilliant, even though I live in England, I still got a phone call the day after ordering it to tell me that it would be being dispatched soon. The workmanship of the didge itself is amazing, really well made, beautiful sound to it. Sound Quality Well priced didgeridoos, and through reading the whole of the website, I was able to see that you guys really understood and cared for the didges, and the customers. I knew I wouldn't have any problems with you guys. Very well in my personal opinion, I would not have bought it if I felt that it was not as good compared to the others. I spent a long time going through your didges to find just the right one.
Jonny Monument from United Kingdom Likes. Monster sound. Stunning artwork. fabulous everything. Honestly. Sounds corny, but this is my perfect didj. Workmanship:- It looks stunning! Length, artwork, sound, everything is staggering. Seriously. It is an inspriational instrument. Service:- OK... when you buy something in the UK, it usually takes ages to get to you. The post is slow, and the suppliers are slow etc etc. HOWEVER!! I ordered this on a Friday. It arrived the NEXT Monday. I was BLOWN AWAY by that. How is that possible? It was SO fast. Combine that with my feelings for my didj, and you have one seriously happy punter. Workmanship Great experiences. This was my third didj from you, and every single one has been a stunner. Your didjes are nice. Your people are nice. Your website is nice, and your terms and customer service is so flexible and kind that it would seem silly to go elsewhere. You uphold the tradition and craft, and with your newsletters you keep thos of us who are miles away informed as well. No comparison really. The ah181 is the big daddy compared to the other "non didjshop" didj I have.
Garry from United Kingdom It was my 1st Australian Didg and has given me hours of enjoyment for the last 2 years Very proffessional Workmanship No As good even slightly better
Johan from Belgium Like: great sound, beautiful didj (the eyes are pleased), it was easy to start playing with as a beginner. dislike:...mayhap next time I buy one, it would be with a bigger ending? but this didj is a very good one. Nicely done, it’s a beauty and plays very good. Mayhap a little too much bark stripped of but of course that’s something you know when you see it before you decide to buy. I was a little afraid about its trip to Belgium but when the packed arrived (a special didj box: was funny) it was completely intact and when I opened it the didj was very well packed in bubble-wrap (or how you call it). it’s a great didj, well made and still among the living and looking very dashing. I’m more than pleased Can hear the didj before I buy Better didjs than in stores here. It is all very different from each other weight: ah398 can’t hold up with 1 arm for more than 30 sec other.: it weights’ nothing sound: ah398: good other: poor looks: ah398: dashing other: painted but it comes of when you hold it even for a minute price: ah398: you pay for quality and get is, so very good other: you pay almost no money but even then you are totally
Steven Gruchawka from USA This didj is special to me because it was my first quality didj and it is Aboriginal made in Austrailia. I no longer play it very much, however, because it is too heavy to comfortably hold and its sound quality and vocal range is not as good as some of my other comparably priced didges. My favorite didges are my E by Chad Butler, F by Bill Hanes, and C# by Inlakesh. The Didjshop is a great outlet and I recommend it highly to others for genuine Aboriginal made didgeridoos that are reliably graded and fairly priced. Workmanship Interesting and informative website, good people, Aboriginal made, sound samples, reliable grading, great selection, made in Austrailia. I no longer play it very much because it is too heavy to comfortably hold and its sound quality and vocal range is not as good as some of my other comparably priced didges. My favorite didges are my E by Chad Butler, F by Bill Hanes, and C# by Inlakesh.
Martin Allwright from United Kingdom I am happy with the quality and only use it occasionally for fun, I have no dislikes with it. I was very happy with the service, quick and efficient with lots of useful information on the website to aid selection. Reliable Trustworthy Business I planned to buy a didj when I visited Australia, but was dissatisfied with the tourist items and wanted a proper termite aboriginal made one and was impressed by your website. The bockground infromation on the site was useful to understand the differences in standards for a novice. Unable to comment, but very satisfied with the one I bought
Anonymous from South Africa Incredible sound and looked fantastic. Excellent workmanship and service. Sound Quality   Much better sound quality and looks better as well. other Didjis made from bamboo or piping.
Kristoffer Stensbo-smidt from Denmark There is really nothing I don't like about this didj. Just from the weight of it you can tell that it is real quality. The sound is perferct and so is the workmanship. The service is the best I've ever experienced! Even though I messed up the payment step, the support was kind and helpful. The workmanship is very good too, but there are small spots on the bark that haven't received enough varnish so that small pieces are beginning to fall off. Nothing grave, but it's a bit disappointing when the rest of the didj is of so high quality. Reliably graded The huge collection of didjes. My only other "didj" is a cheap bamboo didj I found in a tourist shop. There is no way you can compare that with the one I got from Didjshop.
Anonymously I love it! It sounds better than any didj I've ever played and I like the fact that it was made by aboriginals and by an ethical company. Service is so fast and reliable, and the didj is absolutely fantastic Business Ethics   You can't compare it: the other "industrial" didj sounds fine until you listen to the af951. After that, it's very difficult to play another didj. It just FEELS different.
Barry Adams from United Kingdom I am very happy with the sound and the feel of my didj I found you to be very efficient, kind and understaning and approachable. I cannot really on workmanship as I have nothing to compare with but I am very satisfied. Sound Quality Your presentation was quite impressive  
Lynn Harold from USA This didj is beautiful! While not being played, I proudly display it in my living room with a few other unusual items. The sound is clear and sonorous. What impressed me the most was how fast I received my didj. I live in the USA and received it within a few days of ordering it. Reliable Trustworthy Business Honesty and integrity shows through on your web site, I felt I could trust you. This was important for me as a 1st-time international buyer. Ad466 is MUCH BETTER than my other two didjes. The others were purchaed more for appearance than for sound.
Anonymously It is a little heavier than expected and the postal delivery time is much longer than expected I have no dislikes, except that it took so long to get it. Reliable Trustworthy Business You gave plenty of info to evaluate Middle of the pack
Gilles from France I like his sound Very good workmanship sending delay are ok Sound Quality No  
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