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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Peter Huber from Australia One of the best didges I get Every time very good Workmanship Long time customer  
Peter Huber from Australia This didge I will never give away Very good workmanship and super service. Thank you all Workmanship Every time a great pleasure to buy from you  
Anonymously It sounds great and is easy to play with beautiful artwork. The only minor criticism is a very small scratch in the artwork The didj arrived much faster than expected and in excellent condition Business Ethics    
Anonymous from Lithuania I mainly like the craftsmanship, it feels amazing. The sound is also excellent. I have no complaints about this didj. The service was amazing I received help with every aspect I wanted, I don't think that I could have chosen a didj without the help of your service. The workmanship is simply amazing I can not imagine a better didj. Workmanship The site created the impression that it was really reliable, after reading the guest book I knew that everyone was satisfied with the services. It is more expensive, yet it surpasses the other didges with sound quality and value.
Kenichi Ishiyama from Japan I am 100% satisfied with this didj. Actually now I am thinking of buying another didj from you, say, with a lower key 'low G'. am249 seems good but test hearing is possible on web so I am hesitating to order. Very good. Reliably graded Your web is excellent. Especially how how to do CB. how to make a mouth piece. As043 is the heaviest and the longest and about the sound the deepest, actually I am producing a new sound every day.
Anonymous from USA I like the clear crisp sound of the drone. It is not as loud as I thought a 5 would be compared to my other didj. Excellent service, I am very happy with the didj. The only problem I see is the ID # could be in a more obscure place and the epoxy spots toward the bell end could have been sanded down to get rid of the sharp areas. I was impressed by the history of your sales. The selection and quality of information on your web site compared to others. Price is 10 times more than others. Sound quality is superior to all others. One other one is louder.
Michael from Germany I had a very good advice from Svargo Freitag, and a very nice email communication with Shiralee Betuel. I had a good feeling about transportation. Its a long way. Workmanship I would say perfect. Low Price So many Didjes. The only shop, where I could buy a didje withe the key "A" Price equal. The first with "A"and high concert.Sound the best.
Anonymous from Australia Nice finish great sound. Very good service and very well made didj. Would recommend to anyone. Made in Australia Could hear examples and well set up site. The other one was a souvineer type so heaps better
Luke from Sweden Love everything about it; dislike nothing. It's perfect! Workmanship I can't really comment on, as I'm not at all an expert in didgeridoo workmanship, but I really do like my didge, so I'm assuming the workmanship is top notch. Service was brilliant. I ended up buying a didge that was recommended to me after you guys considered my creiteria, and I got an essay back, informing me on the sort of thing I should be looking for as a beginner. Faultless service from start to finish! Reliably graded You just seemed like your heart was in the right place, man. N/a
Justin Ramsey from USA Could not ask for any thing better just what I was lookin for and more. Took a total of two days to learn how to circular breathe my didji is freakin sweet.......... Service was the best I had on the web. I was well informed on the progress of my order and got to me very fast and in seconds I was playing on the best diji I have ever played. And to top it all off just the beauty of the wood says it all Nice job guys. Thank you for providing an exllent product You guys paired me up with Just what I was looking for in one email Price you get what you pay for value if well taken care of will hold sound above expectation
David De Lucena from Brazil A Brad Gosam Didgeridoo. Just beautiful! Just Great! Workmanship Just love the Didjshop! It was much expensive, but the art is increadible
Donald from Vietnam Overall very happy, only comment would be the internal finish appears rougher than I would I expected to see, that said, I very happy with the didj's sound quality Overall servivce was excellant, delivery very fast and easy also Overall very happy and will buy another didj in the future Workmanship   Very good and very happy with it, sound quality and ease to play is noticablebetter than the other didj I own.
Anonymous from France I like his song The work has the hand is done well, feel(smell) him(it) the good wood respecting bravo for this work of the wood Workmanship    
Joseph Carringer from USA Perfect for the colleague I chose it for Outstanding as always Workmanship Sutainability Can hold it's own with against a concert high didge
Cody from USA Initially I disliked its higher pitch, as my other didj (a homemade bamboo one), was rather low. I have grown to really enjoy it's sound, however. I really like the art, and enjoy having the artist's signature. The didj itself is beautiful. The colors are rich and full, and the wood is obviously great quality. The service was very good, the website was easy to use and the staff is on top of things. (More than I, in fact.) Workmanship The website is very easy to use, and I really enjoyed the ability to get suggestions from the experts. The grading system is fantastic, and very detailed. I learned a lot about didgeridoos I never knew. My bamboo didj was homemade, so obviously rather cheap. But it's quality is simply no comparison to my didjshop didj.
Gay Myers from USA I like the way it looks, the way it sounds and the way it smells. My digi arrived very promptly-sooner than I expected. It arrived about a week after I made my online purchase. Also I found your website to be extremely helpful. Your website impressed me: the suggestions for beginners and the instructions to make a digi from PVC pipe. I do not have any others.
Jordi Garcia Martinez from Spain Is the best didje I played!! Wonderfull sound! The didje looks prety nice. The service is excelent, I can know all about the shiping and travel of the didje in all moments. 10 for the service Can hear the didj before I buy The webs insipire me a lot of confiance* Its much better in all comparisions
Joseph Carringer from USA This didge is perfect!! This didge is a masterful work of art and has an amazing sound Workmanship Your the best!! All my didges are Cm-h so you are really splitting hairs, but this one and my C really seem to be my favorites for nothing more than just playing preferences
Troy from USA Very Happy with the piece and the ability to select the location it came from. Service was fantastic. I had very specific requests and your team was extremely helpful. You guys have a great thing going. Workmanship I was determine to get one from the area I visited 8 years ago and you helped me to do that. Fantastic service!! NA
Kirsten from USA I like that it is beautiful, sounds beautiful and is easy to play. For me, it's a little heavey. Service was great and really helpful. The website forms and exchange rates changing were challenging. And, I thought a bag came with the didge. Can hear the didj before I buy High references It has a beautiful sound compared to friends' didges.
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