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Jenny from Australia Lightweight, good sound, easy to play Excellent service, great feedback and assistance Business Ethics As a novice, your feedback and recommendations were invaluable. I could be guided by your experience. More clarity of sound, however, my new one is smaller so may make a difference
Ryan from Australia Love the crispness of it. easy to play. looks superb. couldnt ask for a better beginners didge. want to get a deeper more ressonant didge now Delivery and correspondence was perfect. support team were fantastic with answering my questions immediately and very helpfully. The didge is a masterpiece. Beautiful, clear finish. wood still retaining its original timber look. Superb Sound Quality The correspondence Shiralee was excellent. She suggested this didge for me and was more than happy to answer all my anoying questions. Her intergrity made me glad to have bought the didge from you guys. Thanks Shiralee! For the price, the sound is unbeatable. Value is almost......i almost feel bad for paying so little for it
Mitch from USA The sound is excellent with a very full reverberation. I love the look and feel of the wood -- it just has a presence. Although heavier than I expected, this contributes to its character -- it makes a statement, Very happy about the workmanship, but new to the genre. Your service is excellent. I was able to shop through your inventory extensively and listen to lots of didjes. I played the mp3 for this on over and over and became convinced that 'this one was for me'. Reliably graded Your operation is so far above others, that it cannot be compared to any other I know about. I especially appreciate your dedication to aboriginal culture. 1 US made didj made by an artist/craftsman which I own was cheaper(partially due to less shipping charge) and more attractive, easier to play, but sound quality somewhat less. Otherwise local didjes are a disappointment all around compared to am103
Anonymous from Italy I well received the didj and I'm very satisfied. it' s a very good instrument Professional and serious Aboriginal Made None  
Mitch from USA Like: beautiful full sound, very good design and craft including the painting Not so sure if the reduction in size of the mouthpiece can affect the sound(??) Perfect service as usual and top of the line craftsmanship. Reliably graded That just about covers it, other than you are trusted by my friends. No real comparison on sound quality -- you beat them all. I have one US artist/craftsman didj which is outstandingly beautiful, a total work of art in wood.
Chuck St John from USA Great instrument, lovely art. Easy to play, easy enough it hooked my wife to try, and now there are two didjs being played here. It works as promised. Nice. Sound Quality I like the web sites feel. It is a smaller instrument, my other didj is really a wonder, so Am021 is measured in good company, and it is a good didj.
Tiia from Finland It is perfect. I bought one back in year 2007 from Cairns and my brother wanted one too when he saw it. Next week on 10 th of April is his 30th birthday and I'm going to give it to him as a present. He is an artist so he'll appreciate the quality of the sound of this didj. The didj was here much sooner than I anticipated and came straight to my doorstep. Didj is appsolutely beautiful. I can't analyse the sound of it very well, but next week I'll now if my brother likes it...I'm sure he will. Aboriginal Made I wanted it to be from the same company I bought my otherone from. It's about the same, sound I can't compare.
Elden from USA It fully meets my expectations. There were a couple of grooves (3/8" wide, 1/8" deep, 2-3" long) inside at the mouthpiece. One was filled with beeswax, the other I filled in with beeswax. Probably don't matter in the grand scheme of things, but I didn't expect them. Great customer service communication about a problem running my Visa internationally. Lightning fast delivery made me super happy. Workmanship Your website was easy to navigate and well organized. N/a
Anonymous from United Kingdom Beautifully carved and painted, excellent sound quality, authentic termite hollowed and eaucalyptus. Workmanship is un-faultable. Service was okay, except money took around 20 days to come out of my account. Also got an import tax invoice from for over £26 due to the way the didj was classified on the customs papers, I think customers should be warned about this before purchasing or the goods labelled differently. However, customer services were very helpful. Workmanship I was not able to hear the didj before purchasing but was very pleased with the sound quality. N/A
Terry from USA Especially like the feel of it and the art I changed my order and the service excellent! Workmanship Was most satisfied by graded instruments, and selections  
Anonymously I am a didg novice, so maybe that explains a few things. It is lovely and quite impressive. however, I find it has virtually no "back pressure", That is, no resistance to air flow, at all. Maybe my understanding of "back pressure" is not correct. There was no "sound bite" for this one, I bought it mainly due to appearance and the claims made for back pressure and sound quality. Excellent. Worked with me thru CC issues. Workmanship Seemed right. Not able to comment
Dana Doliber from USA The artwork is, to me, exceptional. True craftsmanship at its best. Sound is also exceptional. Far more enjoyable than the bamboo didj I had borrowed. I practice every day from about 5:45am to about9am and at other times of the day. My wife and kids really enjoy the sounds and find them soothing. You should be VERY proud of the service you provide. The phone call was an unexpected bonus. Shiralee is a fine representative and spokeswoman. The workmanship is second to none. VERY fine!! Business Ethics I had a feeling that was what I meant should do.  
Andrew Mayne from Canada To be perfectly honest, this is my first "real" didj so I almost have nothing bad to say about it right now, until I learn its chracter a little better but here goes nothing.... The character of the didj is unbelievably vibrant, the range of its voice and the plethora of sounds/calls I can make on it is just fantastic. On a bitter sweet not I have one complaint; now that I have recieved my didj I don't want to play any of my inferior didj's anymore. Lets just say that I am very impressed with the efficiency and courtesy of your service. I ordered my didj on a Friday and recieved it on the following Tuesday, wow. As for workmanship... superb, the level of care that went into the crafting of the instument and ensuring it was finished properly to wheather the elements is second to none. The only thing that I do have a complaint about is that I've been submitting bug reports and havn't been receiving any acknowledgement what so ever! This is very disconcerting because I am a starving student who would LOVE the chance to win one of your incredible didj's or other merch. So I figured that I would lend my web developement experience to your cause for both our benefits. However, after finding two fairly promenent bugs I still havn't recieved a single indication that I should continue to try and even look for things that are funny with the site if nothing is going to be done about them Workmanship One of the biggest reasons is that you are offering a chance, to the world, to experience and feel why aboriginal culture has endured for so long. On price, definitely more expensive, but comparing to the quality to price, I find that my other didj's fall off the map compared to am189. I must shamefully admit that I have been playing a cheap plastic knock off whilst I saved up enough money to buy a real aboriginal made instrument. After recieving my beautiful didj on march the 9th I havn't looked back at all, the contrast is like night and day. The back pressure is definitely what I notice the most, the fact that its actually easy to pressurize my mouth (before cutting off the lung) during circular breathing and keep a rhythm makes me want to jump up and play right now. And to you the reader, althought I know you are not directly responsible, thankyou so very much for this didj, it literally has changed the way that I play.
Peter Huber from Germany A very specially look. It is very nice to get a didgeridoo with complete bark on it. What shell I say: it is every time a great pleasure to communicte with you Workmanship 100% correct business
Peter Huber from Germany I like the big volume didge All time totally correct and friendly Low Price All time very correct business  
Peter Huber from Germany What a big wellsounded didge Whow. Also the great naturally face of didge Always very correct and I can trust completely Low Price Always very good impressions
Peter Huber from Germany It is a new type in shape Completely very high level Sound Quality Everytime very good communication  
Peter Huber from Germany Exotic shape and good sound Excellent Low Price Everytime very correct and excellent friendly  
Peter Huber from Germany In original it is very colorfull Maybe a little too much color Low Price Always very good impressions  
Anonymously I liked, that the team was helpful to compared two didgeridoos for me and recomended al820 for its better sound quality. Basic look but good sound quality Sound Quality Recomended from friend  
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