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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Andy from Australia I like the sound, the size, the finish, the artwork, pretty much everything. I would have marked higher if it wasn't for the length of time it took to get the didj and the cost for that service. Ridiculous. Reliable Trustworthy Business I felt it was authentic and worth buying from you because of that.  
Angiulli from USA LOVE the alternate key from blocking the branch hole! The sound is smooooth as silk, the size is perfect, the shape is bizzare, the wood is beautiful... it's all good news! Just awesome workmanship! The only reason I rated things with a 9 is because this was only the first purchase. Rest assured, I will be back to see the 10! Workmanship The ethics of giving full recognition and compensation to the aboriginals was a HUGE bonus and decision maker for me. There are so many dealers out there who do not do this, nor even care. This shop gave me quality AND piece of mind. It is better than most, equal to one. More fun and versatile than all:) I already have another didge in my sites from your company!
Angiulli from USA This is by far, one of my favorite didges. There is not a single thing I can fault it with. I become calm just THINKING about playing this lovely. Just amazing. Can hear the didj before I buy Ethics in giving back to the aboriginal community. Superior in every way. This didge is my rock.
Duncan from New Zealand Love the unusual shape and bell end. Very nice to play. A little bit longer would be nice but doesn't really matter and wouldn't want to change the key anyway. Couldn't ask for more. Also very much appreciate you putting the value of the didj under $100 on the packaging so I didn't have to pay tax, cheers. Sound Quality Felt that I would get a didj that would be worth the money I was spending on it a hopefully will last a long time. Not sure whether my other one is termite hollowed. Bought it on trade me cheap. Is about 10 years old, seems good but sound quality is nowhere near as good and is not treated so split a few months after I bought it.
Anonymous from Canada Looks great. Sounds great. Arrived in Canada sooner than expected. Workmanship Great information on website.  
Seth from USA The didj is beautiful. The photo on the website didn't even show the good side! Pleasant surprise. Having the wax mouth piece already molded was extremely helpful having never played a natural didj. Without a reasonable comparison, I'd still say the workmanship is top notch. Being an international purchase, had a problem with fraud protection. The staff was very helpful and actually responded to email! This has become rare in online purchases. Good job. Business Ethics Testimonials help a bunch. Pvc doesn't compare to the real thing.
David Hunter from USA Beautiful painting, rare key, good sound. Makes my jaw tired.:) I was amazed at how fast it got here. Low Price   Better than the other termite hollowed didjes I have, not as loud as PVC/bamboo.
Anonymous from Canada I love the curve, the bark and the painting. The sound is excellent Fast and courteous Reliable Trustworthy Business No Sound much better than the other one I received as a gift (it's plastic).
Clint from USA Quick delivery, ever internationally to the USA. Didj was excellent quality and is great for me to learn on. Workmanship Want something different to play at my drum circle.  
David Hagquist from USA This is the best player I have, very easy and natural vocals and the hoot is so easy. It's exactly as described The service is top notch, as has every experience I've had with the didgshop in the past Workmanship I've had great success in the past with the didgshop  
Beautiful product and sound quality. Very efficient and professional service. great workmanship. 4 days delivery from Australia to France! great pleasure to play on this beautiful instrument. Workmanship Trust and quality products. efficient delivery Higher price because higher quality and higher value
Anonymous from USA Very nice sounding didj, easy to play. Very fast shipping, well packaged. Workmanship is top notch. Sound Quality I am a previous customer Similar
Cory from USA Value - i.e., the nice sound and art came as a good value in a true didj. There was an issue with my international payment, but us customer service was right there to help.   Much better
Dan from USA Great feel, super art and great as expected Hard to imagine how nice they are until you are able to hold it in your own hands Workmanship After being on the site, I knew it was right  
Alessandro from Italy Nothing! It's perfect Very good Sound Quality Because I know you  
Anonymously I like the clear Sound, clear vioce Sound but unfortunatelly on the other Hand not very mystic, It is less loud as I expected. I like the good Service and workmanship. I miss a description of the used finish inside and outside Workmanship Easy search and compare It was at a little cheaper price. Better is the clear sound and the sound of the voice, it's more difficult to get the base sound.
Anonymously I like sound and easy playability and handling, I'm very contet with this didge. Good Service and workmanship Workmanship Easy search, comparability and reliability It's a Little cheaper, Over all I like the didgshop didge much, it's handy, short, light, easy to play with a very good sound.
Matthew from Australia I like the ease of playing, it can be played fast or slow, has really good tone and resonance. It's back pressure is amazing. I think I will buy one in an F. Next time that is the only thing I don't like about it, can't have a didj in every note though now can we. I'm ex static with it and it has surpassed my expectations once opi got the hand of olaying a different didj that what I had already. Very efficient and adds the personal touch to it. You don't feel like a customer but somebody you are tying to help to get the best our of the didj and the therapeutic results from playing. I have found the whole experience very personable. Reliably graded I first visited kuranda in 1994 and have lived in port Douglas in my 20s. I love fnq and kuranda, it's history and what it stands for. Price a lot more expensive. My first didj a b# I bough I. A flea market in port Douglas for a very good price as the guy needed cash and me and amate bought one each. Sound quality the b# has a better sounding drone but overall the an501 has a much better sound and is simple to play compared to my old didj
Anonymous from Australia Easy to use- good value Excellent Can hear the didj before I buy No  
Salvador from Spain Well, this didj os a wonderful thing form me. Me and my couple had not idea about to play a didj, but any power inside me made me to looking for a didj. My couple found your page, she said me that this is the best web for buy a didj, for your principles to care the aboriginal's culture and traditions. Then the didj...the same didj liked to both, like the three( me, my couple and the didj) were waiting forma this momento at last. During the travel, I can felt the didj, I don't know how, was. Now the didj is getting usted to our weather and home (it is a cave) Didj teach us her secrets till we care and love her. The sound is great, we are learning just now. And incredible experience that have start. So much thanks toy you and your team for the great work that you realized... Your service was great and the workmanship is already greater. Workmanship Was a magical encounter, everything flowed beatifully from the moment se found your web till the moment when the didj arrived home.  
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