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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Anonymously I like the clear Sound, clear vioce Sound but unfortunatelly on the other Hand not very mystic, It is less loud as I expected. I like the good Service and workmanship. I miss a description of the used finish inside and outside Workmanship Easy search and compare It was at a little cheaper price. Better is the clear sound and the sound of the voice, it's more difficult to get the base sound.
Anonymously I like sound and easy playability and handling, I'm very contet with this didge. Good Service and workmanship Workmanship Easy search, comparability and reliability It's a Little cheaper, Over all I like the didgshop didge much, it's handy, short, light, easy to play with a very good sound.
Matthew from Australia I like the ease of playing, it can be played fast or slow, has really good tone and resonance. It's back pressure is amazing. I think I will buy one in an F. Next time that is the only thing I don't like about it, can't have a didj in every note though now can we. I'm ex static with it and it has surpassed my expectations once opi got the hand of olaying a different didj that what I had already. Very efficient and adds the personal touch to it. You don't feel like a customer but somebody you are tying to help to get the best our of the didj and the therapeutic results from playing. I have found the whole experience very personable. Reliably graded I first visited kuranda in 1994 and have lived in port Douglas in my 20s. I love fnq and kuranda, it's history and what it stands for. Price a lot more expensive. My first didj a b# I bough I. A flea market in port Douglas for a very good price as the guy needed cash and me and amate bought one each. Sound quality the b# has a better sounding drone but overall the an501 has a much better sound and is simple to play compared to my old didj
Anonymous from Australia Easy to use- good value Excellent Can hear the didj before I buy No  
Salvador from Spain Well, this didj os a wonderful thing form me. Me and my couple had not idea about to play a didj, but any power inside me made me to looking for a didj. My couple found your page, she said me that this is the best web for buy a didj, for your principles to care the aboriginal's culture and traditions. Then the didj...the same didj liked to both, like the three( me, my couple and the didj) were waiting forma this momento at last. During the travel, I can felt the didj, I don't know how, was. Now the didj is getting usted to our weather and home (it is a cave) Didj teach us her secrets till we care and love her. The sound is great, we are learning just now. And incredible experience that have start. So much thanks toy you and your team for the great work that you realized... Your service was great and the workmanship is already greater. Workmanship Was a magical encounter, everything flowed beatifully from the moment se found your web till the moment when the didj arrived home.  
Drew Gilbey from USA I like the sound and back pressure. I was able to learn and grow quickly with how forgiving it is. I do think the weight of the didge is heavy for such a short didge. Nothing that affects it's playing. I didn't know much about didgeridoos before purchasing. I was able to find one that fit my skill level and sound quality I wanted. Workmanship No  
Lukas from Austria Very nice people I had to do with; the service was great - I got my didge only a few days after ordering; the high quality workmanship was another reason for me, to buy from the didjshop Sound Quality During my enquiries to this issue I came to the conclusion that your Didjshop is the best! My new didj an 157 is the best, I ever had!
Nathalie from Luxembourg I like everyting about my didj, the sound is great and it looks fantastic Everyone was very friendly, quick e-mail responses and my instrument was delivered very fast Sound Quality Reliable business, aboriginal made, exellent sound quality, can hear the didj before I buy, high quality instruments  
Jacob from USA Top opening too big. Back pressure limited. Nice sweet sound Good Sound Quality Previous experience. Fast delivery 2 days to the USA Not as good
Ian D. Soule Soule_atersoule_xperience from USA I really love the shape and feel of the wood It arrived fast, intact and ready to play. Although I still don't understand how to make my own mouthpiece that well. I just add on to the one it came with Workmanship Handmade is the best way to go for most instruments.  
Barbara Shone from Australia I love how it looks and sounds. I love the bend in it, I love it's colours, I love that it's mine The order process was a bit complicated and lengthy, having to email further details after placing my order. Maybe the facility to pay via paypal would be easier. Otherwise I am very pleased with the derive and the workmanship is brilliant. Workmanship    
Anonymous from Germany I like how easy it was learning to play this didj as it is my first one. Furthermore it has a nice and clear sound. I just love playing this didj. The didj came reliably during 1 week without any transport damage. And also about the workmanship is nothing bad to say. Workmanship I also chose because of their aspiration in sustainability.  
Charilaos Rade from Denmark It looks great, sounds amazing, I feel at home with it, so happy, thank you so much You were with me the whole time, helping me with my queries. The didje is a real pro's work and also very down to earth Reliably graded Just felt right  
Kari from Sweden I love the deep sound of it,sounds just great Everything from service to workmanship is high standard would recomend any didg bayer to you Reliably graded For me its important that the aboriginis are involved The other termite didg has a good sound,but is smaller I looked for full sound,the rest I have made,with no real experience sounds ok but far from an278
Kenneth from USA I really like the artwork, the sound, and the quality of the didj sent to us. Workmanship is outstanding. The only hitch in the service was when I received an email asking for more information about my credit card. I was highly suspicious of that email. Workmanship Being able to hear the didj before purchasing was great as well as the specifications you posted. Made in Australia, aboriginal, and termite hollowed were big factors. As well as the artwork. Price was high, I thought. Don't know.
Anonymous from Sweden Great quality and a nice natural finish. The sound is deep and very clear. It also makes it a bit easier to practice circular breathing on due to nice back pressure. Bought on lay by and it worked flawlessly. Amazing customer care and fast and precise communication. Aboriginal Made Seemed like a very trustworthy site and I liked the first contact I had with you. Also the fact that all instruments are professionally made and genuine. It's much better. It costs a lot more but to me it's worth it.
Anonymously Like the artwork and original shape Your website had great information and the service was good once the payment details were sorted out. Reliable Trustworthy Business I liked your website information  
Jouko from Finland It is very easy to play, good resonance and good sound. Amazing quick shipping: just six days from Kuranda jungle to my door in Finland even I ordered it on weekend (Saturday) and the New Years day was between those days! Reliably graded Good web site gives trust about good busines This is a real thing, not experience of other real didjis
Anonymously It is light and easy to travel with, also has very good sound Very good exactly what I expected Workmanship Support local businesses No comparison
David from United Kingdom Loving the didj, looks and sounds brilliant! Can't complain, everything is was brilliant and super quick delivery. Sound Quality   Far better
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